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WOW! The DVDs are awesome! First off, the customer service is excellent. I knew exactly where my stuff was at any given time. Secondly, the DVDs arrived so quickly. Lastly (and most importantly), what amazing quality! I've been watching some of the episodes I ordered off very old VHS tapes (self-recorded) and I'm amazed at how much detail I'd been missing. Thanks for a great MSTie experience. Unfortunately, now I'll have to get all the other episodes! :-) Thanks again for the great MSTie work. I love it!
- Phyllis B.

I made such a broad order not only to fill some of the holes left in my collection but to check the range of quality you were offering, and I have to say I'm impressed. I've done dozens of trades in my collecting career, and most absolutely pale in comparison to what I got from you. About 120 episodes I have are first gen (recorded by myself when the show was airing), and what I received today was comparable. That is indeed a rare thing. The main difference from what I've seen is the complete lack of analog noise that is so common on VHS tapes on your episodes. They look as if you recorded them directly to a TiVo or DVD when they aired, which I know is impossible. I have 13 or so episodes left before I'm complete, and I now know where I'll be getting them.
- Michael S.

Wow! The first set of seasons you sent me were absolutely awesome. I am amazed at the quality and work that went into these DVDs! Please allow me to offer a very heartfelt thanks to you and Lee for your work in assembling these DVDs and blessing the lives of your fellow fanatics. Truly A+ quality and clearly an A+ effort. I'll gladly recommend you to anyone who shares my enthusiasm for quality MSTies.
- Ben W.

Wow! The creativity, quality, and care you put into your work is astounding. I'm lovin' my copies of MST3K which recently arrived. The sound is crystal clear, picture perfect, and all th extras are mind boggling. Promos, movie art, and C.C. Specials. It's a pleasure!
- Francis C.

"Great" doesn't do the discs justice! They are really superlative, especially given how old the source tapes must have been. I'd never seen much of Seasons 1 and 2 except DAP AVIs (and I hate watching MST3K on computer). I really appreciate the quality and the speed of the trade, and will happily work with you again.
- Brad V.

I am completely impressed with the quality of the discs and the prompt shipping. I could not believe how great they looked. Much better than any tape I have ever seen. I am ready to place another order and am not even close to having watched all of the first shipment. Here is a list for the next order. I think 36 in all. You are my new hero, man!!
- John K.

I just ordered the full season 10 DVDr's and got them in three days, incredibly quickly. Each plays well, and I simply wanted to thank you for this opportunity to get episodes of my favorite show that I haven't had access to before now. I'm only sorry that I didn't find you sooner. I was a bit trepidacious about the DVDr quality, but my fears were alleviated immediately. Thanks again, and count on me ordering from you again. A new, loyal customer,
- Bobby M.

These DVDs are amazing! I am very pleased with the quality and you can tell they were put together with care and attention. They are every bit as good as Rhino's DVDs and I will absolutely be a repeat customer. Thanks again!
- Matt D.

Just received my MST3K product, a pack of ten that I ordered, and am VERY happy with the purchase. Most episodes are as good as the commercial releases, and it's waaaay better than trying to watch old VHS copies. The cleanup on most discs, audio and visual, is pretty nice. Thank you very much, and I will order again - definitely. This is a great source for MISTies.
- Jake M.

We got our order yesterday and the MSTs are fantastic. The quality is superb and the extra effort you put in -- the menu and chapter stops -- makes it obvious that these are labors of love. We will definitely be ordering from you again!
- Bernie J.

I have been a customer of yours for a little over a year now and in the last month or so I have made two separate orders for MST3k episodes. I just wanted to write you to tell you how quickly both orders came. You have always provided great service and I couldn't be happier. Thanks a lot for the quick and timely service and I hope you have a great holiday season. You have yourself a loyal customer. Hi-Keeba!
- Sean G.

Just got my two discs in the mail, and all I can say is "amazing". FINALLY someone who claims their discs are "A+" actually has discs that are, in fact, A+. Very cool. I will be setting up some full season deals in a day or two.
- Rob L.

Our season 4 eps arrived today...and all I can say is *wow* !!!!! This is kind of a surprise gift for my husband and it's perfect! We especially love the "CC promos", b/c it reminds us of watching mst3k on our 5" tv in the studio apt =) A long time ago ;) The quality of the dvds is awesome, definately the best I've ever seen..Thank you so much =) Well I'm sure we'll be back for more in the future!!!
- Naomi N.

Just received my copies! I appreciate you getting them out so quick, didn't think I'd get them for another week. The good news is that they worked [on an older player]. The even better news is that I'm ordering more.... Nicely done, I have already mentioned your site to another fan. Here's the new order:
- John M.

