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Circle, The (Silent - 1925)

Circle, The (Silent - 1925)
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In an opening flashback to the late 1890s, we see Joan Crawford (in a small early role, as young Catherine) deciding to leave her husband and run away with a lover. Thirty years later, the son she left behind is married to beautiful Eleanor Boardman (as Elizabeth). Like her mother-in-law, Ms. Boardman is contemplating running away with a lover - handsome Malcolm McGregor (as Edward "Teddy" Luton). Mistakenly thinking her father-in-law will be absent for the duration, Boardman has invited older lovers Eugenie Besserer and George Fawcett (as Catherine "Kitty" and Hugh "Hughie" Porteous) over for a visit... "I want to see how runaway love wears after thirty years, If they're still happy, then…" Naturally, original deserted husband Alec B. Francis (as Clive Cheney) arrives home unexpectedly. More startling surprises follow.

Director: Frank Borzage

Stars: Eleanor Boardman, Malcolm McGregor, Alec B. Francis, Joan Crawford

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