OTR – Old Time Radio Shows Complete List

Over 80,000 Old Time Radio Shows available for download, or on disc and thumb drive!

This list represents over 420Gb of all known recordings of these great shows from the ’30s through the ’60s, including 270+ scanned radio show scripts on PDF, 150+ radio commercials, 180+ World War II posters, and much more! If there’s anything you are looking for that’s not listed, let us know. We probably have it!

We are also now offering you our entire OTR collection! You will receive these files on brand new USB thumb drives, stuffed with the Largest and Most Complete Collection of Old Time Radio we have found!

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A Date with Judy Challenge of the Yukon Game Shows Lawless Twenties Pete Kelly’s Blues 21st Precinct
A Day in the Life of Day California Melodies Gangbusters Leave it to the Girls Peter Marshall Sermons That Strong Guy
A Day of Victory Chamber Music Society G.I. Jive Leo on the Air Phantom Pirate 2000 Plus
A Man Called X Chandu The Magician Globe Theater Les Paul and Mary Ford Perry Mason Tarzan
Abbott and Costello Charity Ends at Home Glamour Girl Les Paul Show Phantom Spoilers Tarzan of the Apes
ABC Mystery Theater Charlie McCarthy Show Glen Gray Life With Luigi Phil Harris Too Hot for Radio
ABC Mystery Time Chase and Sanborn Show G.I. Journal Life of Riley Philo Vance Tailspin Tommy
Abroad With the Lockharts Chesterfield Chicago Theater of the Air George Formby Let George Do It Phyl Coe Mysteries Tales of Mystery and Imagination
Academy Award Theater Churchill, Winston Garry Moore Life in your Hands Police Blotter Take It From Here
Ace Williams Civil War, Firsthand Account Gasoline Alley Let’s Pretend Police Headquarters Tales from the Tomb
Action Collection Chevy Program George Bruce Air Stories Life With the Lyons Police Recorder 1030 Theater
Ada Jones Cisco Kid Gene Autry Listen to Grandma Popeye Tales of the Foreign Service
Adventure of the Seahound Classic Baseball Broadcasts Gene Krupa Lightening Jim U.S. Marshall Portia Tales of the Texas Rangers
Adventure Theater Chesterfield Supper Club General Mills Radio Adventure Theater Lineup Portrait of a Spy Tales of Tomorrow
Adventures of Danny Marsdon Cisco Kid, The Golden Age of Music Lum and Abner Price of Fear Tangmar, Passage of the
Adventures By Morse Chicago Theater Good News Louvin Brothers Prince Valiant Teddy Wilson
Adventures in Research Chief Grey Wolf GM Theater Little Orphan Annie Private Files of Rex Saunders Teller of Hawaiian Tales
Adventures of Babe Ruth Chick Carter Boy Detective Great Gildersleeve Lonesome Gal Proudly We Hail Temple of the Vampires
Adventures of Frank Merriwell Cinnamon Bear Golden Memories of Radio Louis Armstrong Public Service Tennessee Jed Sloan
Adventures of Frank Race Christmas Show Collection Goldbergs Louis Jordan Pursuit Tales of the Sea
Adventures of Horatio Hornblower Christopher London Gracie Fields Life of Mary Southern Perry Como The American Weekly
Adventures of Maisie Christmas Seal Show Green Valley Line Lucille Ball Collection Quick as a Flash Texaco Theater
Adventures of Major Keen Cloak and Dagger Green Lama Last of the Mohicans Quiet Please The Chase
Adventures of Philip Marlowe Clyde Beatty Grand Marquee Laugh Club Quiz Kids The Clock
Adventures of Sam Spade Comic Strip Heroes I Groucho Marx Christmas Louis Lamour Radio Bloopers The Clutching Hand
Adventures of Rin Tin Tin Couple Next Door Guest Star Radio Lights Out Radio News of JFK Assassination The Bullock’s Show
Afloat With Henry Morgan Crime and Peter Chambers Gus Gray Special Correspondent Ma Perkins Radio Novel The Big Guy
