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Ralph and Rick Resent: The Bat!

Ralph and Rick Resent: The Bat!
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Vincent Price! Agnes Moorehead! Darla Hood of the Little Rascals! And a villain who looks nothing like a bat!

In this, the first movie to be "riffed" by the team of Ralph and Rick, mystery writer Cornelia "Talentless Hack" Van Gorder rents a country house for the perpetually gloomy soundstage summer.

Little does she realize that her lease allows for a constant flow of unintelligible police chiefs, bat-obsessed doctors, elbow-packing butlers and interchangeable female characters in and out of the place.

Even a horrendous murder carried out by a masked maniac with real steel claws on his glove does nothing to assuage her annoyance.

Special features:

  • Choose between righteous riffs or bore-iginal audio!
  • Learn about the towering talents behind "The Bat"!
  • Thrill to the original the-bat-rical trailer!
  • Chill to scenes from the semi-classic silent version!

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