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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q: How much are the CDs and DVDs?

A: The price is generally $6.00 per disc for single disc orders, however, there is a discount for larger quantities (the MST3K 10-Pack, for example) and if you want to get a lot of them, they can less than $4.50 per disc.

In addition, all U.S. orders over $100 get free Priority Mail shipping

Note: Please don't support the profiteers on various auction sites who are selling inferior copies at inflated prices. These aren't fans - they are merely giant leeches.

Q: Is this a secure site?

A: You betcha! utilizes RC4 256 bit SSL High Grade Encryption for your sensitive account information and credit card transactions!
256-bit Secure Encryption Enabled
What does this mean? It means you get a nifty little "lock" icon in your browser! (it also means that nobody will be able to view sensitive information as it travels between your computer and this site)

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Q: What is the quality of the MST3K DVD recordings?

A: The Episodes: The mastering was done from original 1st generation tapes with all defects in audio and video corrected, with commercials cleanly removed. The source discs are encoded in MPEG2 at 720 pixels, 480 lines, at the highest possible bitrate. With the exception of KTMA, which is not really available anywhere in perfect condition, nearly all recordings are "A+" quality episodes and your tapes and discs will be as close to first generation quality as can be had! There are also extra features included with most discs, such as the original movie poster, episode and channel promos, etc.

All discs have full menus and chapter breaks (placed conveniently where commercials used to be).

The Rarities: Most rarities are A or B quality, but as a few are 2nd or 3rd generation, there is some variability here. Hey, they're rare! We try to be as objective as possible and post the overall quality for each.

Q: How can I make sure that I get every single MST3K episode ever created?

A: Here is the 5-Step Method for the MST3K Completionist:

  1. Go here and grab the episode checklist:
  2. Go here for the list of commercially-released episodes (note the convenient links directly to Amazon for each episode):
  3. Go to and get the episodes not listed in step 2. You can get them slowly a few episodes at a time or you can get them all in one convenient set:
  4. Use the convenient Amazon links at to acquire the commercially released episodes.
  5. Put an X in the checklist as you acquire the episodes. When list is full, you're done! Excelsior!

Q: What about the Mobile M4V / MP4 episodes?

A: These episodes come to you on data discs, three episodes per disc, in the M4V format. This means they can be played by just about any portable device out there that supports the .M4V extension. If your device only supports MP4, no problem! MP4 and M4V are the exact same file codec (MPEG-4 AVC H.264), just with different letters at the end of their name. If you want MP4, it\'s as simple as renaming the file.

A partial list of devices you can now watch MST3K on:
Android Phones and Tablets
iPod Touch

Kindle Fire
XBMC and Other Media Servers
Windows Phone
Just about every video viewer on any computer anywhere on any planet.

The video quality is very close to DVD, but because of the additional compression involved in making these files, they aren\'t really intended for viewing on large screens, such as that 150-inch behemoth you have in your den. We recommend the standard DVDs for home theater playback.

Q: Will the DVD discs be compatible with my player?

A: 99.9% of the time, YES! They are disc-image duplicated on premium quality name-brand DVD-R discs, using machines dedicated to the task. Consult the documentation of your DVD player to be sure it supports "DVD-R" discs (most units made within the last 5 years do). If you don\'t have your documentation handy, please check the compatibility of your player before ordering! For the international folks, be sure your players and tellys support NTSC, as we cannot make PAL or SECAM discs at this time.

Q: Will the DVD discs be compatible with my Game Console (e.g., Microsoft XBOX and Sony PS2)?

A: If you have the newest game consoles, the chances are very good. Unfortunately, the list of supported recordable DVD media for older game machines has been very inconsistent. In the past, it has been widely held that very few brands of DVD-Rs work consistently with them. Because of this, DVD-Rs cannot generally be recommended for playback on older game systems with any degree of confidence - but your results may vary (for example, the XBOX 360 seems fine). Some people have had no problems while others cannot play them at all. We recommend that if game consoles are to be your primary playback devices, you only purchase a single disc to test them with, prior to placing a larger order.

Q: How long will it take to receive my discs?

A: Generally, your discs will be mailed out within 1-3 days of receiving your order and they should arrive at any US destination within 2-3 days after that. However, occasionally we get backlogged, so please allow 1-2 weeks for your order to arrive. Please allow 2 weeks for international orders to clear customs. If you are paying by money order, we will wait to receive your payment before we ship your order. All US and APO orders are sent out via USPS 1st Class for small orders of 8 or fewer discs and via Priority Mail for orders of 9 discs or more. Orders outside the US are sent via airmail (never via surface). You will receive an email at the time each order ships.

Q: I haven't received any updates or confirmation of my order. Are you ignoring me?

A: Absolutely not! Confirmations and updates are automatically sent to the email address you provide at the following events: When you create an account, when you place an order, when we acknowledge and begin processing your order, when your order ships, and any time an order is changed. However, if you are not receiving these emails, please check your email spam filters to ensure that they weren't accidentally trapped there. If you add our email address to your "always allow" list (or "whitelist") in your email provider's spam filter settings, this will prevent that from happening in the future. You may also wish to log in to your account at CheesyFlix and ensure there were no typos or spelling mistakes in your provided email address. For more information regarding spam blockers and specific services for your email host, please visit their site for details on how to "whitelist" our email.

Q: Do the discs come in cases and how are they labeled?

