Phyllis B. WOW! The DVDs are awesome! First off, the customer service is excellent. I knew exactly where my stuff was at any given time. Secondly, the DVDs arrived so quickly. Lastly (and most importantly), what amazing quality! I’ve been watching some of the episodes I ordered off very old VHS (selfrecorded) and I’m amazed at how much detail I’d been missing. Thanks for a great MSTie experience. Unfortunately, now I’ll have to get all the other episodes! 🙂 Thanks again for the great MSTie work. I love it!
Michael S. I made such a broad order not only to fill some of the holes left in my collection but to check the range of quality you were offering, and I have to say I’m impressed. I’ve done dozens of trades in my collecting career, and most absolutely pale in comparison to what I got from you. About 120 episodes I have are first gen (recorded by myself when the show was airing), and what I received today was comparable. That is indeed a rare thing. The main difference from what I’ve seen is the complete lack of analog noise that is so common on VHS on your episodes. They look as if you recorded them directly to a TiVo or DVD when they aired, which I know is impossible. I have 13 or so episodes left before I’m complete, and I now know where I’ll be getting them.
Ben W. Wow! The first set of seasons you sent me were absolutely awesome. I am amazed at the quality and work that went into these DVDs! Please allow me to offer a very heartfelt thanks to you and Lee for your work in assembling these DVDs and blessing the lives of your fellow fanatics. Truly A+ quality and clearly an A+ effort. I’ll gladly recommend you to anyone who shares my enthusiasm for quality MSTies.
Francis C. Wow! The creativity, quality, and care you put into your work is astounding. I’m lovin’ my copies of MST3K which recently arrived. The sound is crystal clear, picture perfect, and all th extras are mind boggling. Promos, movie art, and C.C. Specials. It’s a pleasure!
Brad V. “Great” doesn’t do the discs justice! They are really superlative, especially given how old the source tapes must have been. I’d never seen much of Seasons 1 and 2 except DAP AVIs (and I hate watching MST3K on computer). I really appreciate the quality and the speed of the trade, and will happily work with you again.
John K. I am completely impressed with the quality of the discs and the prompt shipping. I could not believe how great they looked. Much better than any tape I have ever seen. I am ready to place another order and am not even close to having watched all of the first shipment. Here is a list for the next order. I think 36 in all. You are my new hero, man!!
Bobby M. I just ordered the full season 10 DVDr’s and got them in three days, incredibly quickly. Each plays well, and I simply wanted to thank you for this opportunity to get episodes of my favorite show that I haven’t had access to before now. I’m only sorry that I didn’t find you sooner. I was a bit trepidacious about the DVDr quality, but my fears were alleviated immediately. Thanks again, and count on me ordering from you again. A new, loyal customer,
Matt D. These DVDs are amazing! I am very pleased with the quality and you can tell they were put together with care and attention. They are every bit as good as Rhino’s DVDs and I will absolutely be a repeat customer. Thanks again!
Jake M. Just received my MST3K product, a pack of ten that I ordered, and am VERY happy with the purchase. Most episodes are as good as the commercial releases, and it’s waaaay better than trying to watch old VHS copies. The cleanup on most discs, audio and visual, is pretty nice. Thank you very much, and I will order again definitely. This is a great source for MISTies.
Bernie J. We got our order yesterday and the MSTs are fantastic. The quality is superb and the extra effort you put in the menu and chapter stops makes it obvious that these are labors of love. We will definitely be ordering from you again!
Sean G. I have been a customer of yours for a little over a year now and in the last month or so I have made two separate orders for MST3k episodes. I just wanted to write you to tell you how quickly both orders came. You have always provided great service and I couldn’t be happier. Thanks a lot for the quick and timely service and I hope you have a great holiday season. You have yourself a loyal customer. HiKeeba!
Rob L. Just got my two discs in the mail, and all I can say is “amazing”. FINALLY someone who claims their discs are “A+” actually has discs that are, in fact, A+. Very cool. I will be setting up some full season deals in a day or two.
Naomi N. Our season 4 eps arrived today…and all I can say is *wow* !!!!! This is kind of a surprise gift for my husband and it’s perfect! We especially love the “CC promos”, b/c it reminds us of watching mst3k on our 5″ tv in the studio apt =) A long time ago 😉 The quality of the dvds is awesome, definately the best I’ve ever seen..Thank you so much =) Well I’m sure we’ll be back for more in the future!!!
John M. Just received my copies! I appreciate you getting them out so quick, didn’t think I’d get them for another week. The good news is that they worked [on an older player]. The even better news is that I’m ordering more…. Nicely done, I have already mentioned your site to another fan. Here’s the new order:
Pete S. Got the disks today! Oh my gawd, they are awesome! Thank you so much, I’ll be ordering more soon! I will definitly be sending your address to a lot of my mst3k obsessed pals! Thanks again!
Trisha H. I got my DVDs the Sat after your last email. Couldn’t email back because I was busy watching them nonstop! I am extremely pleased with the quality. I’m currently going over your list again for my next (very soon) order. They are so cool! Thank you, thank you!
