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Attack of the Killer B Movies (Frank)

Attack of the Killer B Movies (Frank)
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One part MST3K, one part Elvira, four parts cheese!

TV special that took four bad movies, compressed them into 22 minutes each and had TV's Frank Conniff write a few good lines, badly inserted by Elvira and some sitcom kids at various points in each show.

Mystery Science Theater it is not! However, as a mainstream attempt to copy MST3K, it at least demonstrates that mimicry is the best flattery. Or at least it demonstrates that some network lackey figured they could rip off the show for a total cost of $57 and a bowl of chips for the kids.

If nothing else, it allows you to see a Readers Digest view of some rotten cheese that the gang at MST3K should have riffed, but didn't:

  • Wasp Woman
  • Killers From Space
  • Monster From Green Hell
  • The Navy vs. The Night Monsters

Time: 90 min.
Quality: A-

Download the Elvira Attack of the Killer 'B' Movies freeware space-shooter game! (right-click and choose "save link as" - this is a 3mb zip file with installer)

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