Afraid of the Dark Country Music Classics Guy Lombardo Macabre Rate Your Mate The Eisenhower Years
Afternoon Theater Coca Cola Show Greatest Story Ever Told Mae West Rajput, Indian Secret Service The Bickersons
Agatha Christie Columbia Workshop Great Radio Classics Majestic Master of Mystery Radio City Playhouse The Fairy Tale Parodies
Amazing Mr Malone Commercials Great Moments in Sports Magic Island Raymond Chandler The Goldbergs
Aliens in the Mind Confessions Great Football Games Magic Key Ray Noble The Falcon
Air Adventures of Jimmie Allen Count of Monte Cristo Green Hornet Mail Call Radio Reader’s Digest The Fat Man
Al Jolson Show Corsican Brothers Gunsmoke Man Behind the Gun Radio, But not Radio The Best of Gameshows
Al Pearce from Hollywood Command Performance Grand Ol’ Opry Man From Homicide Ragtime to Rock and Roll Texaco Town
Al Read Comic Strip Heroes II Glenn Miller Mandrake the Magician Railroad Hour That Hammer Guy
Alan Young Show Diamond of Asher Hall of Fantasy Manhunt Ranger Bill This is Your FBI
Aldrich Family Dad’s Army Hallmark Playhouse Map that Changed the World Rare Episodes This Was Radio
All Star Western Theater Damon Runyon theater Hal kemp Orchestra March of Time Rare Music Tracks The Front Page Drama
Amos & Andy Dan Dare, Pilot of the Future Halloween Programs Marco Polo Ray Bradbury Collection The Goon Show
Archie Andrews Danger Dr. Danfield Halls of Ivy Mark Trail Readers Digest Edition The Greatest of These
Anne of the Airlanes Danger With Granger Hank Williams Mark Twain Ronald Reagan Archive The Guiding Light
Arthur Godfrey Dangerous Assignment Harold Peary Marriage Rebecca The Happy Gang
American Theater Dangerously Yours Harper Rumor Detective Martin and Lewis Red Book Drama The Heartbeat Theater
American Trail Daniel Boone Indian Scout Harry James Marx Brothers Red Foley The McCoy
Andrews Sisters Danny Kaye Show Have Gun Will Travel Mary Noble Red Ryder and more The Queen’s Men RCMP
Andy Griffith Dark Destiny Hashknife Hartley & Sleepy Stevens Matinee Performance Remote Music The Skippy Hollywood Theater
Arch Oboler Plays DarK Fantasy Haunting Hour Matinee Theater Red Skelton The National Barn Dance
Arthur Conan Doyle Dark Shadows Hawaii Calls Mayor of the Town Request Performance The Ink Spots
Artie Shaw Darkness Hawaiian Tales Meet Millie Results Inc The Invisible Man
Author’s Playhouse Date With a Duke, A Hawk Durango Meet the Meeks Richard Diamond, Private Detective The Joe E. Brown Show
Avengers Dave Harding Counter Spy Hawk Larabee Mel Blanc Rick O’Shea The Johnson’s Wax Program
Avenger, The David Harum Head Hunters Maxwell Coffee Time Rip Lawson Adventure The Life of Mary Southern
Alka Seltzer Time Deadline Mystery Heartbeat Hollywood Mert and Marge Ripleys The Man Called X
American Review Death Valley Days Hearthstone of the Death Squad Moments in Time Road to Danger The Judge
American Weekly December 7 1941 Broadcast Day Hedda Hopper’s Hollywood Mr District Attorney Robert Louis Stevenson The Line-Up
Avalon Time Dark Island Helen Kane Mr. Moto Rochester Van Jones The Planet Man
Adventures of Fu Manchu Deer Slayer Henry Hall Mr. Ace and Jane Rocky Fortune The Return of Roxor
Best Plays Delmore Brothers Herbert Armstrong Sermons Murder Clinic Roger Kilgore, Public Defender The Shadow
Bergen & McCarthy Show Democracy in America Hermit’s Cave Mr. Chameleon Rogers of the Gazette The Third Man
Believe It Or Not Dennis Day Show Hidden Truth Mr. and Mrs. Blandings Romance of Helen Trent The Whisperer
Bennie Moten Devil and Mrs O, The High Window Moon Mullins Ronny Mansfield The Ramblers
Bell Telephone Hour Diamond Dramas High Adventure Moon over Africa Rod Serling Zero Hour The Whistler