A: Even though we use premium brand discs, you will not find them delivered in fancy, flashy, full-color packaging. This would simply double their price. If you are looking for full retail cases for these discs, we apologize. What we sell is content! Our movies and radio shows are lovingly hand-crafted on plain white DVD-R discs and delivered in plain white wrappers, but your savings are far from plain!

In the 1970s, "generic" products and labeling sprang up all over the country, epitomized by the UPC Code. The concept was simple: Don\'t use photos or fancy packaging and pass the savings on to the customer. We follow the same principle here, knowing that our customers would rather have both Prehistoric Women and Robot Monster for the same price that others sell just one title (but in a pretty box).

We ask the question, "What would you rather to stare at, the DVD case or the movie?"
For most, the answer is, "Content, not cases!". If you do want pretty cases for your MST3K collection, we offer this disc of case cover graphics for your printing pleasure.

We only write enough on the discs (at the hub) so you can identify which disc is which, and we write it in pencil so it can be erased. Different people have different likes and dislikes regarding labels and markings, so we let you decide what to do when you get them.

Q: But what if I want to receive pretty discs instead of the normal plain white printable discs?

A: Now all Mystery Science Theater 3000 episodes are available on optional pre-printed discs, featuring the original movie poster and episode number in vivid full color for a small extra cost. Full season and large quantity sets have this option at the bottom of their pages; simply select it prior to adding those items to your shopping cart. If you are ordering single episodes, you can simply add the appropriate number of graphics upgrades here.

Q: What about adhesive disc labels?

A: The discs we use have a white printable surface which is not a label. It is actually painted directly to the disc during the manufacturing process. This type of disc is used at the request of many people who use the new inkjet printers that can print directly to these discs, avoiding the many problems encountered with adhesive labels.

We recommend that people never use labels on discs at all (particularly the printable variety), for the following reasons:

1) They affect the weight balance that is essential when considering the high speed at which DVDs spin compared to CDs. This particular aspect is also effected by any or all of the following:
2) The paper tends to shrink or expand depending on age and relative humidity, which causes it to pull away from the disc or create buckled lumps.
3) The adhesive tends to decay with age, usually by becoming brittle and the paper then no longer sticks to the disc.
4) While the labels may adhere initially to the white printable discs, their surface is normally somewhat porous in order to accept the printer ink. This means that they will not hold adhesive nearly as well as a glossy surface (think of a decal on normal flat wall paint verses on a window). Also, the thickness of a label added to this surface may cause playback problems in some players, even if they do adhere fairly well.

Q: Do you sell any MST3K that is sold commercially by BBI, Rhino, Shout Factory, Rifftrax, Cinematic Titanic, or is otherwise copyrighted?

A: No. We will not sell copies of that material. No exceptions. To do otherwise is to steal money from the folks that brought us the best cowtown puppet show in history. We fully respect their right to profit from their creativity and work. HOWEVER, when you do want to buy commercially available MST3K episodes (and you do), we would greatly appreciate it if you purchased them at through the links on this site.

When episodes are no longer commerially available (as with 309 - The Amazing Colossal Man), we will again offer the BROADCAST version here.

Here is the current list of episodes and specials that are commercially available and therefore no longer tradeable.

Q: I don't want to buy these episodes. Can we trade for something instead?

A: Absolutely! We are looking for all kinds of things, so write us with what you have to offer!

Q: I live in England / Ethiopia / Moscow / Quebec / Planet Marklar / Los Angeles. Can I order these?

A: Absolutely! Fans world-wide (over 30 countries so far) have enjoyed our discs! We charge a flat international postage rate, regardless of order size (so make large orders). APO addresses are charged at the US rate. Make sure that your equipment can play back NTSC video, since we have no way to make PAL or SECAM discs at this time. If somebody would like to donate the conversion equipment to us, on the other hand...

We are still awaiting an order from the Vatican City, but it hasn't happened yet... anybody know the Pope's phone number?

Q: What are your favorite or "Top 10" MST3K episodes?

Cheepnis writes: "Well, I don't really have a "Top 10" per se, but my favorites tend to include giant insects, spiders, scorpions, lizards, etc... That should be over 10 episodes right there! I also like the Russo-Finnish episodes (e.g. Jack Frost, Day the Earth Froze...) and the 1950s space exploration (exploitation?) movies. The problem is, every time I look at the full list of shows to come up with favorites, I keep seeing more and more that I like and very few that I dislike... It's like asking which of my cats (or children, if you're so inclined) are my favorites. I love them all but each one for often different reasons.

There are some, however, that are more difficult for me to watch, simply because I have seen them so often (Manos, all of the Gameras, and the two Fugitive Aliens come to mind off-hand). I also wish that they re-did a few more of the KTMA eps, like SST Death Flight, City on Fire, Last Chase, Hanger 18, and Phase IV (which really isn't that bad a movie). I think the later BBI writing staff would have done a really great job with those eps."

Q: What is the difference between,, and Aren't you all the same?

A: Yes, but each site has distinct function. is the landing page for all things MST3K. This functions as a news site for the latest MST3K-related releases and also as a portal to the store where you may find all the MST3K episodes. is the actual store website where thousands of other movies and Old Time Radio may be purchased. Cheepnis, LLC is the parent company that operates the store and produces and digitally remasters all the old movies and radio shows that it can find. At this time, simply redirects to the CheesyFlix store.

Q: I have other questions that aren't answered here!

A: Write us! We'll be happy to answer any other questions.

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