Frank Zappa References in MST3K Episodes

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Based on my long-held theory that there is, on average, at least one Frank Zappa reference per episode, I have begun tracking the occurances as I run across them. Enjoy!

Some nitty-gritty:

K00-The Green Slime Unknown
K01- Invaders from the Deep Unknown
K02- Revenge of the Mysterons Unknown
K03- Star Force - Fugitive Alien II Unknown
K19- Hangar 18 1:22 - (After General Morrison is warned about his actions) Joel sings: "His career will take a thud" - Servo sings: "Unless he sits and drinks a bud" (The real line Tom is quoting would not be allowed on TV) <Yo Cats - FZMTMOP>
201- Rocketship X-M A great many elements of this movie are referenced in Zappa's "The Radio Is Broken" - In fact, about half of the song seems to be about this movie in particular. <The Radio Is Broken - TMFU> Ironically, no Zappa references by Joel or the 'bots were identified.
203- Jungle Goddess 0:30 - (Regarding the fact a bad movie follows the short) Dr. Forrester: "Well, as you know Joel, the torture never stops around here" <The Torture Never Stops - ZA>
206- Ring of Terror 0:07 - (Reading a sign) Joel: "Hey! look at that, Tom! it says..." - Joel and Tom in unison: "Centerville, a real great place to raise your kids up" <Centerville - 200 Motels>
208- Lost Continent 0:00 - Dr. Forrester sports a Zappa mustache
209- The Hellcats 0:00 - (Upon seeing two bikers) Crow: "Look, it's Flo and Eddie." <Names Mark Volman and Howard Kaylan took after leaving The Turtles and joining The Mothers>
213- Godzilla vs. the Sea Monster 0:26 - (Regarding background music) Crow: "Gotta find that rhythm combo; sounds like the Mothers of Invention."
301- Cave Dwellers 0:20 - (Regarding the character Thong) Servo: "Played here by Jimmy Carl Black of the Mothers of Invention."
310- Fugitive Alien 1:25 - (Regarding an alien) Tom: "Hey, it's Jimmy Carl Black, the indian of the group." - Joel: "Yeah, from the Mothers" <Are You Hung Up? - WOIIFTM>
311- It Conquered the World The definitive MST-Zappa cross-over movie, since Zappa discusses its cheesiness at length in the song Cheepnis. Ironically, no refs by Joel 'n bots were Identified. <Cheepnis - RAE>
312- Gamera vs. Guiron 1:13 - (While Akiyo's head is being shaved) Servo and Crow in unison: "Weasels ripped my flesh! Rzzzzzz!" <WRMF - cover art>
313- Earth vs. the Spider The giant spider is referenced in Frank Zappa's "Cheepnis" and in "The Radio Is Broken" <RAE and TMFU, respectively> No Zappa references by Joel and the 'bots were identified, however.
315- Teenage Caveman 0:02 - (While watching a lightning storm) Joel : "Must be about 2 miles... Right over Centerville." <Centerville - 200 Motels>
0:47 - Caveman: "Age is not always truth" - Servo: "And truth is not always beauty" <Packard Goose - JG>
317- Viking Women and the Sea Serpent 0:17 - (As the characters examine clothing) Crow : "Is that a real poncho or a Sears poncho?" <Cosmik Debris - A> - Joel: "Watch those huskies..." <Don't Eat The Yellow Snow - A>
323- Castle of Fu Manchu 0:45 - (As Fu's daughter) Crow: "Dad, like, I'm almost sure! Gag me!" <Valley Girl - SATLTSADW>
324- Master Ninja II 0:45 - (upon appearance of similar-looking character) Joel: "It's Jimmy Carl Black"
402- The Giant Gila Monster 0:33 - (As a hip teen) Tom: "Hungry freaks, daddy!" <Hungry Freaks, Daddy - FO>
404- Teenagers from Outer Space 0:26 - (at the house of Betty) Tom: "This looks like a nice place to bring your kids up." <Centerville - 200 Motels>
405- Being from Another Planet 1:39 - (As Suzy runs away from mummy) Servo: "Suzy Creamcheese, what's got into you?" <The Return Of The Son Of Monster Magnet - FO>
406- Attack of the Giant Leeches 1:19 - (regarding the cheesy costumes) Servo: "The leeches are just guys in fancy ponchos" - Joel: "They're Sears ponchos". <Cosmik Debris - A>
407- The Killer Shrews 1:14 - (As a shrew bites somebody) Crow: "Weasels ripped my flesh!" - Joel: "Rzzzzzz!" <WRMF - cover art>
409- The Indestructible Man 0:08 - (during the intro of Anga Khan) Tom: "Actually, he looks like Jimmy Carl Black, doesn't he?" - Crow: "the Indian of the group" <Are You Hung Up? - WOIIFTM>
0:22 - (While viewing LA) Joel: "Whoa, Centerville, a real nice place to bring your kids up in" <Centerville - 200 Motels>
1:39 - (While looking at old car) Crow: "We could crash in my Nash" - Tom: "Cruising for burgers" <The Air - UM; Cruising For Burgers - UM>
410- Hercules Against the Moon Men During the "Super Freak Out" Invention Exchange on the "Poopie!" outtakes video, Servo sings "Kansas Kansas - doo-doo-doo" . <It Can't Happen Here - FO>
