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Great Gildersleeve (OTR 1941-1954)

Great Gildersleeve (OTR 1941-1954)
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Great Gildersleeve

On Fibber McGee and Molly, Gildersleeve was a pompous windbag who became a consistent McGee nemesis ("You're a haa-aa-aa-aard man, McGee!" became a Gildersleeve catch phrase). But he also became a popular enough windbag that Kraft Foods — looking primarily to promote its Parkay margarine spread — sponsored a new series with Peary's Throckmorton P. Gildersleeve (the character was given several conflicting first names on Fibber McGee and Molly, and on one episode of that show revealed his middle name as Philharmonic) as the central, slightly softened, and slightly befuddled focus of a lively new family.

Premiering on NBC on August 31, 1941, The Great Gildersleeve moved the title character from the McGee's Wistful Vista to Summerfield, where Gildersleeve now oversaw his late sister's estate and took on the rearing of his orphaned niece and nephew, Marjorie (originally played by Lurene Tuttle and followed by Louise Erickson and Mary Lee Robb) and Leroy (Walter Tetley) Forester. In a striking forerunner to such later television hits as Bachelor Father and Family Affair, both of which are centered on well-to-do uncles taking in their deceased siblings' children, Gildersleeve was a bachelor raising two children while, at first, administering a girdle manufacturing company ("If you want a better corset, of course it's a Gildersleeve") and then for the bulk of the show's run, serving as Summerfield's water commissioner, between time with the ladies and nights with the boys. Indeed, The Great Gildersleeve may have been the first broadcast show to be centered on a single parent balancing child-rearing, work, and a social life, done with taste and genuine wit, often at the expense of Gildersleeve's now slightly understated pomposity. The key to the show was Harold Peary, one of the most gifted voice actors of his generation (and several others), whose booming voice and facility with moans, groans, laughs, shudders, and inflection was as close to body language and facial suggestion as a voice could get. Peary was so effective, and Gildersleeve became so familiar a character, that he was referenced and satirised periodically in other comedies and in a few cartoons. (No small irony there: Peary in later life included cartoon voicings in his work after his radio stardom.)

512 radio shows (in MP3 format) all on 1 data DVD!
(also available on 4 data CDs - select option at bottom before adding cart)

Numbers refer to production or broadcast dates (yymmdd) and series number when known:

410516 Audition Program
410831 Ep001 Arrives In Sum
410907 Ep002 Marjories Cake
410914 Ep003 Leroys Paper R
410921 Ep004 Marjories Girl
410928 Ep005 Hiccups
411005 Ep006 Investigating
411019 Ep008 School Pranks
411026 Ep009 A Visit From O
411102 Ep010 Minding The Ba
411109 Ep011 Birdie Quits
411116 Ep012 Serviceman For
411123 Ep013 Leroy Smokes A
411130 Ep014 Canary Wont Si
411207 Ep015 Cousin Octavia
411214 Ep016 Iron Reindeer
411221 Ep017 Christmas Gift
411228 Ep018 Leroys Big Dog
420104 Ep019 Gildys Diet
420111 Ep020 Arrested As A
420118 Ep021 A New Bed For
420125 Ep022 The Matchmaker
420201 Ep023 Leroy Runs Awa
420208 Ep024 Auto Mechanics
420222 Ep026 Selling The Dr
