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Movie Plot: The souls of four teenagers are being hunted by a Soultaker.

Intro: The 'bots have a wet t-shirt contest. They don't seem to grasp the point, and leave Mike confused. Commercial sign doesn't come on when it's supposed to, leaving Mike to have to push the button.
Segment One: Cambot picks up some odd interference. Gypsy informs Mike that the ship is having serious malfunctions. Meanwhile, in Castle Forrester, Pearl, Bobo, and Brain Guy are playing Monopoly. They couldn't care less about the SOL.
Segment Two: Gypsy, and other parts of the ship, are seriously malfunctioning. Mike takes charge, but only succeeds in breaking the Hexfield Viewscreen.
Segment Three: The SOL, still malfunctioning, is caught in another ship's tractor beam. In Castle Forrester, a Soultaker comes for Bobo's soul. It turns out to be TV's Frank, who became a Soultaker when he realized that second banana heaven wasn't all that great.
Segment Four: The person from the other ship boards the SOL, and it turns out to be Joel. He meets Mike for the first time and describes what he has been doing since he escaped the SOL. He came back up to repair the SOL when he learned that Dr. Forrester rigged it to self-destruct after 10 years.
Segment Five: Joel says goodbye and returns to Earth, but not before giving Mike a confidence boost. In Castle Forrester, Pearl and Frank catch up on things. Frank takes Bobo's soul, which the two of them then play ring toss with.

Stinger: Mom ogles her daughter.

b: 11-Apr-1999

gs: Joel Hodgson (Joel Robinson), Frank Conniff (TV's Frank)
d: Kevin Murphy

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