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A Bucket of Blood (1959)
Starring: Dick Miller Plot: Walter Paisley, nerdish waiter at a Bohemian cafe, is jealous of the ta..
A Connecticut Yankee in King Arthur's Court (Studio One) (1952)
Starring: Boris Karloff, Thomas Mitchell, Loretta Daye, Salem Ludwig Plot: A young Frank Schaffner ..
A Shriek in the Night (1933)
Ginger Rogers and Lyle Talbot are rival newspaper reporters always trying to out-scoop each other. T..
Africa Screams (1949)
Starring: Bud Abbott, Lou Costello Plot: When bookseller Buzz cons Diana into thinking fellow books..
Amazing Adventure, The (1936)
Amazing Adventure, The (1936) Starring: Cary Grant Plot: Ernest Bliss is a rich young man with to..
Andy Griffith Show (TV - 1960) 3 Disc Set!
Andy Griffith Show (1960) Starring: Andy Griffith, Ron Howard, Don Knotts Plot: Widower Sheriff A..
Angel On My Shoulder (1946)
Angel On My Shoulder (1946) Starring: Paul Muni, Anne Baxter, Claude Rains Plot: Gangster Eddie K..
As You Like It (1936)
As You Like It (1936) Starring: Laurence Olivier Plot: A duke usurps his brother's land and power..
Attack of the Killer B Movies (1995)
One part MST3K, one part Elvira, four parts cheese! TV special that took four bad movies, compres..
Based on 2 reviews.
Baby Face Morgan (1942)
Starring: Mary Carlisle, Richard Cromwell Plot: A young man's father, who lives in the big city, di..
Bat, The (Silent - 1926)
Starring: Jack Pickford Plot: An outstanding picture in so many ways. Based on the play by Mary Rob..
Beat the Devil (1953)
Beat the Devil (1953) Starring: Humphrey Bogart Plot: A quartet of international crooks is strand..
Behave Yourself (1951)
Behave Yourself (1951) Starring: Farely Granger Plot: Who knew that an adorable little Welsh terr..
Beverly Hillbillies, The (TV - 1962) 5 Disc Set!
Beverly Hillbillies, The (1962) Starring: Buddy Ebsen, Irene Ryan, Donna Douglas, Max Baer Jr., Ray..
Bowery Blitzkrieg (1941)
Bowery Blitzkrieg (1941) Starring: East Side Kids Plot: East Side Kids get into boxing. When Dann..
Broadway Limited (1941)
Broadway Limited (1941) Starring: Victor McLaglen Plot: As a ploy to gain publicity, a motion pic..
Buster Keaton Double-Feature: Sherlock Jr. / The Navigator (Silent - 1924)
Includes two of his most celebrated films: "Sherlock Jr." and "The Navigator", both from 1924. Pl..
Cameraman, The (Silent - 1928)
Hopelessly in love with a woman working at MGM Studios, a clumsy man attempts to become a motion pic..
Check and Double Check (1930)
Starring: Freeman F. Gosden, Charles J. Correll, Duke Ellington Plot: This early "talkie" features ..
Circus, The (Silent - 1928)
The Tramp finds work and the girl of his dreams at a circus. Director: Charles Chaplin Writer:..
Clancy Street Boys (1943)
Clancy Street Boys (1943) Starring: East Side Kids Plot: Muggs' rich Uncle Pete is coming to visi..
Comedy Shorts: Buster Keaton (Silent 1920-1923)
Four disc set includes every one of the silent shorts ever produced by Buster Keaton: Disc 1: ..
Comedy Shorts: Early Charlie Chaplin (Silent 1914-19) 10 Discs!
A huge 10-disc set of comedy shorts and features made during the first five years of Charlie Chaplin..
Comedy Shorts: Fatty and Buster (Silent 1917-1920)
Includes the following shorts: Coney Island (1917) The Bell Boy (1918) Good Night, Nurse ..
Comedy Shorts: Fatty Arbuckle (Silent 1900s - 1920s)
3 Disc Set Includes: Fatty Joins the Force Fatty's Spooning Day Fatty's Suitless Day Th..
Comedy Shorts: Harold Lloyd (Silent - 1917-24) 5 Discs!
