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The BEST Quality Mystery Science Theater 3000 Videos on DVD are found at CheesyFlix.com!
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The BEST Quality Mystery Science Theater 3000 Videos on DVD are found at CheesyFlix.com!

The primary goal of this store is to provide you with Old Time Movies and Old Time Radio at Old Time Prices. You will not find them mass-produced or delivered in fancy, flashy, full-color packaging (which would simply double their price). What we sell is content! Our movies and radio shows are lovingly hand-crafted on plain white DVD-R discs and delivered in plain white wrappers, but your savings are far from plain!

In the 1970s generic "no-name" products and labeling sprang up all over the country, epitomized by the UPC barcode. The marketing concept was simple: Don't use photos or fancy packaging and pass the savings on to the customer. We follow the same principle here, knowing that our customers would rather have copies of both movies Prehistoric Women and Robot Monster for the same price that others sell just one title in a pretty box.

We asked the question, "What would you rather to stare at, the DVD case or the movie?"
The resounding answer was, "Content, not cases!"

We also burn discs to order which means we don't have to invest in maintaining a large inventory - thus lowering your cost again.

This store also offers unreleased copies of Mystery Science Theater 3000 (a.k.a. "MST3K") episodes and season sets following the spirit of the show's credo, "Keep Circulating the Tapes!" The goal here is to provide people with this material that is not available through any commercial sources. We do not (and never will) sell copies of any commercially-available Shout or BBI-released episodes. However, we do have a section of Amazon.com links where you may purchase all the commercially released episodes, and buying through these links helps us keep all our other prices low.

Even though the MST3K episodes are shipped in plain wrappers, what if you want pretty cases and disc graphics for your MST3K collection? Easy! Click the graphic below and get this great disc stuffed full of all the graphics you could desire!

Order MST3K DVD Case Covers and Disc Graphics!

Do you want to actually receive pretty discs instead of the normal white printable discs? Now all Mystery Science Theater 3000 episodes are available on optional pre-printed discs, featuring the original movie poster and episode number in vivid full color for a small extra cost. Full season and large quantity sets have this option at the bottom of their pages; simply select it prior to adding those items to your shopping cart. If you are ordering single episodes, you can simply add the appropriate number of graphics upgrades here.

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