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Movie Plot: A bunch of teenagers in a small town grow to be a huge size.

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Movie Plot: A bunch of teenagers in a small town grow to be a huge size.

On the SOL: The crew does some exercising / Mike makes juice out of anything / the crew sings a tribute to TV’s Frank (and probably Zappa).

In Deep 13: Dr. Forrester lays Frank off / Frank asks the SOL for a job interview so he can lie to unemployment / Torgo injures Dr. Forrester so Frank can get re-hired.

b: 22-Jan-1994

gs: Michael J. Nelson (Torgo)
w: David Sussman
d: Kevin Murphy

NOTE: Instead of the usual stinger, they had a brief tribute to composer Frank Zappa: A picture of Zappa with ‘In Memory of’ and birth/death dates. Here is a complete list of all Zappa references in MST3K episodes. Here is more info about the MST3K-Zappa connection.

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4 reviews for 523 – VILLAGE OF THE GIANTS

  1. Brooke Potter

    “Excellent picture & sound quality! Great episode! A+

  2. Lyle Richardson

    “More like ‘Village of the Idiots’! Another lousy Bert I. Gordon film rendered into hilarious, easy to watch fun by Mike and the Bots. Heck, it was funny watching a 12-year-old Ron Howard as ‘genius’ and a teenage Beau Bridges traipsing through this turd of a film. You can bet neither looks back on this stinkburger with any fondness.

  3. Andrew Clark

    “Ridiculous movie (you’ll want to roll up a newspaper and smack the cast), hilarious commentary, total fun.

  4. Daniel Steuber

    “Good episode, but holy crap what an annoying and completely terrible cast. Should be titled ‘A bunch of Giants that no one is shocked by’… Terrible movie, but Mike and the bots make it tolerable

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