Full Set MST3K Season 01

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All available* Season One MST3K episodes plus additional bonus material, full menus, and chapter breaks.

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Entire Season One on DVD
Both available* MST3K episodes plus additional bonus material, full menus, and chapter breaks. One episode per disc to ensure the highest quality video.

ISO/MP4(M4V) on Disc or Download
Optionally, you may choose to download these as MP4 or ISO files instead of (or in addition to) receiving DVDs.

These are likely the best quality of the known circulating copies of this early cable show. I rank their overall quality as “A”, although there is a couple “A-” episodes and a couple at “A+”. These are not as rare as the KTMA (season 0) episodes, but first generation copies of this season are still more scarce than what can be found for seasons 2 through 10. Therefore, they are not indicative of the exceptional quality of other season sets.



(*wondering about the “missing” episodes that should be in this list? They are commercially available and should be purchased here instead!)

NOTE: This was the first season to air nationally (on The Comedy Channel), thus it is considered the first season.

The Mads have fled from Gizmonic Institute where they worked and talk to Joel from within a secret lair called Deep 13. It is in Gizmonic’s sub-basement.

Beginning with episode 101 (until the middle of the 8th season), Gypsy is voiced by Jim Mallon. During the KTMA UHF season, Gypsy was voiced by Josh Weinstein.

Full Color Discs! NOW! Available on optional pre-printed discs, featuring the original movie poster and episode number in vivid full color for a small extra cost. To get these discs, you must choose that option prior to adding this item to your shopping cart.

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  1. K A Miller

    “Thank you so much for these! I’m a traditional shopper type, so I confess I was a bit nonplussed to open the package to find all 13 DVDs stuffed into a baggie, rather than slickly packaged in a storage-friendly outer case(s). Ease of storage aside, the quality is excellent, the movies are hilarious, service was quicker than expected, and I’m deliriously happy to have this resource for my MST-ing fix.

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