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Fractured Flickers - The Complete Collection

Fractured Flickers - The Complete Collection
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Before Woody Allen's "What's Up, Tiger Lily", and "Mad Movies" there was "Fractured Flickers". From the creator of Rocky & Bullwinkle comes this great slap at the old silent movies! The talented voices from The Jay Ward studios put their own twist to clips from silent movies. Words cannot describe this looney series hosted by Hans Conreid.

In the first episode, a giddy voiced Tarzan (called Tarfoot here) with a hacking cough overtaking his yell, meets a "Fractured Fairytale" voiced Jane and rescues her from...oh if I give away too much it will ruin it for you. Rose Marie (of the Dick Van Dyke Show) is Hans' guest star interview in the first show.

I think the series has an almost subversive, slightly sinister, Gothic quality to it. The self-depreciating jokes about the series, the scratched-up, ancient silent movies, the tiny low-budget set design, and the now-almost-forgotten interview guests make the series seem downright strange nowadays. There was nothing like it on TV at the time. Producer Jay Ward and Bill Scott were utterly unique television producers.

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