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Theme Set - Hot MST3K for Cold Winter Nights

Theme Set - Hot MST3K for Cold Winter Nights
Product Code: MST3K_Hot
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These episodes are sweltering and designed to warm even the harshest of Minnesota winters! Sit back with a hot buttered rum in front of a toasty TV tube and thaw your soul! Collected in one convenient set, this also makes a great sampler and gift set and includes some of the most popular episodes.

Quality: A+ (all from first generation masters)

Includes these heart-warming tales:

  • K09 - PHASE IV (Itchy, creepy-crawling fire ants basking in the desert sun. mmmm... toasty)
  • K16 - CITY ON FIRE (More flames per scene than washed-up made-for-TV actors?)
  • 204 - CATALINA CAPER (Cavorting cuckoo kids in California's cuckoo Catalina, kickin' criminals!)
  • 503 - SWAMP DIAMONDS (To be fair, we present some sweaty women in the swamps)

For more heat, also be sure to check out the Hercules Theme Set for sweaty men basking and wrestling in the Greek sun and the fiery women who love them!

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