412- Hercules and the Captive Women 0:52 - (During dance scene) Crow: "Hey, they're dancing to Uncle Meat by Frank Zappa!" - Servo: "Sounds like Dog Breath in the Year of the Plague - (singing) Cucuroo carucha, Chevy '39" <Dog Breath in the Year of the Plague - UM>
414- Tormented 1:56 - Joel (while bemoaning film darkness and discussing how to wipe away the dark smelly images that are...: "...knirping for moisture" <Penguin In Bondage - RAE>
417- Crash of Moons 0:26 - (While drawing a diagram) Rocky: "Now assume this is the space station" - Joel: "and assume this is a ship arriving too late to save a drowning witch." <SATLTSADW>
418- Attack of the the Eye Creatures 1:24 - Servo singing while wacky music plays: "fuzzy dice and bongos, fuzzy dice! La la la la la!" <Dog Breath - UM>
419- The Rebel Set 0:37 - (Upons seeing Bikel's name on sign) Joel: "Theo Bikel? Must be '200 Motels" <200 Motels>
1:14 - (Regarding vibes on the soundtrack) Tom: "Tell Zappa to turn the music down; Ruth Underwood wants her vibes back".
422- The Day the Earth Froze 1:40 - (during blizzard) Crow: "Watch out where the Huskies go, and don't you eat that yellow snow" <Don't Eat The Yellow Snow - A>
423- Bride of the Monster 1:02 - (Upon seeing old car) Servo (singing): "We can crash, in my Nash" <The Air - UM>
424- "Manos", the Hands of Fate 0:23 - (Upon seeing pet poodle) Servo: "Hey look! Poodle bites, poodle chews" <Dirty Love - OS>
0:42 - (Regarding the painting of The Master) Servo: "It's a Frank Frazzetta of Frank Zappa"
506- Eegah! 0:10 - (Upon seeing the mummy's clothes during the opening credits) Crow: "Is that a real poncho or a Sears poncho?" <Cosmik Debris - A>
0:00- Arch Hall Jr: "Roxy!" - Servo: "...and Elsewhere!" <RAE>
508- Operation Double 007 1:06 - (Upon mention of a dynamo) Joel: "Dinah Moe Hum." <Dinah Moe Hum - OS>
514- Teenage Strangler 0:34 - Girl: "Did you hear something?" - Crow: "Sounds like Ruth Underwood."
518- Atomic Brain 0:00 - (Regarding soundtrack) Mike: "Do I hear Ruth Underwood?"
0:00 - (Regarding soundtrack) Mike: "Prelude to the Afternoon of a Sexually Aroused Gas Mask" <Prelude to the Afternoon of a Sexually Aroused Gas Mask - WRMF>
522- Teenage Crimewave Movie is set in Antelope Valley, CA where Zappa went to high school (Antelope Valley High)
523- Village of the Giants Ending credit song tribute (shared w/ TV's Frank) and FZ RIP memorial screen for the stinger.
601- Girls Town 0:10 - (While man attacks woman) Crow: "A weasel ripped my dress.... Rzzzzzz!" <Weasels Ripped My Flesh - cover art>
0:15 - (To lyrics in song during movie opening credits) Crow: "Why does it hurt when I P & Q?" <Why Does It Hurt When I Pee? - JG>
610- The Violent Years 1:20 - (During a pojama party) Crow: "Po-jama party people" <Po-Jama People - OSFA>
616- Racket Girls 0:39 - (Upon seeing character Peaches) Servo: "Peaches EN Regalia!" <Peaches En Regalia - HR>
621- The Beast of Yucca Flats 0:30 - (During first Host Segment) Servo (singing): "Fuzzy dice, bongos in the back..." <Dog Breath - UM>
622- Angels' Revenge 0:00 - (Upon seeing limo) Crow: "You and your date will be chauffeured to lovely Centerville, MN" <Centerville - 200 Motels>
0:00 - (To similar soundtrack) Servo (singing) "Fuzzy dice and bongos" <Dog Breath - UM> - Servo: "Frank Zappa" - Mike: "Yes, I know"
1:15 - (Regarding villian's clothes) Crow: "Is he wearing a Sears 12-piece suit, or is that from the Johnny Carson collection?" <Cosmic Debris - A>
702- The Brute Man In the mid-1970's, Zappa would occasionally introduce himself onstage as Rondo Hatton.
704- The Incredible Melting Man 0:00 - (In response to soundtrack) Crow (singing): "Fuzzy dice and bongos, fuzzy dice" - Servo: "La la la la" <Dog Breath - UM>
801- Revenge of the Creature The creature is referred to in Zappa's "Cheepnis" <RAE> No Zappa references by Mike and the 'bots are identified, however.
802- The Leech Woman 0:39 - (In response to the soundtrack) Tom (singing): "Moving to Montana soon, gonna be a mental flossed tycoon" <Montana - OS>
808- The She Creature 0:00 - (When hypnotist offers substance) Crow: "My Zappa boots" <Stinkfoot(?) - A>
901- The Projected Man 1:17 - (Upon Steiner removing his glove) Crow: "Smell the Glove" <Be In My Video - TOU>
904- Werewolf 1:08 - (Upon seeing wound on victims shoulder) Mike: "Wow! Weasels ripped my flesh again!" <Weasels Ripped My Flesh - WRMF>
1001- SoulTaker 0:27 - (As main characters are driving away from the park) Mike: "Well, let's go to Centerville's Summer Fest." <Centerville - 200 Motels>

A big Thank You goes to the following contributers: Michael Shannon, Andrew Smith, Ian Miller, Chad, Clay Urquhart, Robert Isaacson - Additional material mined from the list compiled by Bob Eichler, referred to me by Rich Kegarise.