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George Burns and Gracie Allen Show (TV - 1950-1958) 3 Disc Set!

George Burns and Gracie Allen Show (TV - 1950-1958) 3 Disc Set!
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Starring: George Burns, Gracie Allen, Bea Benaderet

Plot: Neighbor Blanche Morton (Benaderet - the voice of Betty Rubble) frequently joins Gracie in hare-brained escapades which annoy accountant hubby Harry and provide George with an opportunity to offer a humorous soliloquy and audience-directed side comments.

3-Disc Set includes all these great TV episodes:

  • Gracie Wants to See a Movie
  • Gracie Dents the Car
  • The Bank President
  • Breaking Up the Team
  • The Mailman and the Divorce Attorney
  • Surprise Birthday Party for Harry
  • Free Trip to Hawaii
  • Gracie's Checking Account
  • Harry Morton's Male Secretary
  • The Income Tax Man
  • Space Patrol Visits the Kids
  • Teenage Girl Spends the Weekend

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