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Six Great TV Crime Shows (TV - 1950's) 2 Disc Set!

Six Great TV Crime Shows (TV - 1950's) 2 Disc Set!
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Two disc set!

Six great 30 minute crime shows filled with intrigue and action:

The Lawless Years
Starring: James Gregory. Barney Ruditsky is a New York City police officer in the Roaring '20s who fights organized crime. The show was loosely based on the real life Ruditsky who was a New York police officer during the period.

Dangerous Assignment
Starring: Brian Donlevy. Steve Mitchell, undercover agent for the US Government, saves the free world.

Mr. and Mrs. North
Starring: Richard Denning, Barbara Britton. New York City mystery story writer and his wife are also amateur detectives.

Public Defender
Starring: Reed Hadley. Attorney defends destitute individuals charged with a crime.

Richard Diamond
Starring: David Jannsen. Richard Diamond, a suave private eye, brings justice to the big city streets.

Boston Blackie
Starring: Kent Taylor. Meet Boston Blackie... enemy of injustice, friend of the underdog.

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