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Alumni Books

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A Year at the Movies by Kevin Murphy
For some of us, moviegoing is an occasional pleasure. Kevin Murphy made it his obsession, and he did..
Death Rat by Michael J.Nelson
What if an aging, unsuccessful Minnesota author of history books with names like Old von Steuben Had..
Employee of the Month and Other Big Deals by Mary Jo Pehl
You may know Mary Jo Pehl as “the guy from Mystery Science Theater 3000 that’s a woman.” But besides..
Fluffy Humpy Poopy Puppy by Michael J. Nelson
A canine companion to the successful Happy Kitty Bunny Pony, Fluffy Humpy Poopy Puppy is a humorous ..
Goth-Icky by Michael J. Nelson
From Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde to B horror movie icons to The Addams Family and beyond, macabre misfit..
Happy Kitty, Bunny, Pony by Michael J. Nelson
From turn-of-the-century novelties and Depression-era distraction, through wartime comfort, to Hello..
In the Peanut Gallery with MST3K: Essays on Film Fandom Culture
In the Peanut Gallery with Mystery Science Theater 3000 Essays on Film, Fandom, Technology and the C..
Love Sick by Michael J. Nelson
From the bodice-busting covers of Harlequin romances to personal ads to wedding cake toppers, romant..
Mind Over Matters by Michael J. Nelson
Why do some people retain cute baby-talk names for their relatives (like "Num-Num" and "Pee-Paw") we..
Movie Megacheese by Michael J. Nelson
You might think that after ten seasons on the Peabody Award-winning TV series Mystery Science Theat..
Mystery Science Theater 3000 Amazing Colossal Episode Guide
What is the mystery of Mystery Science Theater 3000? You may have asked yourself, "What the heck ..
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