Glitter Goddess: Queen of the Sunset Strip (1991)


The Ed Wood of Glam Rock groupie movies.

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Yes, it’s super low-budget. It has a home-video feel to it. But Llana Lloyd has a lot of balls to make a movie about her life, and to play both herself and her mother. The movie has a strange charm to it. It’s melodramatic one minute, then suddenly sober with actual talk show footage (including a clip with a young Oprah.) There’s also home movie footage showing real-life Llana with her family. Llana’s story is also interesting because she talked about growing up with a gay parent long before the mainstream media talked about these things. She also talks about having a schizophrenic father.

And then there’s the Glam Rock element. The music concert recreations are crude at best, but it’s Llana Lloyd’s attempt to even film them that makes it compelling. Angela Bowie makes a bizarre cameo. But that also lends to the film’s cult quality. And Lloyd references Alice Cooper and The New York Dolls along with other Glam Rock groups from that era.

If you’re expecting a straight-up documentary, this isn’t it. If you’re expecting a straight-forward dramatic film, this isn’t it either. But if you want a strange hybrid from another dimension, this is the Ed Wood of Glam Rock groupie movies.


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