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Comedy Shorts: Speaking of Animals (1940's)

Comedy Shorts: Speaking of Animals (1940's)
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This is a great 3-disc collection of Academy Award-winning shorts produced by Jerry Fairbank in the 1940s. More surreal than you might imagine, these 10 minute comedies make animals "talk" by adding animated lips and tongues to film footage of zoo and farm animals and thereby allow cows to deliver pun-heavy punchlines and ostriches to sing wacky songs. In other shorts, dogs, monkeys, and chimps are dressed up and trained to act like humans (complete with animated mouths). This is some scary stuff, folks.

While it seems that the original target audience was adult, the jokes are frequently juvenile, and many of the shorts were repackaged to appear on children's TV shows right into the 1960's. These are offensive on so many levels, but the occasional racism sprinkled throughout is blatant and would never be allowed by today's standards. While the jokes are often dumb, the real magic occurs during the many songs featured. Seeing and hearing music from the WWII era "performed" and "sung" by dogs, cows, birds, chimps, etc. will be quite unforgettable and worth the price of admission alone!

This is great stuff and we want to know if you have more! We'll buy or trade for it!

Vol 1 Includes:

  • Who's Who (1945 Academy Award)
  • Monkey Business
  • Fun on the Farm
  • The Hillbillies
  • Animal-ology
  • Speaking of Animals and Their Families (1943 Academy Award)

Vol 2 Includes:

  • Video Hounds
  • In a Musical Way
  • The Lonesome Stranger
  • Calling All Animals
  • Your Pet Problem
  • From A to Zoo

Vol 3 Includes:

  • Our Friends
  • They're Not So Dumb
  • The Gnu Look
  • Hocus Focus
  • Home Sweet Home
  • Meet the Champ

Total Time: 180 min.
General Quality: Mostly "A" but varies between "A" and "B" due to the quality of the few source tapes we've been able to locate.

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