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Cheat, The (Silent - 1915)

Cheat, The (Silent - 1915)
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Starring: Fannie Ward, Sessue Hayakawa, Jack Dean
Director: Cecil B. DeMille

Plot: Richard Hardy, a hardworking stockbroker, labors overtime to keep up with the ruinous bills incurred by his beautiful but irresponsible wife Edith, a venal, spoiled socialite who is impervious to his pleas for fiscal restraint. Acting on what she believes to be an insider information, she impulsively embezzles $10,000 from the Red Cross charity she chairs for a stock tip. When she finds the money has been lost, she desperately turns to a Japanese ivory trader with whom she has been thoughtlessly flirting and persuades him to replace the money in exchange for an assignation.

Because of a protest from the Japanese Association of Southern California, Sessue Hayakawa's name and nationality was changed for the 1918 re-release. Originally he was a Japanese called Hishuru Tori; in the re-issue he was a Burmese called Haka Arakau.

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