By the Devil’s Hands: The 666 Killer (2009)


The 666 Killer kills 6 victims over 6 days, 6 ways to die… and unfortunately, Jamie Anderson has been chosen as victim #6.

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Jamie Anderson has been dealing with terrible nightmares, and they are getting worse… they are becoming real. Not knowing if she is losing her mind or being tormented by some unknown force, she struggles to deal with the growing fear that something bad is going to happen. As she tries to hold on to what is left of her shattered psyche, the 666 Killer makes his move, choosing Jamie to be his sixth victim in his latest killing spree. Jamie begins to unravel as the 666 Killer takes control, tormenting her day and night, leaving her in constant fear. As the nightmares continue, Jamie loses all sense of reality. Finding comfort in a friend, she mistakenly puts him between her and the Killer. Soon she discovers that her worst nightmare is real as she comes face to face with the 666 Killer. 6 victims over 6 days and 6 ways to die.

Stars: Susana Gibb, Reece Rios, Arianne Martin

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