420301 Ep027 The Fortune Te
420315 Ep029 Ten Best Dress
420322 Ep030 New Neighbors
420329 Ep031 Letters To Ser
420419 Ep034 Leroy Sells Se
420426 Ep035 Gildys Goat Ho
420503 Ep036 Liberty Ship C
420510 Ep037 Mystery Singer
420517 Ep038 The Manganese
420531 Ep040 Testimonial Di
420607 Ep041 The Sneezes
420614 Ep042 Summer Theater
420621 Ep043 Fathers Day Ch
420628 Ep044 Wooing Amelia
420830 Ep045 Fishing Trip
420906 Ep046 The Golf Tourn
421004 Ep050 Planting A Tre
421011 Ep051 The First Cold
421018 Ep052 Appointed Wate
421025 Ep053 First Day On T
421101 Ep054 A Pal To Leroy
421108 Ep055 Quiet Evening
421115 Ep056 College Chums
421122 Ep057 Thanksgiving B
421129 Ep058 Date With A St
421206 Ep059 Toothache
421220 Ep061 Christmas 42
421227 Ep062 Leroy Makes Ni
430103 Ep063 Engaged
430110 Ep064 Mcgees Visit
430117 Ep065 Womens Club Sp
430124 Ep066 Sabotage
430131 Ep067 Fire Engine Co
430207 Ep068 Leilas Sister
430314 Ep073 Income Tax
430328 Ep075 Springtime In
430404 Ep076 Gildy Repairs
430411 Ep077 Car Wreck With
430418 Ep078 Nature Hike
430425 Ep079 Easter Rabbits
430509 Ep081 Wedding Guest
430516 Ep082 House Hunting
430523 Ep083 Leroys Job
430530 Ep084 Gildy Makes A
430606 Ep085 Wedding Shower
430613 Ep086 Honeymoon Prep
430627 Ep088 Gildys Wedding
430829 Ep089 Vacation At Gr
430912 Ep091 War Bond Drive
430919 Ep092 Preparing For
430926 Ep093 Leila Returns
431024 Ep097 The Waterworks
431031 Ep098 Halloween Part
431100 Ep000 Royal Visit
431107 Ep099 The Pot Roast
431114 Ep100 Gildy Rebuffed
431209 War Bond Drive
432410 Low Water Pressure
432908 End Of Vacation At G
440109 Ep108 Gildy Hospital
440116 Ep109 Income Tax For
440123 Ep110 Does Leroy Nee
440130 Ep111 Marjorie The A
440206 Ep112 Sleigh Ride
440319 Ep118 Gildy To Run F
440409 Ep121 Shady Politica
440430 Ep124 Gildy Engaged
440507 Ep125 The Campaign H
440514 Ep126 Whos Kissing L
440521 Ep127 City Employees
440528 Ep128 Gildys Campaig
440604 Ep129 Eves Mother Ar
440611 Ep130 Dinner For Eve
440618 Ep131 Eves Mother St
440625 Ep132 Election Day
440910 Ep134 The Rainmaker
440917 Ep135 Mcgees Inventi
440924 Ep136 The Bankers So
441001 Ep137 The House Is S
441008 Ep138 The Jolly Boys
441015 Ep139 Job Hunting
441022 Ep140 A Job Contact
441029 Ep141 The New Water
441105 Ep142 Election Day B
441112 Ep143 Spanish Dancin
441119 Ep144 Reception For
441126 Ep145 Reception Afte
441203 Ep146 A Date With Mi
441210 Ep147 Breach Of Prom
441217 Ep148 Dodging A Proc
441224 Ep149 Christmas Eve
441231 Ep150 New Years Eve
450114 Ep152 Engagement Def
450121 Ep153 The Hockey Pla
450204 Ep155 Visit By Aunt
450218 Ep157 Aunt Hattie St
450225 Ep158 B Hattie And H
450225 Ep158 Pre Show War A
450311 Ep160 Chairman Of Wo
450318 Ep161 Laughing Coyot
450325 Ep162 Old Flame Viol
450401 Ep163 Raising A Pig
450408 Ep164 Leroys Pet Pig
450422 Ep165 Leilas Party
450429 Ep166 New Neighbor R
450506 Ep167 Marjories Boy
450513 Ep168 Meet Craig Bul
450520 Ep169 Investing A Wi
450527 Ep170 Labor Trouble
450603 Ep171 New Secretary
450610 Ep172 An Evening Wit
450617 Ep173 Marshall Bulla
450902 Ep174 Labor Day At G
450909 Ep175 Leroys New Tea
450916 Ep176 Leroy Suspende
450923 Ep177 Leila Returns
450930 Ep178 Marjorie The B
451007 Ep179 Raking Leaves
451014 Ep180 Leroy Breaks A
451021 Ep181 Lightfoot Visi
451028 Ep182 Rumor Mrs Peav
451104 Ep183 Helping Leroy
451111 Ep184 Teaching Marjo
