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Alumni DVDs

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American Scary - Joel (Amazon)
Includes interview with Joel! This fun documentary should be proudly placed on the classic horror..
Blood Hook - Jim / Kevin (Amazon)
It's time for the annual "Muskie Madness" fishing contest, and the lake is packed with hopeful fishe..
Darkstar - Joel / Trace / MaryJo / Frank / Josh (Amazon / Shout)
You awaken inside a cryogenic sleep chamber aboard a drifting starship. You experience most of the d..
Factory Accident Sex - Mary Jo / Tim Scott (Amazon)
Factory Accident Sex is a sampler of Minneapolis commedian / personality / malcontent Rich Kronfeld'..
Freaks and Geeks - Joel / Trace (Amazon / Shout)
Nearly 39,000 fans have demanded it, and so it has come. That's how many rabid Freaks And Geeks fans..
Funny Ladies Volume 3 - Mary Jo (Amazon)
Mary Jo Pehl is among the performers in Funny Ladies, Vol. 3. Buying this or anything else fr..
Invader Zim - Frank (Amazon)
Features all the episodes written by TV's Frank Conniff! Comic book artist Jhonen Vasquez's outré..
Space Ghost Coast to Coast - Vol 2 - Joel (Amazon)
Watch Space Ghost's definitive interviews with real celebrities whose expressions reveal everything ..
Star Wait - Joel / Trace / Josh (Amazon)
A hilarious blend of documentary and reality program, Michael Rotman's "Star Wait", represents sci-f..
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