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Total Set of All Other MST3K-Related Videos (M4V / MP4 Format)

Total Set of All Other MST3K-Related Videos (M4V / MP4 Format)
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This set includes all video specials and rarities offered here that are related to MST3K, but in a digital format suitable for playback on nearly any portable device.

These come to you on your choice of data DVDs (several specials per disc) or on a USB 3.0 thumb drive, in the M4V format. This means they can be played by just about any portable device out there that supports the .M4V extension. If your device only supports MP4, no problem! MP4 and M4V are the exact same file codec (MPEG-4 AVC H.264), just with different letters at the end of their name. If you want MP4, it's as simple as renaming the file.

A partial list of devices upon which you can now watch MST3K rarities:
Android, iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch, iTunes, AppleTV, XBMC Media Center, Windows Phone, Just about every video viewer on any computer anywhere on any planet.

The video quality is very close to the DVD versions, but because of the additional compression involved in making these files, they aren't really intended for viewing on large screens, such as that 150-inch behemoth you have in your den. We recommend our standard DVDs for home theater playback.

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This HUGE collection includes the following (please see the individual listings for details on each):

  • Cast Interviews and Appearances I: The Joel Years
  • Cast Interviews and Appearances II: The Mike Comedy Central Years
  • Cast Interviews and Appearances III: The Mike SciFi Years
  • Joel Hodgson: Comic, Magician, Spy
  • MST3K Alive! 1992
  • MST3K: The Movie Extras
  • MST3K: The Movie Press Kit
  • Mystery Science Cheddar
  • Saturday Night Joel
  • Collected Commercial Clips
  • Tom Servo's Favorite Host Segments
  • MST3K Hour Jack Perkins Host Segments
  • Invention Exchanges
  • Poopie Promo Party Parade of Turkey Ween
  • Scrapbook, The
  • Turkey Day Host Segments & Bumpers
  • 1992 ChicagoCon Q&A and Mitchell Q&A
  • 1992 StarCon Q&A Panel
  • 1994 ConventioCon - 6 Disc Set!
  • 1995 DragonCon Q&A Panel
  • 1996 ConventioCon - 5 Disc Set!
  • 1998 Exoticon
  • 2000 GatewayCon - 3 Disc Set!
  • 2002 DragonCon - 2 Disc Set!
  • BBI Tour: The Last Waltz
  • This is MST3K and The Making of MST3K
  • MST3K Shorts: Volume 1 (+1)
  • MST3K Shorts: Volume 2
  • MST3K Shorts: Volume 3
  • MST3K Shorts: Mr B's Lost Shorts (+1)
  • MST3K Shorts: Commando Cody - Radar Men From the Moon
  • MST3K Shorts: The Undersea Phantom Hospital Serial Collection
  • MST3K Shorts: Assignment: Venezuela
  • MST3K Summer Blockbuster Reviews and Gold Statue Robots Choice Award Special
  • The Home Game: Day the World Ended (both showings)
  • Host Segment Rehearsals, Outtakes & Final Wraps
  • Poopie I
  • Poopie II
  • Theater Rough Cut of 0503 - Swamp Diamonds
  • Theater Rough Cut of 0505 - Magic Voyage of Sinbad
  • Theater Rough Cut of 1010 - It Lives By Night
  • Theater Rough Cut of 1012 - Squirm
  • Theater Rough Cut of 1013 - Diabolik
  • Attack of the Killer B Movies (Frank)
  • Film Crew on Starz (Kevin, Mike, Bill)
  • People Traps (Trace)
  • Stand-Up Confidential (Joel)
  • TV Wheel and Statical Planets (Joel)

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