Beat The Band December Bride Highway Patrol Moon River Rogues Gallery Texas Tyler
Behind the Story Diary of Fate Hillbilly Boys, The Moonlight Serenade Romance of the Ranchos That’s Rich
Battle Stations Dick Barton Special Agent History Year by Year Michael Shayne Royal Crown Cola Show The FBI in War and Peace
Backstage Wife Dick Cole Hollywood Barn Dance Mission to Montabania Rudy Vallee The World’s Best
Barry Craig Confidential Investigator Dickens Radio Plays Hollywood Star Playhouse Misadventures of Si and Elmer Studio 1 The WWII Retro
Baby Snooks Dimes for Invasion Hollywood Star Time Miscellaneous Old Time Music Sad Sack Theater of Famous Radio Players
Beulah Show Doc Savage Hollywood Theater Group Molle Mystery Theater San Francisco Final Theater of Romance
Best Sports Stories Dick Tracy Hollywood Spotlight Miss Pinkerton, Inc Saint, The Thin Man
Jack Benny Dimension X Homage to George Gershwin Missing Masters Science Magazine of the Air This Is My Best
Best Radio Plays Dinah Shore Homicide Miss Sherlock Schooner Conquest This is War
Betty Witherspoon Show Dizzy Dean Show Honest Harold Mickey Mouse Scattergood Baines Three for Adventure
Beyond Our Ken Doctor at Large Hoofers Midnight Scarlet Pimpernel T Man
Beyond Tomorrow Don Gray Hop Harrigan Milton Berle Says Who Tokyo Rose
Bill Stern’s Sports Reel Don McNeal Hopalong Cassidy Mirror Satellite Seven Tom Mix
Big Band Music Don Winslow of the Navy Horizons West Mr. President Sarah Vaughan Tom Corbett Space Cadet
Black Book Dr. Christian Hour of Mystery Murder by Experts Sam and Henry Tommy and Jimmy Dorsey
Black Castle Dr. Fights House Detective Becker Mutual Radio Theater Studio of Justice Top Notchers
Black Flame of the Amazon Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde House of Mystery Music and the Muse Sam Spade Topper
Black Mass Dr. Kildare House of Secrets Music Depreciation Screen Director’s Playhouse Treasury Star Parade
Black Chapel Dr. Morelle House of Squibb Murder Must Advertise Screen Guild Theater Treasury Star Salute
Birdseye Open House Dr. Tim Howdy Doody Murder of Quality Sea Hound Ahoy Troman Harper
Big Big Space Dracula Collection Human Adventure Murder Will Out Seal of the Don True Detective Mystery
Big City Eyes Dragnet Humphrey Bogart Murder At Midnight Sears Radio Theater Twenty Questions
Big Jon and Sparkie Dramas of the Courts Inner Sanctum My Little Margie Secret Agent K7 Returns Theatrical Poster Collection
Big Show, The Duffy’s Tavern International Incident My Lucky Break Secret Mission Unexpected, The
Big Fun Show Duke Ellington I Fly Anything Mysterious Traveler Secrets of Scotland Yard Unsolved Mysteries
Big Sister Durante, Jimmy I Love Adventure Mr. Keene, Tracer of Lost Persons Strange as it Seems U.S. Steel Hour of Mystery
Big Town Dossier on Dumetrius I Sustain the Wings My Favorite Husband Serenade in Blue US Postal Inspector
Bill Ring Show Edgar Allan Poe Radi Plays I Was a Communist for the FBI My Friend Irma Shadow of the Pharaoh Very Early Radio
Billie Holliday Ed Wynn Fire Chief I Love a Mystery Mystery Clips Sgt. Preston of the Yukon VFW Golden Jubilee Show
Bing Crosby Eddie Cantor It pays to be Ignorant Mystery House Sealed Book Vic and Sade
Black Museum Ellery Queen Adventures It’s a Crime Mr. Collins Mystery In The Air Sherlock Holmes Collection Victor Borge Collection
Blackstone the Magic Detective Easy Aces ILAM Battle of the Century Mystery Is My Hobby Shepherd Fields Orchestra Voice of the Army
Blair of the Mounties Eddie Bracken In the Name of the Law Narcotics Intelligence Bureau SF68 Vote for Gracie
