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1996 ConventioCon - 5 Disc Set!

1996 ConventioCon - 5 Disc Set!
Product Code: CON1996
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Includes: 6 full hours of the 1996 ConventioCon ExpoFest-A-Rama II - Electric Bugaloo on 5 delicious discs (with full menus and chapter selections):

Disc 1 - Welcome, Cast Introductions, Tribute to Trace, Audience Reaction to a Short Assignment - 1:10

Disc 2 - Q&A Session with Cast - 1:20

Disc 3 - Making-of MST3K: The Movie, Behind-the-scenes Slides, Discussion - 1:00

Disc 4 - Celebrity Panel Q&A with Kim Catrall, Russell Johnson, and Rex Reason - 1:00

Disc 5 - Parade of Fans and Costume Contest, BBI Studio Tour, Prop Room - 1:30

Time: 360Min.
Quality: This was fan-filmed with a "BlairWitch cam" in "ZapruderVision" and it has been rated a "C" accordingly.
Let me know if you have better copies of this material - I'll buy or trade for it!!

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