451118 Ep185 Jolly Boys Fal
451125 Ep186 The Football G
451202 Ep187 Gildy Sponsors
451209 Ep188 Opera Committe
451216 Ep189 A Night At The
451223 Ep190 Christmas At H
451230 Ep191 New Years Eve
460106 Ep192 Ben Returns Fr
460113 Ep193 Ben Sells Life
460120 Ep194 The Palm Reade
460127 Ep195 Facing Old Age
460203 Ep196 Gildy The Dipl
460210 Ep197 Gildys New Car
460217 Ep198 Leroy Has The
460224 Ep199 Gildy Needs A
460303 Ep200 State Water In
460310 Ep201 Marjories Danc
460317 Ep202 Leroy Arrested
460324 Ep203 Gildy Traces G
460331 Ep204 Doomsday Picni
460407 Ep205 Anual Estate R
460414 Ep206 The Bank Robbe
460421 Ep207 The Petition
460428 Ep208 Leroys Horse
460505 Ep209 Gildy Is In A
460512 Ep210 Gildy Meets Le
460519 Ep211 Leroy Goes To
460526 Ep212 Flashback Gild
460602 Ep213 Flashback Gild
460609 Ep214 Flashback Joll
460918 Ep215 Gildy Turns Of
460925 Ep216 Leila Engaged
461002 Ep217 Leilas Wedding
461009 Ep218 Leila Leaves T
461016 Ep219 Gildy Investig
461023 Ep220 Gildy Needs A
461030 Ep221 Gildy Tries Re
461106 Ep222 Marjorie Plans
461113 Ep223 Gildy Sees A P
461120 Ep224 Improving Lero
461127 Ep225 Birdie Takes A
461204 Ep226 Jolly Boys Spo
461211 Ep227 Leroy Afraid O
461218 Ep228 Leroy Wants A
461225 Ep229 Christmas Caro
470101 Ep230 New Years Cost
470108 Ep231 Leila Back For
470115 Ep232 Jolly Boys Sle
470122 Ep233 Dancing School
470129 Ep234 Marjories Hotr
470205 Ep235 Magazine Sales
470212 Ep236 Gildy The Exec
470219 Ep237 Substitute Sec
470226 Ep238 Gildy Tries To
470305 Ep239 The Crooner
470312 Ep240 Leroy Arrested
470319 Ep241 Gildy Guards C
470326 Ep242 New Piano Teac
470402 Ep243 An Evening Wit
470409 Ep244 Bird Watchers
470416 Ep245 The Whole Town
470423 Ep246 Leilas Party F
470430 Ep247 Great Tchaikov
470507 Ep248 Craigs Birthda
470514 Ep249 Peavey Goes Mi
470521 Ep250 Teacher Proble
470528 Ep251 Gildy Gives Up
470604 Ep252 Income Tax Aud
470910 Ep253 Gildy The Rat
470917 Ep254 We Systematize
470924 Ep255 The Rival
471001 Ep256 Gildy Floats A
471008 Ep257 Gildys New Fla
471015 Ep258 Marjories Baby
471022 Ep259 Congressman Gi
471029 Ep260 Halloween Part
471105 Ep261 Hayride
471112 Ep262 A Coat For Mar
471119 Ep263 Leroys School
471126 Ep264 Tom Sawyer Raf
471203 Ep265 Fiscal Report
471210 Ep266 Christmas Shop
471217 Ep267 Gildy Accused
471224 Ep268 Christmas Stra
471231 Ep269 New Years Eve
480107 Ep270 Ann Tuttle Bac
480114 Ep271 Encouraging Ro
480121 Ep272 School Board E
480128 Ep273 Gildy Gets Lic
480204 Ep274 Acting Mayor
480211 Ep275 Gildy Gets Eye
480218 Ep276 Adeline Fairch
480225 Ep277 Be Kind To Bir
480303 Ep278 Shy Leroy
480310 Ep279 Gildy Consider
480317 Ep280 The Duel
480324 Ep281 Jolly Boys Inv
480331 Ep282 Marjories Teac
480407 Ep283 The Baseball F
480414 Ep284 Gildys Radio B
480421 Ep285 Gildys New Sec
480428 Ep286 Anniversary Di
480505 Ep287 Fish Fry
480512 Ep288 Gildy Stays Ho
480519 Ep289 The Green Thum
480526 Ep290 Gildy Drives A
480602 Ep291 Gildy Is Fired
480908 Ep292 Mystery Baby
480915 Ep293 Taking Care Of
480922 Ep294 Leroy Jealous
480929 Ep295 Name The Baby
481006 Ep296 The Welfare In
481013 Ep297 Visit By Aunt
481020 Ep298 Adopting The B
481027 Ep299 Gildy Proposes
481103 Ep300 Secret Engagem
481110 Ep301 Leila Is Back
481117 Ep302 Engaged To Two
481124 Ep303 The Helicopter
481201 Ep304 Leroy Sells Pa
481208 Ep305 Disappearing C
481215 Ep306 Economy This C
481222 Ep307 Family Christm