Mel Blanc’s Fix It Shop Educating Archie Incredible, But True Nash Kelvinator Sky King Voices from History
Bleak House Edwards Ol Music I Love Lucy Nat King Cole Six Shooter Voyage of the Scarlet Queen
Blondie and Dagwood Eisenhower Years, the Information Please Nelson Olmstead’s Short Stories Shorty Bell Boy Reporter Various Comic Strip shows
Bloopers and Miscues Ella Fitzgerald Intrigue Nero Wolfe Si and Elmer Vincent Price Collection
Blue Beetle Elmer Davis Irma Meets Jane Nate Gross Show Sinbad the Sailor Wax Cylinder Recordings
Blue Ribbon Town Emergency Funds Appeal Islands of Adventure and Mystery Nazi Stuff Silent Men World’s Greatest Short Stories
Bob and Ray Encore Theater It Pays to be Married NBC Short Stories Sinatra Tribute Wake-Up Ranch
Bob Burns An American in England Inspirational Sermons NBC University Theater Shriner’s Special Wanted
Bob Hope Show Epic Casebook Jimmie Edmondson Show Nebbs Showtime War of the Worlds
Bobby Benson Escape Jimmy Fiddler Show New Testament NAS Bible Sleepy Joe Wartime News
Humphrey Bogart
Ethel and Albert Jo Stafford New World Silver Eagle We Are Americans
Bold Venture Europe Confidential Joe and Mabel New World A’ Comin’ Silver Theater Webb, Jack Collection
Boomerang European War Johnny Lee Wills 151 Old Time Radio Commercials Slade, Matthew Western Stars
Border Patrol Everyman’s Theater Johnson Wax Show Nick Carter Shell Chateau What’s On The Air – Dec 1929
Boris Karloff Everything for the Boys Jolson and Cantor Night Beat Smiley Burnett Show What If
Boxing Exploring Tomorrow John Steele, Adventurer Night Editor Smilen’ Ed’s Buster Brown Gang Wings of the Navy
Bozo and Friends Fairy Tales Johnny Fletcher Mysteries Night of the Living Dead Smilen’ Jack World Adventure Club
Breaking Point Falcon, the Joe Reichman Night Surgeon Smiths of Hollywood WJSV
Brighter Day Family Doctor Joe Palooka Night Watch Smokey the Bear Will Rogers
Brownstone Theater Family Quiz Joe Penner Show Nightmare Somebody Knows Will Rogers Jr
Buck Rogers Famous Jury Trials Jack Carson Norman Corwin Song of WWII Whitehall 1212
Buddy Rich Fat Man, The Jergen’s Journal Norman Corwin’s WWII Soap Operas Wendall Hall
Bulldog Drummond Father Brown Jerry at Fair Oaks NY World’s Fair 1939-1940 Spy Catcher Weird Circle
Box 13 Father Knows Best Jerry of the Circus O’Hara Speed Gibson Wayside Theater
Bob Bailey Federal Agent Jerry Browning Old Tales and New Straight Arrow Wartime Adventures
Breakfast in Hollywood Fighting AAF Jack Paar One Out of Seven Story of Mary Marlin WC Fields
Broadway is my Beat First Nighter Program Jungle Jim Only if it’s Fatal Steve Canyon WC Fields Uncensored
Big Story Flash Gordon Jeff Regan Orson Wells Collection Space Patrol World of Adventure
Boston Blackie Family Theater Jack Armstrong – All American Boy Old Gold Comedy Theater Spike Jones Words At War
Bunco Squad FBI Collection Jean Shepherd Old West Drama Sound Off WWII Entertainment and News
Burl Ives Fire Chief John Fitzgerald Kennedy Omar Wizard of Persia Sleep No More WWII Newsreel
Burns and Allen Fires of Tohr Judy Canova On the Front Page Soldiers of the Press WSJV Complete Broadcast Day
Buster Brown Francis Langford Show Journey Into Space One Man’s Family Songs 1900-1932 WWII Promos and Commercials
Behind the Scenes Frank and Archie Jack Benny Order in the Court Songs 1933-1940 WW II The Homefront
CE Tunes Franklin D Roosevelt Jonathan Brixton, Attorney at large Origin of Superstition Spooky Stories WWII Retro
Cab Calloway Frank Merriwell Jonathan Thomas Our Miss Brooks Sports Newsreel WWII Wartime News and Music
Cabin 13 Fibber McGee and Molly Justice Triumphs Ozzie and Harriet Sport Stories Anthologies When a Girl Marries
