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MST3K Poopie Promo Party Parade of Turkey Ween

MST3K Poopie Promo Party Parade of Turkey Ween
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Includes: A cornucopia of captured tidbits, very loosely related to the TurkeyDay Marathons:

Part 1 - Prehistoric (pre-Comedy Central) promos for MST3K marathons held prior to the Thanksgiving Marathons. Quality: C

Part 2 - Docu-Q&A aired as part of the '91 TurkeyDay. Quality: A

Part 3 - Poopie Parade of Values is an infomercial produced by Best Brains for the various MST3K products they were hawking and aired during the '95 TurkeyDay marathon. Quality: B

Part 4 - The infamous 1993 MSTieWeen party footage from 3 views: SampoCam, CheepCam (by yours truly), and FishCam. Behind the scenes footage of the chaos of the making of the '93 TurkeyDay bumpers and promos! Yes, that's me (known back then as "Bot Snak") dumpster-diving at BBI. Quality: From 1st generation masters and are A+

Time: 66Min.

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