Individual MST3K Episodes

If you’re looking for a few specific episodes to complete your MST3K collection, this is the place! If you aren’t sure what season the episode is in, use the spiffy search box at the top of the store.

  • Season 0 (KTMA)

    Season 0 (KTMA) (19)

    KTMA-TV (1988–89)
    Joel and his robot pals have to contend with their new lot in life: tormented by the evil Drs. Forrester and Erhardt.
  • Season 1

    Season 1 (25)

    Comedy Channel (1989–90)
    Still stuck in space, Joel and the bots are tortured by the evil Drs. Forrester and Erhardt, but from much fancier digs now.
  • Season 2

    Season 2 (20)

    Comedy Channel (1990–91)
    Dr. Erhardt is gone, but his replacement, TV's Frank, who along with Dr. Forrester, continues to torment Joel and the bots. Tom Servo gets a new voice upgrade.
  • Season 3

    Season 3 (38)

    Comedy Central (1991–92)
    Joel and the bots settle into their inevitable torment, but the jokes come fast and furious, saving their sanity.
  • Season 4

    Season 4 (37)

    Comedy Central (1992–93)
    Joel and the bots continue to keep their wits by watching cheesy movies and making us laugh along with them.
  • Season 5

    Season 5 (41)

    Comedy Central (1993–94)
    Something wonderful happens to Joel and the bots meet their new human, Mike.
  • Season 6

    Season 6 (28)

    Comedy Central (1994–95)
    Mike demonstrates to the bots that he's up for the challenge of watching bad movies.
  • Season 7

    Season 7 (8)

    Comedy Central (1995–96)
    Mike and the bots mourn Frank's departure and are unsure about how Dr. Forrester and his mom, Pearl, are going to run things now.
  • Season 8

    Season 8 (26)

    Sci-Fi Channel (1997)
    Dr. Forrester has departed, but his evil mother, Pearl, and her less-than-useful minions, Professor Bobo and Observer (aka "Brain Guy") inflict a whole new level of pain on Mike and the bots from their new home. Meanwhile, Crow seems a little different.
  • Season 9

    Season 9 (16)

    Sci-Fi Channel (1998)
    Pearl, Bobo, and Brain Guy chase Mike and the bots across the universe, meeting (and destroying) various civilizations on the way.
  • Season 10

    Season 10 (22)

    Sci-Fi Channel (1999)
    Mike and the bots continue to be tormented by Pearl, Bobo, and Brain Guy through space, as they are forced to endure cheesy movies until the final scary, horrifying, frightening, and rather comfortable end.
  • MST3K: The Movie

    MST3K: The Movie (3)

    (1996) Every year, Hollywood makes thousands of movies. This is one of them. On the Big Screen with big Hollywood budgets and bigger Holywood issues, Mike and the Bots target "This Island Earth", a 1950s sci-fi opus.
  • Any 10 - 25 - 50 MST3K Episodes

    Any 10 - 25 - 50 MST3K Episodes (3)

    Choose your own episode multi-pack

  • Misprints and Rejects

    Misprints and Rejects (1)

    If you’re not fussy about what the discs look like on the outside and you are only interested in the great quality content.