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Saul and David (1964)

Saul and David (1964)
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Starring: Norman Wooland, Gianni Garko

Plot: Marcello Baldi, among whose better known works of historical fiction are "Mole Men against the Son of Hercules" and "Goliath and the Dragon", does a decent job directing this epic biblical tale of the early history of the Kingdom of Israel. In one of the first scenes, Saul (Norman Wooland) and Samuel (Carlos Casaravilla) set the tone of the film as Samuel tells Saul that he has already lost Israel through his disobedience to Jehovah and that a new king is already on the rise. Wooland and Casaravilla are the class of the acting talent here, and throughout most of the film, Wooland is forced to carry the dialog.

In that first scene, the seeds of Saul's paranoia and betrayal begin to sprout and Samuel, after a meaningful pause, says "you are already beginning to torment yourself." This really sets the tone of the entire story. The film chronicles the decline of Saul and the rise of David and Israel.

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