481229 Ep308 Wedding Immine
490105 Ep309 Gildy The Auth
490112 Ep310 Good Neighbor
490119 Ep311 Leroys Toothac
490126 Ep312 New Man In Wat
490202 Ep313 Adelines Hat S
490209 Ep314 The Grand Open
490216 Ep315 Leila Returns
490223 Ep316 Gildy The Oper
490302 Ep317 Leroy Meets Br
490309 Ep318 Summerfield 19
490316 Ep319 Leroy Has Comp
490323 Ep320 Gildys New Sec
490330 Ep321 Acting Police
490406 Ep322 Birthday Party
490413 Ep323 The Circus
490420 Ep324 The Haunted Ho
490427 Ep325 The Burglar
490504 Ep326 Mystery Girl O
490511 Ep327 Gildys Million
490518 Ep328 Marjories Invi
490525 Ep329 Gildy Sues Bul
490601 Ep330 Folk Dancing C
490921 Ep331 Gildy The Song
490928 Ep332 Gildy Meets Nu
491005 Ep333 Double Date Wi
491012 Ep334 The Expectant
491019 Ep335 The Old Tom Ca
491026 Ep336 Gildys Rival D
491102 Ep337 The Carnival
491109 Ep338 Birthday Tea F
491116 Ep339 A Job For Bron
491123 Ep340 Jolly Boys Ban
491130 Ep341 The New Neighb
491207 Ep342 Bronco Bows Ou
491214 Ep343 Why The Chimes
491221 Ep344 Bronco and Marjo
491228 Ep345 Hayride
500104 Ep346 Engagement Ann
500111 Ep347 French Visitor
500118 Ep348 Dinner With Ka
500125 Ep349 Dinner With Th
500201 Ep350 Gildy Learns T
500208 Ep351 Should Marjori
500215 Ep352 Wedding Date S
500222 Ep353 Jolly Boys Ele
500301 Ep354 Marjories Show
500308 Ep355 Gildys Blade
500315 Ep356 Gildy Consider
500322 Ep357 Picnic With Th
500329 Ep358 House Guest Ho
500405 Ep359 Apartment Hunt
500412 Ep360 Leroy Buys A G
500419 Ep361 Marjories Wedd
500426 Ep362 Jolly Boys Gif
500503 Ep363 Bronco Disappe
500510 Ep364 Marjories Wedd
500517 Ep365 Fishing At Gra
500524 Ep366 Bronco The Bro
500531 Ep367 Sadie Hawkins
500607 Ep368 The Houseboat
500614 Ep369 Houseboat Vaca
500906 Ep370 Marjorie Is Ex
500913 Ep371 Broncos Aunt V
500920 Ep372 New Secretary
500927 Ep373 Gildy The Pian
501004 Ep374 Community Ches
501011 Ep375 Bullard For Ma
501018 Ep376 Weight Problem
501025 Ep377 The Sons Of Su
501101 Ep378 Election Day
501108 Ep379 Better Than Bu
501115 Ep380 Birdie Sings
501122 Ep381 Water Dept Cal
501129 Ep382 Leroys First D
501206 Ep383 Leroys Laundry
501213 Ep384 Chief Gates On
501220 Ep385 Why The Chimes
501227 Ep386 Double Date Wi
510103 Ep387 Marjorie Crave
510110 Ep388 Gildy Needs Sl
510117 Ep389 Bronco Is A Ne
510124 Ep390 Marjories Baby
510207 Ep391 Peaveys Day Of
510214 Ep392 Throwing Snowb
510221 Ep393 New Baby Arriv
510228 Ep394 Trying To Name
510307 Ep395 Bringing The T
510314 Ep396 Jolly Boys Or
510321 Ep397 Bronco Runs Th
510328 Ep398 Babysitting Th
510404 Ep399 Sailing Sailin
510411 Ep400 Gildy The Worr
510418 Ep401 Leroy The Bonv
510425 Ep402 Leroys Pony
510502 Ep403 Spring Cleanin
510509 Ep404 First Annivers
510516 Ep405 Boating Date
510523 Ep406 The Twins Are
510530 Ep407 Family Vacatio
510905 Teaching Leroy To Dr
510912 Gildy and Bullard Figh
510919 Gildy Is Falling For
510926 Marjorie Has Job In
511003 Jolly Boys President
511010 Leroy Stays At Judge
511017 Bronco Almost Forget
511024 Gildy Mrs Winthrop
511031 Gildy Finds A Lost B
511107 Marjorie and Bronco Bu
511114 Problems Removing An
511121 Inviting Thanksgivin
511128 Getting Leroy To Stu
511212 Leroy Sells Christma
511219 Its Christmas
511226 Opening Christmas Pr
520102 Gildy Gets A Raise
520109 Ep426 Gildy Disappea
520116 Gildy Recovers
520123 Gildy and Miss Winthro
520130 Mort Meets Mona
520206 Gildy Hires Lovey
520213 Marjories Ring
