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A Life in Your Hands (OTR 1949-1952)

A Life in Your Hands (OTR 1949-1952)
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From the author of Perry Mason comes a different kind of courtroom drama. By interviewing witness from both sides in order to learn the truth, Jonathan Kegg represents neither the defense nor the prosecution. He is just a "Friend of the Court" who is seeking the truth behind these shrouded cases in the pursuit of justice.

This disc includes the following shows (list may include duplicates):
  • 49-06-07 The Final Curtain Call
  • 49-09-13 Murder Case
  • 52-xx-xx The Dr. Alanby Case
  • 49-09-13 Boarder Killed
  • 50-05-25 Carol Carson Murdered
  • 50-07-18 Arson Case
  • 50-07-18 Teenager Burns Store
  • 50-07-25 Carl Fortune
  • 50-08-29 A Judge Is Shot
  • 52-07-09 Gangster Dan Wilmore Murder
  • 52-08-07 Murder In The Doctor's Offi
  • 52-08-14 Captain Mendosa's Treasure
  • 52-08-21 Professor Allenby Murdered
  • 52-08-27 Alderman Is Murdered
  • 52-xx-xx The Jean Harling Case
  • 52-xx-xx The Kalare Temple
  • 52-xx-xx Truck Engine
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