Got the disks today! Oh my gawd, they are awesome! Thank you so much, I'll be ordering more soon! I will definitly be sending your address to a lot of my mst3k obsessed pals! Thanks again!
- Pete S.

I got my DVDs the Sat after your last email. Couldn't email back because I was busy watching them nonstop! I am extremely pleased with the quality. I'm currently going over your list again for my next (very soon) order. They are so cool! Thank you, thank you!
- Trisha H.

The episodes arrived yesterday, great job! I've checked out a few handfuls to make sure they play, and have watched a few episodes in their entirity...the quality is really great. I may want to upgrade more of my so-so episodes... particulary from seasons one and two. Thanks again so much for having the best MST3K library in the world!
- Bill K.

Thanks for your efforts---these DVDs have been wonderful to date.
- Jeff V.

Thanks so much for the high quality DVDs! I ordered the complete set of season 7, and they're wonderful! I'm recommending you to my friends, and I certainly plan to order more. Feel free to use my testimonial. I'm very impressed by the level of quality, and I thank you for the laughs!
- Meredith M.

Great job on the DVD'ing of your tapes... The general quality in all the discs is again absolutely excellent... If I would like a complete set of season one and season four on DVDs, what would that run me? I can't wait until you get KTMA and Season 5 are done so I can order some more!
- Steve F.

Thank you for including #309 along with #701. As usual, top-notch quality, and the Turkey Day segments were a riot!! Hope to do business again ... I feel like ....a happy king!
- Jeremy R.

Coming back for the 3rd or 4th time now...
- Alain G.

I got my MST3K tapes last week. They look great - thanks! I'm going to give you a glowing recommendation... and will contact you for trading for more tapes in the near future!
- Tristan S.

Received the tapes yesterday. EXCELLENT!! Thanks so much. If I decide to get more I will let you know.
- Kerry S.

I got the DVDs,Thanks! The quality is very good. Lee did a great job on the transfer. The movie posters at the beginning are a very nice touch! I liked them so much I have sent you two more items from your wish list.
- Rumaldo H.

I got my season 1 disks yesterday and watched the first one. Thank you so much! The quality is excellent and I really appreciate all the help you gave me in placing my order. I will definitely be ordering more disks from you as my budget allows. I am so impressed by all the work you put into making these disks. You did a fantastic job!
- Kim A.

I received the three DVDs yesterday. They seem to be excellent quality. Thank-you!
- Dale F.

The DVD+Rs arrived yesterday! Excellent! We watched the crawling eye and it was awesome! Thanks so much! Once we get through this stack of shows I'll definately be contacting you to fill in several holes in my collection! Soon I too will be able to understand all of the obscure references to previous experiments! Thanks again!
- Glenn B.

Got the DVDs I bought from you on Monday and must say I was quite impressed. Looking to buy a few more...
- Scott F.

I recieved the first 50 discs... Thanks SO MUCH! They are awesome!!!
- Jessica W.

Not only is the quality spectacular but Michael's service is top-notch. He's a true super patriot. Thank you!
- Jason M.

I recieved the tapes today and I do admit, they're VERY good. Thank you for including the special features. I particuarly enjoy the CC era commercials. I very well may try to get some upgrades out of you.
- Andre W.

I got the discs today and they are truly awesome....the best fan-copies I personally have ever seen. It is clear that you have put a lot of effort into this endeavor! Thanks especially for the free one, that was really nice of you considering they still arrived within the shipping window stated on your website. I will definitely be ordering again-- within the next week, in fact.
- Anne N.

I was very impressed by the dvds, but I`m sure you get that alot. I`ve been a mst3k fan since 95` and I`ve never tape traded before, so I figure I`ll spoil my self with these dvds now.
- John T.

Recieved episodes very well done!! The DVDs are very professional. I would like to get some more.
- Dave M.

Season 4 is great, I got them this morning and am watching them now. That is the fastest I have ever got them before so I want to keep it going.
- Christopher O.

This guy sells FUN & LAUGHS!!! Great quality, SUPER customer service, I went to the right person for my collection. I couldn't be happier with Michael and the dvds! Great to do business with
- Debra

Hey, I just wanted to say thank you so much for the Season Ten MST DVDs. Not only were they of great audio and visual quality, but they also arrived about three weeks quicker than I had planned! Thanks so much for your great service and fabulous product! I will certainly be ordering from you again as soon as I can!
- Emily B.

Fast service, always in touch, and went out of the way to make me satisfied with my purchase. A true hero for all MSTies to look up to, for sure! Order arrivied two days after I was notified of shipment, and the work put into them was amazing. 5 stars!
- Joseph G.

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