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Movie Plot: The Japanese monsters Godzilla and Megalon fight each other.

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Movie Plot: The Japanese monsters Godzilla and Megalon fight each other.

Intro: The crew puts on a 60-minutes-type show.
Segment One: The crew celebrates Halloween. In Deep 13, Dr. Forrester dresses up as a foosball goalie and Frank as a Geordi LaForge.
Segment Two: The ‘bots argue about who has a more powerfull monster.
Segment Three: The crew shows a montage of this movie’s hero: Rex dart.
Segment Four: Servo and Crow put on a weird play about Orville Redenbacher.
Segment Five: Joel gives Crow and servo new arms. Frank gets angry at his Mario Bros. video game.
Stinger: Godzilla takes the plunge.

b: 19-Jan-1991

d: Jim Mallon

NOTE: Joel used to mention Godzilla vs. Megalon in his comedy act. Most of the Halloween costumes are taken from Joel’s standup comedy act.

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10 reviews for 212 – GODZILLA VS. MEGALON

  1. matt kuper

    “Godzilla vs. Megalon is the first of the Godzilla movies that MST does. It’s funny in the riffing and host segments are pretty good.

  2. Shaun Keating

    “Audio : Great !!!! A -. Video : Super !!!!! A- . This is one of the funniest MST3K’s of all time!!!!!!!! ( Funny sketches + jokes on the movie ).

  3. Lyle Richardson

    “One of the all-time great episodes from the Joel years, indeed one of the best in series history. The riffing during the fight scenes between Godzilla and the other monsters in the film’s climax is razor-sharp. Also contains the classic sketches ‘Oliver Popcorn’ and ‘Rex Dart, Eskimo Spy’, plus the hilarious ‘Jet Jaguar Fight Song’. An excellent episode to initiate new MSTies.

  4. Ian Forrest

    “I’am a big MSTK fan and i want to be the first to say this…Godzilla vs. Megalon is not as funny as everyone makes it out to be. Sure it has a couple good moments but its definetly not top 10. I’ll give it a three out of five just cause a couple of lines in there were really funny but in all it was a mediocre episode.

  5. Gary West

    “I’m amazed by the quality of this video. Hard to believe this was first shown almost 17 years ago. The picture quality almost rivals Rhino’s commercial releases. No doubt this was first taped on a vcr but i wonder how the picture quality is so good? These discs are definately worth the money.

  6. Rob Kapolka

    “This is a fantastic episode! Very funny, especially when coming from MST3K’s earlier days. Additionally, the quality is extravagant ( a rip from the OOP Rhino disc?).

  7. Luke Atkinson

    “Video and Audio – A+! Really funny episode. Loved the hilarious riffs, espically the Jet Jaguar theme song translation.

  8. Chris Rotondo

    “Excellent quality, especially for something that was transfered from an old tape!

  9. Colin Auld

    “One of the few MST episodes I had never seen – and thanks to Michael and cheepnis.com, I can now die happy! Unbelieveable quality picture and audio (A+++), classic riffs, etc. If you’re missing this title in your MST3K library, get it NOW! Also, make sure to purchase the disc graphics upgrade for this title – makes it totally perfect!!!

  10. Ray Garcia

    “Very funny episode!Audio and Video is fantastic and well encoded, almost as good as the official releases! Major kudos to you guys here at Cheesyflix. Chapters are placed at places consistent with official releases. Definitley buying again from y’all:)

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