Comedy Shorts: Early Charlie Chaplin (Silent 1914-19) (10 DVDs or USB Drive)


A huge 10-disc set of comedy shorts and features made during the first five years of Charlie Chaplin’s screen career, while he was at Keystone Studios.

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A huge 10-disc set of comedy shorts and features made during the first five years of Charlie Chaplin’s screen career, while he was at Keystone Studios. Highlights include little Jackie Coogan in a short called “A Day’s Pleasure.” In “Kid Auto Races at Venice,” Charlie is seen for the first time in hobo rags, although he is not yet playing his famous “Little Tramp” character.

This extensive collection also includes “The Immigrant,” one of C.C.’s famous early films. “The Bond” is a 5-minute short Chaplin made in 1918 to promote War Bonds, and another WWI related item, “Shoulder Arms,” has Charlie’s half-brother appearing in a dual-role: as a sergeant and as the Kaiser. Finally, a unique and daring film is “One A.M.” Chaplin is all alone here, except for a brief appearance of a taxi driver at the movie’s outset. It’s a tour-de-force performance that only this master funnyman could pull off.

Also included is a TV documentary narrated by Burgess Meredith. Included is Chaplin’s first full-length movie (it was also his last work at Keystone) and is reconstructed from the short “Police” and a reel of material the studio edited out in order to create “Police.”

Shorts included in this set:

