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Movie Plot: A murderer is running around New Orleans during the Superbowl.

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Movie Plot: A murderer is running around New Orleans during the Superbowl.

Intro: The Mads are almost ready to bring the SOL back to earth, until Crow ruins everything.
Segment One: Joel helps Servo experience pain.
Segment Two: Joel becomes a tyrant.
Segment Three: Servo remembers his favorite moments on the SOL.
(Previously-Missing) End: Joel and Servo read fan letters and show fan artwork.

b: 12-Mar-1989

NOTES: A tape which contains the fabled lost final host segment from episode K15 has been located and we lovingly restored it to complete the episode! Before October 17, 2004, it was thought that no one outside of BBI staffers had ever seen this segment and nearly all hope was lost!

How was it found? Teresa Dietzinger of Minnesota has been a MSTie since the show was on her local UHF station, the now-famous KTMA. She was one of the first fan club members and sent some artwork to the show. As luck would have it, her drawings were featured by Joel in the final host segment of Episode K15 – Superdome. She taped it, but her father (who was not a fan) taped over it because he needed a blank! Fortunately for MSTies everywhere, he saved the final host segment and managed to hang on to it for all these years, just because it had his daughter’s artwork on it.

Ironically, the entire episode was taped over except for the final host segment, while all this time fans had everything BUT the final segment!

Bonus Material: Kevin Murphy travel ad.

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5 reviews for K15 (KTMA) – SUPERDOME (RESTORED!!!)

  1. Andrew Hofschulte

    “Finally, we all are able to see the final host segment of k15. This is proof that you should never stop looking for rarities. You can tell that the final segment came from a different source, but my general opinion is that most people will take little notice since it is more than they’ve ever seen in the past. If you haven’t gotten ahold of this yet…be sure to!

  2. Joseph Grabko

    “Very good quality transfer, except for a minor bit of static from the original video tape for 1 second only. The movie itself isn’t all that bad either, certainly not when compared to other MST’ed movies. I found myself enjoying it near the end. The lost host segment is a dream come true. In short, a job VERY well done.

  3. jeff hernandez

    “well i bought this episode to get a glimpse into the ‘early days’ and It’s different, but still a very good sepisode for anyone getting into the early stuff. the video is fairly well with a minor glitch, but what else could you expect from a vhs copy from 1989. exellent buy.

  4. Danny Rayphole

    “Good a/v transfer and not too bad of a movie either. If you don’t have any of the Season Zero episodes, you should, and this isn’t a bad one to have. Thank you Cheepnis!

  5. Ray Garcia

    “Video: D but understandable due to the source Audio: B Extras: a quick commercial and a poster that could’ve been encoded better Still very glad i purchased this disc, very nice addition to my collection!

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