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Misprints and Rejects

Misprints and Rejects

Occasionally we goof up here at CheesyFlix. Yes, it's true. When you see a product listed below, you have discovered an example of our imperfection. If you don't see anything listed, that means we're on top of our game and you should check back again later when we're less perfect.

These Mystery Science Theater 3000 episodes are in perfect working condition, but either there were printing errors on the disc graphics (usually because the ink ran out) so they're not as perfectly pretty as they should be, or there is some other content flaw that keeps them from being sold at full price. The description for each is clear as to whether it's a graphics issue or content related.

So if you're not fussy about what the disc looks like on the outside or don't mind a little flaw in the recording, then these discs are for you!

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