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Movie Plot: The survivors of a space ship crash run into prehistoric amazons on a desert planet.

Intro: Joel and the 'bots redecorate the SOL to look like a talk show set.
Segment One: Joel invents toilet paper in a bottle. In Deep 13, the Mads open a fast food place: "Clay and Lar's Flesh Barn."
Segment Two: Joel brings a strange spacecraft inside the SOL.
Segment Three: The strange object is discovered to be Isaac Asimov's Literary Doomsday Device.
Segment Four: While the crew tries to disarm it, the doomsday device explodes, turning the entire crew into Isaac Asimov.
Segment Five: Fan letters are read. The winners of the "Name the Plant Guy Contest" are announced.

b: 20-Feb-1990

gs: Michael J. Nelson (The Isaac Asimov Literary Doomsday Device)
w: Alexandra Carr & Jann Johnson

Note: This episode was actually taped and broadcast last, even though it has the production number "104". So technically, it was the last time we saw J. Elvis Wienstien as Dr. Erhardt and his last episode as the voice of Tom Servo.
In the ACEG, the Brains confirmed what many fans had long suspected: that this was the final episode BBI shot for season one but, for reasons that remain murky, it was given a production number of 104, indicating it was the fourth one shot, which it wasn’t. For reasons of numerical consistency (and fan familiarity) it retains the "104" designation here.

It was pretty clear to fans that something was up long before the Brains admitted it: this episode features a number of innovations that would arrive later in this season, including an opening segment before the commercial, buttons on the desk in the SOL, and a Movie Sign that looks much more like the Movie Sign we know. Another major clue was the references to several LATER episodes, most notably in the closing segment when Joel announces the WINNERS of a contest that will not be announced until episode 110- ROBOT HOLOCAUST. Also in that segment, a letter refers to episode 105- THE CORPSE VANISHES and episode 109- PROJECT MOONBASE.

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