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Alumni Projects

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Attack of the Killer B Movies (Frank)
One part MST3K, one part Elvira, four parts cheese! TV special that took four bad movies, compres..
Based on 1 reviews.
Doctor Floyd (Joel, Frank)
The Radio Adventures of Dr. Floyd is the internet's longest running, professionally produced, fa..
Film Crew on Starz (Kevin, Mike, Bill)
Film Crew on Starz Over forty clips featuring intros to various b-movies by Mike Nelson, Kevin Mu..
Herd Mentality (Mike, Mary Jo, Kevin, Bill)
Mike, Mary Jo, Kevin and Bill recorded a Kurtis Roth radio play called Herd Mentality for the Sc..
Joel Hodgson: Comic, Magician, Spy
Before there was MST3K, there was Joel doing standup prop-based comedy and original magic tricks. Th..
People Traps (Trace)
People Traps Pilot episode written and hosted by our own Trace Beaulieu for cable TV's Animal Pla..
Saturday Night Joel
Rather than simply show only the Joel standup segments from three of the Saturday Night Live shows, ..
Stand-Up Confidential (Joel)
Joel co-wrote and plays bit parts in this 1987 Jerry Seinfeld production that features his pre-sitco..
TV Wheel, X-Box, Statical Planets (Joel)
Watch Joel's most adventurous projects to date! Here's what you get: X-Box R&D This is the ori..
Based on 1 reviews.
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