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Pat Novak for Hire (OTR 1947-1949)

Pat Novak for Hire (OTR 1947-1949)
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Pat Novak for Hire was an old-time radio detective show which aired from 1946-1947 and starred Jack Webb in the title role, with scripts by his roommate Richard L. Breen. The series is popular among fans for its fast-paced, hard-boiled dialogue and action and witty one-liners. The dialogue is rife with similes and grittiness found in pulp fiction.

The show is set on the San Francisco waterfront and depicts the city as a dark, rough place where the main goal is survival. Pat Novak is not a detective by trade. He owns a boat shop on Pier 19 where he rents out boats and does odd jobs to make money. Each episode of the program follows the same basic formula. A foghorn sounds and Novak's footsteps are heard walking down the pier. He pauses and begins with the line "Sure, I'm Pat Novak . . . for hire". Pat narrates the story as well as acting in it. Cynical, he throws off lines such as "about as smart as teaching a cooking class to a group of cannibals". He then introduces the trouble in which he finds himself this week. Typically, a person unknown to Pat asks him to do an unusual or risky job. Pat reluctantly accepts and finds himself in hot water in the form of an unexplained dead body. Police Inspector Hellman (played by Raymond Burr) arrives on the scene and pins the murder on Novak. With only circumstantial evidence to go on, Hellman promises to haul Novak in the next day for the crime. The rapid, staccato dialogue between Webb & Burr is classic. Pat uses the time to try to solve the case. He looks up his friend Jocko Madigan (played by Tudor Owen), a drunken ex-doctor typically found at some local watering hole, to help him solve the case. As Pat asks Jocko for his help, Jocko launches a winded, often hilarious, brilliantly witty philosophical diatribe until Novak blankly asks "Are you done?", to which Jocko dejectedly replies " Yes".

18 radio shows (in MP3 format) all on 1 data CD!

Numbers refer to production or broadcast dates (yymmdd) and series number when known:

  • 470803 - Johnny Brown Gambling Ring
  • 470810 - Mysterious Set of Books
  • 471123 - Lidia Reynolds Case
  • 471130 - Death in Herold Square
  • 490220 - Jack Of Clubs
  • 490227 - Marcia Halpern
  • 490306 - Fleet Lady
  • 490313 - Rubin Callaways Pictures
  • 490320 - Rory Malone
  • 490327 - Joe Candono Blackmail Pictures
  • 490402 - Escape from Prison
  • 490409 - Sam Tolliver
  • 490416 - Go Away Dixie Gillian
  • 490423 - Rita Malloy
  • 490430 - Watch Wendy Morris
  • 490604 - The Agnes Bolton Case
  • 490611 - George Lampson
  • 490625 - Little Jake Siegel
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