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Comedy Shorts: W.C. Fields (1930s)

Comedy Shorts: W.C. Fields (1930s)
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Comedy Shorts: W.C. Fields (1930s)

The Golf Specialist (1930)
Time: 20 min.
Plot: At a Florida hotel, absconding miscreant J. Effingham Bellweather goes slapstick golfing with the house detective's flirtatious wife and an incompetent caddy.

The Dentist (1932)
Time: 21 min.
Plot: After dealing with an amorous iceman and playing slapstick golf, a dentist treats assorted comic patients, including an unintentionally suggestive session with the sexy Miss Mason.

The Fatal Glass Of Beer (1933)
Time: 21 min.
Plot: Mr. Snavely, a Yukon prospector, lost his only son years ago to the temptations of the big city; now the prodigal Chester, released from prison, comes home to Ma and Pa. A parody of Yukon melodrama; includes the famous looking-out-the-door routine.

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