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W.C. Fields (OTR 1930's-1940's)

W.C. Fields  (OTR 1930's-1940's)
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W. C. Fields

W. C. Fields (January 29, 1880 – December 25, 1946) was an American juggler, comedian, and actor. Fields created one of the great American comic personas of the first half of the 20th century—a misanthrope who teetered on the edge of buffoonery but never quite fell in, an egotist blind to his own failings, a charming drunk; and a man who hated children, dogs, and women, unless they were the wrong sort of women.

While Fields was inactive in movies, he recorded a short speech for a radio broadcast. His familiar, snide drawl registered so well with listeners that he quickly became a popular guest on network radio shows. One of his funniest routines had him trading insults with Edgar Bergen's dummy Charlie McCarthy on "The Chase and Sanborn Hour." Fields would twit Charlie about his being made of wood, while Charlie would fire back at Fields about his drinking (Fields: "Is it true your father was a gate-leg table?" McCarthy: "If it is, your father was under it!").

15 recordings and radio shows (in MP3 format) all on 1 data CD!

Numbers refer to production or broadcast dates (yymmdd) and series number when known:

  • The Uncensored W.C. Fields Part 1

  • The Uncensored W.C. Fields Part 2

  • Bergen & McCarthy - 37.06.06 - W.C. Fields - Joan Blondell

  • Bergen & McCarthy - 41.09.21 - W.C. Fields & Abbott & Costello

  • Bergen & McCarthy - 42.11.02 - W.C. Fields

  • Bergen & McCarthy - 44.02.20 - Edgar's Birthday With W.C. Fields

  • Bergen & McCarthy - 46.03.24 - At The Barbershop with W.C. Fields

  • Bergen & McCarthy - Jack Benny & W.C. Fields

  • Bloopers - W.C. Fields Dnight

  • Whatever Became of Carlota Monti Mistress of W.C. Fields

  • An Evening with Groucho - W.C. Fields Beebee Gun Prohibition

  • An Evening with Groucho - W.C. Fields Baby Leroy

  • Movie Air Trailers of 1935 - Leo is on the Air - David Copperfield - W.C. Fields Roland Young

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