520220 Efficiency Expert
520227 Leroy Gets Independe
520305 Bullard Visits Gildy
520312 Trip To Omaha
520319 Gildy Plants A Garde
520326 Television Comes To
520402 Sarah Cosgrove Mix-U
520409 Easter Show
520416 Leroy Is A Bee Keepe
520423 The Deep Sea Diver
520430 Leroys Report Card
520507 Leroy The Troubador
520514 Bronco Comes Home
520521 Bronco and Marjorie Mo
520528 A Motor For Leroys
520604 Katy Lee Visits
520611 Bronco Wants To Buil
520618 The Bean Bowl
520625 Gildy Meets Miss Mck
520702 4th Of July Speech
520709 Finishing With Miss
520716 Big Camping Trip
520730 Bronco The Broker
520806 Leroy Behaves Too Go
520813 Gildy Diets Again
520820 Leroys Laundry
520827 Cousin Emily Visits
520903 Geting Leroy From Co
520910 Gildy Cleans Bullard
520917 Leroy Gets His Drive
520924 Peavy and Judge Hooker
521001 Gildy Fights Inflati
521008 Women Problems
521022 Leroys New Watch
521105 Gildy Vs Golf
521112 Problems With Leroy
521118 Leroys Gift
521126 Miss Grace Tuttle and
521203 Birthday Duck Dinner
521210 Leroys Christmas Job
521217 Trouble With Grace T
521224 Gildy and Leroy Alone
521231 New Years Eve With
530107 Leila Comes Back To
530114 Gildy Vs Sidney
530121 Cousin Bert Sends Le
530128 Grace Vies For Gildy
530204 Rivals Leila and Grace
530211 Conflicting Engageme
530218 Gildy In Trouble Wit
530225 Gildys Great Dane C
530304 Gildy Gets Help At O
530318 Jam Session
530325 Rummage Sale
530401 Sunrise Easter Servi
530408 Leroy Has Trouble Wi
530411 Leroy Moves Out To M
530415 Boys Takes Over Jol
530422 Bronco and Marjorie Ar
530429 Broncos Bottled Wat
530506 Marjories and Bronco
530513 Gildy Almost Goes To
530520 Leroy Writes A Theme
530527 Gildy Is A Wedding W
530603 Birdie Almost Goes T
530610 Leroy Gets The Mumps
530617 A Gift For Miss Tutt
530624 Leroy and Pals Go To G
530701 Gildy and Leroy Double
530715 Gildy Buys A Paint S
530722 Mae Kelly Gets Engag
530729 Leroy Goes To Aunt Hatties
530805 Gildy Gets Fired
530812 The Cabin On The Lake
530819 The Fishing Trip
530826 One Must Fare For Ones Self
530902 Leroy Meets Josephine Mccoy
530909 Ronny Visits Gildy
530916 A Cake For The Fair
530923 Gildy Babysits
530930 Gildy Is On School Board
531007 Gildy The Barber
531014 Trouble With Leroys Teacher
531021 Leroy The Electrical Wizard
531028 Gildy Gets A Subpoena
531104 Gildy Is At The Altar Again
531111 Is Leroy Getting Too Old For Gildy
531118 Gildy The Athelete
531125 Dinner With Peavy
531202 Gildy Raises Christmas Money
531209 Bessie Takes Gildy To A Dance
531216 Gildy and Hooker Renew Friendship
531223 Christmas Show
531230 Happy New Year
540106 Gildy Meets Irenes Father
540113 In The DogHouse With Irene
540120 Leroy Meets Wendy
540127 Gildy and Bronco Have A Fight
540203 A Lesson In Puppy Love
540210 Judge Hookers Annual Dinner
540217 Gildy Becomes A Politician
540224 Peavy Is ReElected
540303 Paula Returns
540310 Leroy Thinks Gildy Is OldFashioned
540317 Gildy Meets Marie Olson
540324 Gildy Enters A Hobby
540331 Gildy Has Trouble With Marie
540407 Marie Teaches Bronco French
540414 Broncos Boss Dates Marie
540421 Marie Has Designs On Gildy
540428 Gildy Meets Thelma Scott
540512 Doctor Olsen Leaving
540519 Gildy Runs For Sheriff
540526 Aunt Hattie Visits
540602 Aunt Hattie Returns Home
551020 Floyds Inheritance
570307 Gildy Causes Water T
861025 Mousetrap Recreation

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