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Hercules Unchained (1959)

Hercules Unchained (1959)
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NOTE: This is NOT the MST3K version

Directed by Pietro Francisci

Writing credits:
Aeschylus (play)
Ennio De Concini (screenplay)

The Heroic Legend of Hercules Continues!
Spectacles of Massive Might Beyond Any Ever Known Before!
SEE the War of the Chariots! SEE Lydia, the Temptress! SEE the Contest of Giants! SEE the Combat of Kings! SEE the Arena of Tigers! SEE the Court of Lovers!
Stronger Than Ever Before!
See the mammoth war of the chariots!
The mighty saga of the world's mightiest man!
Fabulous feats of human power the screen has never shown before!

En route to Thebes for an important diplomatic mission, Hercules drinks from a magic spring and loses his memory. He spends most of the movie in the pleasure gardens of Queen Omphale of Lydia. While young Ulysses tries to help him regain his memory, political tensions escalate in Thebes, and Hercules' new wife Iole finds herself in mortal danger.

Steve Reeves .... Ercole (Hercules)
Sylva Koscina .... Iole, bride of Ercole
Sylvia Lopez .... Queen Omphale, of Lidia
Gabriele Antonini .... Ulysses, son of Laertes
Primo Carnera .... Antaeus, the giant
Patrizia Della Rovere .... Penelope
Sergio Fantoni .... Eteocles
Fulvia Franco
Carlo D'Angelo .... Creon, High Priest of Thebes
Marisa Valenti .... Blond Slave Girl
Mimmo Palmara .... Polinices
Elda Tattoli
Daniele Varga
Andrea Fantasia .... King Laertes
Gino Mattera .... Orpheus

Also Known As:
Hércules y la reina de Lidia (Spain)
Hercule et la reine de Lydie (France)
Hercules Unchained (USA)
Hercules and the Queen of Lydia (International: English title) (literal title)
Hercules and the Queen of Sheba

Runtime: 105 min
Country: Italy / France / Spain
Language: Italian / Spanish (English dubbed)
Color: Color (Eastmancolor)
Sound Mix: Mono

Note: This is NOT the MST3K version.

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