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A Connecticut Yankee in King Arthur's Court (Studio One) (1952)

A Connecticut Yankee in King Arthur's Court (Studio One) (1952)
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Starring: Boris Karloff, Thomas Mitchell, Loretta Daye, Salem Ludwig

Plot: A young Frank Schaffner teamed up with the TV writer Alan Saplinsey to compress Mark Twain's classic farce into a fast-paced TV movie. The film is primarily interesting because it unintentionally captures the feeling of live TV and is a great example of a typical TV teleplay. It's not quite a TV movie, bur more of a 'bare essentials' presentation, with a script that bears a striking resemblance to a radio-play.

The Samuel Clemens (Mark Twain's real name) story transports a modern man from New England back a millennium and a half into the time of Arthur and Camelot. Culture-shock is just the tip of the iceburg. Often-copied and adapted, Connecticut Yankee is a classic 19th century farce.

Boris Karloff, Loretta Daye, Salem Ludwig and the rest of the supporting cast are quite enjoyable.

Recommended for those interested in TV history, and Karloff fans.

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