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Life with Elizabeth (TV - 1952-1955) 2 Disc Set!

Life with Elizabeth (TV - 1952-1955) 2 Disc Set!
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Six great 30 minute episodes on two discs!

Starring: Betty White, Del Moore

Plot: While still appearing on daily Los Angeles television, Betty White, with two male partners, co-founded Bandy Productions in 1952 to produce her own self-starring situation comedy. A direct out-growth of some of White's daytime sketches, Life with Elizabeth told the story of married couple Elizabeth and Alvin (played by Del Moore). It was an unusual program in several respects, not the least of which was its twenty-eight-year-old co-creator, producer, and star. Each episode consisted of three vignettes, three different plots. Leisurely paced, Elizabeth's stories had a ring of I Love Lucy about them. While Elizabeth never launched any outrageous schemes, the comic conflicts often grew out of husband Alvin's disapproval of her logic.

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