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2000 Plus (OTR 1950-1952)

2000 Plus (OTR 1950-1952)
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2000 Plus (aka Two Thousand Plus and 2000+) was an American old-time radio series that ran on the Mutual Broadcasting System from March 15, 1950 to January 2, 1952 in various 30-minute time slots. A Dryer Weenolsen production, it was the first adult science fiction series on radio, airing one month prior to the better known Dimension X.

2000 Plus was an anthology program, using all new material rather than adapting published stories. The series was the creation of Sherman H. Dryer (October 11, 1913-December 22, 1989) who scripted and produced the series with Robert Weenolsen.

This disc includes the following shows:
  • The Men From Mars
  • A Veteran Comes Home
  • The Flying Saucers
  • The Rocket and the Skull
  • The Robot Killer
  • When the Machines Went Mad
  • When the Worlds Met
  • The Giant Walks
  • The Insect
  • The Brooklyn Brain
  • Worlds Apart
  • The Green Thing
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