  • The Adventurer (silent-1917) – Charlie Chaplin/Edna Purviance/Eric Campbell
  • The Bank (silent-1915) – Charlie Chaplin/Edna Purviance/Carl Stockdale
  • Behind The Screen (silent-1916) – Charlie Chaplin/Eric Campbell/Edna Purviance
  • Between Showers (silent-1914) – Charlie Chaplin/Ford Sterling/Chester Conklin
  • The Bond (silent-1918) – Charlie Chaplin/Edna Purviance/Syd Chaplin
  • Burlesque On Carmen (silent-1916) – Charlie Chaplin/Edna Purviance/Ben Turpin
  • A Busy Day (silent-1914) – Charlie Chaplin/Mack Swain (uncredited actors: Billy Gilbert/Mack Sennett)
  • By The Sea (silent-1915) – Charlie Chaplin/Billy Armstrong/Edna Purviance
  • Caught In A Cabaret (silent-1014) – Charlie Chaplin/Mabel Normand/Chester Conklin/Edgar Kennedy
  • The Champion (silent-1915) – Charlie Chaplin/Edna Purviance/Ben Turpin (minor role)
  • The Count (silent-1916) – Charlie Chaplin/Eric Campbell/Edna Purviance
  • The Cure (silent-1917) – Charlie Chaplin/Edna Purviance/Eric Campbell
  • A Day’s Pleasure (silent-1919) – Charlie Chaplin/Edna Purviance/Jackie Coogan
  • Dough and Dynamite (silent-1914) – Charlie Chaplin/Chester Conklin/Cecile Arnold/Vivian Edwards/Edgar Kennedy/Slim
  • Easy Street (silent-1917) – Charlie Chaplin/Edna Purviance/Eric Campbell
  • The Face On The Bar Room Floor (silent-1914) – Charlie Chaplin/Cecile Arnold/Chester Conklin
  • The Fatal Mallet (silent-1914) – Charlie Chaplin/Mabel Normand/Mack Sennett/Mack Swain
  • A Film Johnnie (silent-1914) – Charlie Chaplin/Roscoe ‘Fatty’ Arbuckle/Mabel Normand/Ford Sterling/Billy Gilbert (uncredited)
  • The Fireman (silent-1916) – Charlie Chaplin/Edna Purviance/Lloyd Bacon/Eric Campbell
  • The Floorwalker (silent-1916) – Charlie Chaplin/Eric Campbell/Edna Purviance
  • Getting Acquainted (silent-1914) – Charlie Chaplin/Phyllis Allen//Mack Swain/Mabel Normand/Edgar Kennedy
  • His Favorite Pastime (silent-1914) – Charlie Chaplin/Roscoe ‘Fatty’ Arbuckle/Billy Gilbert (uncredited)
  • His Musical Career (silent-1914) – Charlie Chaplin/Mack Swain/Charley Chase
  • His New Profession (silent-1914) – Charlie Chaplin/Charley Chase/Roscoe ‘Fatty’ Arbuckle (minor role)
  • The Immigrant (silent-1917) – Charlie Chaplin/Edna Purviance/Eric Campbell
  • In The Park (silent-1915) – Charlie Chaplin/Edna Purviance/Leo White
  • Kid Auto Races at Venice (silent-1914) – Charles Chaplin
  • The Knockout (silent-1914) – Charlie Chaplin (in support)/Roscoe ‘Fatty’ Arbuckle/Minta Durfee/Edgar Kennedy
  • Laughing Gas (silent-1914) – Charlie Chaplin/Fritz Schade/Slim Summerville/Mack Swain
  • Mabel’s Married Life (silent-1914) – Charlie Chaplin/Mabel Normand/Mack Swain/Al St. John
  • Mabel’s Strange Predicament (silent-1914) – Charlie Chaplin/Mabel Normand/Chester Conklin/Al St. John
  • Making A Living (silent-1914) – Charlie Chaplin/Virginia Kirtley/Chester Conklin
  • The Masquerader (silent-1914) – Charlie Chaplin/Roscoe ‘Fatty’ Arbuckle/Chester Conklin
  • The New Janitor (silent-1914) – Charlie Chaplin/Jess Dandy/John T. Dillon/Al St. John
  • A Night In The Show (silent-1915) – Charlie Chaplin/Edna Purviance/Charlotte Mineau
  • A Night Out (silent-1915) – Charlie Chaplin/Ben Turpin/Bud Jamison/Edna Purviance
  • One A.M. (silent-1916) – Charlie Chaplin/Albert Austin
  • The Pawnshop (silent-1916) – Charlie Chaplin/Henry Bergman//Edna Purviance
  • Police (silent-1916) – Charlie Chaplin/Edna Purviance/Wesley Ruggles
  • Recreation (silent-1914) – Charlie Chaplin/Charles Bennett
  • The Rink (silent-1916) – Charlie Chaplin/Edna Purviance/James T. Kelley
  • The Rounders (silent-1914) – Charlie Chaplin/Roscoe ‘Fatty’ Arbuckle/Al St. John
  • Shanghaied (silent-1915) – Charlie Chaplin/Edna Purviance/Wesley Ruggles
  • Shoulder Arms (silent-1918) – Charlie Chaplin/Edna Purviance/Syd Chaplin
  • The Star Boarder (silent-1914) – Charlie Chaplin/Minta Durfee/Edgar Kennedy/Billy Gilbert (uncredited)
  • Sunnyside (silent-1919) – Charlie Chaplin/Edna Purviance/Tom Wilson
  • Tango Tangles (silent-1914) – Charlie Chaplin/Ford Sterling/Roscoe ‘Fatty’ Arbuckle/Chester Conklin (uncredited actors: Billy Gilbert/Edgar Kennedy/Al St. John)
  • Those Love Pangs (silent-1914) – Charlie Chaplin/Chester Conklin/Cecile Arnold/Vivian Edwards (uncredited actors: Billy Gilbert/Slim Summerville)
  • The Tramp (silent-1915) – Charlie Chaplin/Edna Purviance/Ernest Van Pelt
  • Triple Trouble (silent-1918) – Charlie Chaplin/Edna Purviance
  • Twenty Minutes Of Love (silent-1914) – Charlie Chaplin/Minta Durfee/Edgar Kennedy/Chester Conklin
  • The Vagabond (silent-1916) – Charlie Chaplin/Edna Purviance/Eric Campbell/Leo White
  • A Woman (silent-1915) – Charlie Chaplin/Edna Purviance/Charles Inslee
  • Work (silent-1915) – Charlie Chaplin/Charles Inslee/Edna Purviance
  • The Chaplin Puzzle (Pt. 1 & 2) (TV doc.-1992) – Charles Chaplin/Burgess Meredith (narrator)

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