Harold Lloyd ranks alongside Charlie Chaplin and Buster Keaton as one of the most popular and influe..
Comedy Shorts: Keystone Cops (Kops) (Silent - 1910s)
Comedy Shorts: Keystone Cops (Kops) (Silent - 1910s) Starring: Keystone Cops Includes: "The Bangv..
Comedy Shorts: Laurel & Hardy & Friends (1920's - 1940's)
Part 1: Stan Laurel (1920's - 1940's) Starring: Stan Laurel Includes Silent Shorts: "Mud and Sand..
Comedy Shorts: Mack Sennett (Silent 1909-30) 11 Discs!
A huge 11-disc set of comedy shorts from the director and actor known as the "King of Comedy". Known..
Based on 1 reviews.
Comedy Shorts: Our Gang/Little Rascals (Silent/Sound 1922-1930s)
Comedy Shorts: Our Gang (Little Rascals) (1920's - 1930's) 3-Disc Set! Starring: George 'Spanky' Mc..
Comedy Shorts: Shirley Temple (1930s)
Comedy Shorts: Shirley Temple (1930's) War Babies (1932) Time: 11 Min. Plot: A group of ..
Comedy Shorts: Speaking of Animals (1940's)
This is a great 3-disc collection of Academy Award-winning shorts produced by Jerry Fairbank in the ..
Comedy Shorts: Three Stooges (1930's - 1940's)
Comedy Shorts: Three Stooges (1930's - 1940's) Disorder In The Court (1936) Time: 16 Min. Pl..
Comedy Shorts: W.C. Fields (1930s)
Comedy Shorts: W.C. Fields (1930s) The Golf Specialist (1930) Time: 20 min. Plot: At a Flori..
Dick Van Dyke Show, The (TV - 1961)
Dick Van Dyke Show (1961) Starring: Dick Van Dyke, Mary Tyler Moore, Morey Amsterdam, Rose Marie, C..
Dog's Life, A (Silent - 1918)
This movie is indeed available but a description has not yet been entered. Sorry for the inconvenien..
East Side Kids (1940)
East Side Kids (1940) Starring: Leon Ames Plot: A young street kid grows up and becomes a cop whe..
Enchantment (Silent - 1921)
This movie is indeed available but a description has not yet been entered. Sorry for the inconvenien..
Eternally Yours (1939)
Eternally Yours (1939) Starring: Loretta Young Plot: Anita, engaged to solid Don Barnes, is swept..
Extra Girl, The (Silent - 1933)
Starring: Mabel Normand, Ralph Graves Plot: Sue Graham is a small town girl who wants to be a m..
Fat Spy, The (1966)
Starring: Phyllis Diller, Jack E. Leonard, Brian Donlevy, Johnny Tillotson, Jayne Mansfield Plot..
Father's Little Dividend (1951)
Starring: Spencer Tracy, Joan Bennett Plot: Stanley Banks is finally recovering from his daughter's..
Flying Deuces, The (1939)
Starring: Laurel & Hardy, Jean Parker Plot: Oliver is heartbroken when he finds that Georgette, the..
Front Page, The (1931)
The Front Page (1931) Starring: Adolphe Menjou Plot: Hildy Johnson, newspaper reporter, is engage..
General, The (Silent - 1927)
The General (1927) Directed by Clyde Bruckman, Buster Keaton Love, Locomotives and Laughs U..
George Burns and Gracie Allen Show (TV - 1950-1958) 3 Disc Set!
Starring: George Burns, Gracie Allen, Bea Benaderet Plot: Neighbor Blanche Morton (Benaderet - th..
Going Steady (Yotzim Kavua - 1979)
Starring: Jonathan Sagall, Yftach Katzur Plot: A trio of teenage boys are growing up during the 195..
Gold Rush, The (Silent - 1925)
The Tramp goes the Klondike in search of gold and finds it and more. Director: Charles Chaplin ..
Gorilla, The (1939)
When a wealthy man is threatened by a killer known as The Gorilla, he hires the Ritz Brothers to inv..
Grandma's Boy (Silent - 1922)
Starring: Harold Lloyd, Mildred Davis, Anna Townsend Plot: Harold plays a backward, awkward, shy bo..
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