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Movie Plot: A super spy tries to steal a large chunk of gold.

Intro: Servo finds the SOL employee handbook, which is written in typical Forrester dictator style.
Segment One: Pearl has hooked the SOL up to a joystick and starts to mess with the crew. The joystick breaks and initiates the SOL's re-entry system. Brain Guy and Pearl are helpless to stop the SOL's return, which has Pearl quite upset.
Segment Two: Servo disposes of the many Servo clones on the ship.
Segment Three: The residents of the castle are moving on with life: Pearl becomes dictator for life of Qatar, Bobo gets a"job" at the zoo, and Brain Guy becomes the oracle of a planet.
Segment Four: Crow is nervous about going to Earth, so Mike writes a song to make him feel better. Crow feels better, but the song makes Servo afraid.
Segment Five: The residents of the Castle do a Mary Tyler Moore style good bye. The SOL violently crashlands on Earth. Gypsy starts a successfull Fortune 500 company called ConGypsCo. Mike, Crow, and Servo get a small apartment together and settle in to watch some bad movies on TV.

Stinger: "Is that stud coming?"

b: 08-Aug-1999

gs: Peter Redrud (TV Announcer)
d: Kevin Murphy

NOTE: This marks the last episode of Mystery Science Theater 3000. Ironically, although the last line of the series is "This movie seems kind of familiar," neither Bill Corbett, Mike Nelson, nor Kevin Murphy were the ones to riff The Crawling Eye in the theater segments of the first Comedy Channel (Comedy Central) episode.

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