Call the Police Fire Fighters Jimmy Durante Show Official Detective Sports Thrills When Housewives Had the Choice
Calling All Cars Frankenstein Kay Fairchild Old Tales Stan Freberg Show Wild Bill Hickok
Calling All Detectives Five Minute Mysteries Kay Kyser Show Operation Danger Stand By For Crime Will Hay
Calvin and the Colonel Fred Astaire Kitty Keane Orson Wells Collection Starr of Space Wilson Nesbitt Summer Show
Camel Carqavan Friendly Fire Footnotes Kemtone, Dunninger Mindreader Out Deep Strange Adventures Winston Churchill
Campbell Playhouse Front Line King Kong Out of the Night Strange As It Seems Witches Tales
Can You Top This Front page Farrell King of the Royal Mounties Ovaltine Kids Show Strange Romance WLS Barn Dance
Candy Matson Yukon 28209 Ford Show King Solomon’s Mines P.G. Wodehouse Strange Wills Works Progress Administration
Captain Midnight Ford V8 Review Kingsmen, The Pabst Blue Ribbon Town Strange Dr Weird World of Rosalind Karlowe
Carling Country Fred and Maggie Kollege of Musical Knowlege Pacific Powerland Stella Davis World War II Poster Collection
Carolyn Day Detective Fred Allen Show Kraft Music Hall Palace Personality Strollin’ Tom World’s Greatest Short Stories
Carter Brown Mysteries Frankie Lane Kraft Program Palmolive Beauty Box Theater Swing Into Action Walter Winchell
Casebook of Gregory Hood Fred Waring Show Kathy and Elliott Lewis on Stage Pat Novak for Hire Superman X Minus One
Casey Crime Photographer Fort Laramie Kate Smith Pat O’Daniel Hillbilly Boys Stroke of Fate You Are The Jury
Cavalcade of America Freedom USA Lux Radio Theater Patti Page Suspense You Bet Your Life
Cavalcade of Kings From The Acetate Desk Lone Ranger Paul Whitman Suspicion and Superstition You Are There
CBS Forcast Frontier Fighters Lone Ranger, more Pearl Harbor Day Swing Time Young Widder Brown
CBS Radio Adventure Theater Frontier Gentleman Lady in Blue Peggy Lee Studio One Your Army Air Force
Celebrity Club Frontier Town Lanza, Mario People Are Funny   Yours Truly Johnny Dollar
Charlie Chan Future Tense LaRosa Hollywood Theater of Stars Pepper Young’s Family   Yankee Yarns
Chase, The Front Page Drama Lassie Peril   Yiddish Radio Programs
          Year by Year Top Stories

Old Time Radio (OTR) Special Order
ALL titles above are currently available, even if they don’t have a store entry yet. If the title listed above does not have a live link yet, simply submit this form with the title(s) you would like and we will create those store entries AND give you a 30% off coupon for those items! We will then contact you when the store is updated and your order is ready to be placed.

From Wikipedia: The Golden Age of Radio, also known as the old-time radio (OTR) era, was an era of radio programming in the United States during which radio was the dominant electronic home entertainment medium. It began with the birth of commercial radio broadcasting in the early 1920s and lasted through the 1950s, when television gradually superseded radio as the medium of choice for scripted programming, variety and dramatic shows.

Radio was the first broadcast medium, and people regularly tuned-in to their favorite radio programs, and families gathered to listen to the home radio in the evening. According to a 1947 C. E. Hooper survey, 82 out of 100 Americans were found to be radio listeners. A variety of new entertainment formats and genres were created for the new medium, many of which later migrated to television: radio plays, mystery serials, soap operas, quiz shows, talent shows, daytime and evening variety hours, situation comedies, play-by-play sports, children’s shows, cooking shows, and more.