Bill K. The episodes arrived yesterday, great job! I’ve checked out a few handfuls to make sure they play, and have watched a few episodes in their entirity…the quality is really great. I may want to upgrade more of my so so episodes… particulary from seasons one and two. Thanks again so much for having the best MST3K library in the world!
Jeff V. Thanks for your efforts, these DVDs have been wonderful to date.
Meredith M. Thanks so much for the high quality DVDs! I ordered the complete set of season 7, and they’re wonderful! I’m recommending you to my friends, and I certainly plan to order more. Feel free to use my testimonial. I’m very impressed by the level of quality, and I thank you for the laughs!
Steve F. Great job on the DVD’ing of your tapes… The general quality in all the discs is again absolutely excellent… If I would like a complete set of season one and season four on DVDs, what would that run me? I can’t wait until you get KTMA and Season 5 are done so I can order some more!
Jeremy R. Thank you for including #309 along with #701. As usual, topnotch quality, and the Turkey Day segments were a riot!! Hope to do business again … I feel like ….a happy king!
Alain G. Coming back for the 3rd or 4th time now…
Tristan S. I got my MST3K DVDs last week. They look great thanks! I’m going to give you a glowing recommendation… and will contact you for trading for more DVDs in the near future!
Kerry S. Received the DVDs yesterday. EXCELLENT!! Thanks so much. If I decide to get more I will let you know.
Rumaldo H. I got the DVDs,Thanks! The quality is very good. Lee did a great job on the transfer. The movie posters at the beginning are a very nice touch! I liked them so much I have sent you two more items from your wish list.
Kim A. I got my season 1 disks yesterday and watched the first one. Thank you so much! The quality is excellent and I really appreciate all the help you gave me in placing my order. I will definitely be ordering more disks from you as my budget allows. I am so impressed by all the work you put into making these disks. You did a fantastic job!
Dale F. I received the three DVDs yesterday. They seem to be excellent quality. Thank you!
Glenn B. The DVD+Rs arrived yesterday! Excellent! We watched the crawling eye and it was awesome! Thanks so much! Once we get through this stack of shows I’ll definately be contacting you to fill in several holes in my collection! Soon I too will be able to understand all of the obscure references to previous experiments! Thanks again!
Scott F. Got the DVDs I bought from you on Monday and must say I was quite impressed. Looking to buy a few more…
Jessica W. I received the first 50 discs… Thanks SO MUCH! They are awesome!!!
Jason M. Not only is the quality spectacular but Michael’s service is topnotch. He’s a true super patriot. Thank you!
Andre W. I recieved the DVDs today and I do admit, they’re VERY good. Thank you for including the special features. I particuarly enjoy the CC era commercials. I very well may try to get some upgrades out of you.
Anne N. I got the discs today and they are truly awesome….the best fancopies I personally have ever seen. It is clear that you have put a lot of effort into this endeavor! Thanks especially for the free one, that was really nice of you considering they still arrived within the shipping window stated on your website. I will definitely be ordering again, within the next week, in fact.
John T. I was very impressed by the dvds, but I’m sure you get that alot. I’ve been a mst3k fan since 95′ and I’ve never tape traded before, so I figure I’ll spoil my self with these dvds now.
Dave M. Recieved episodes very well done!! The DVDs are very professional. I would like to get some more.
Christopher O. Season 4 is great, I got them this morning and am watching them now. That is the fastest I have ever got them before so I want to keep it going.
Debra This guy sells FUN & LAUGHS!!! Great quality, SUPER customer service, I went to the right person for my collection. I couldn’t be happier with Michael and the dvds! Great to do business with
Emily B. Hey, I just wanted to say thank you so much for the Season Ten MST DVDs. Not only were they of great audio and visual quality, but they also arrived about three weeks quicker than I had planned! Thanks so much for your great service and fabulous product! I will certainly be ordering from you again as soon as I can!
Joseph G. Fast service, always in touch, and went out of the way to make me satisfied with my purchase. A true hero for all MSTies to look up to, for sure! Order arrivied two days after I was notified of shipment, and the work put into them was amazing. 5 stars!
David Fullam Man, you guys are the best! I got the entire set of ALL mst3k episodes and I cound NOT be happier! Thanks cheesyflix!
MN MST I purchased MST3K dvd’s with the laser printer artwork on the discs and they look fantastic. Very professional and it is easy for me to find the disc that I want to watch.
Raymond Gron THese guys are awesome! I have given them a list of hard to find movies. Some people think there are no such titles, but Michael came through. SUper quality and super fast shipping. Your questions are always answered within a day. This is my source for hard to find movies from the 1900’s to 1970’s. I love the black and white movies. THese guys come through. Give them a shot. CHeesy movies, in my opinion is not only for silly laugh and corner movies, but they have plenty of the good lost classics. Just ask for a movie. They will get it for you. The price is fabulous. Thanks Michael.
George Very glad to fill some holes in my MST collection with your wonderful DVDs. I’m very impressed with the picture quality. Thanks for keeping the dream alive.
Pearl LE I have just received my order of 4 KTMA era MST DVDs: SST Death Flight, The Last Chase, and Gamera V. Guiron. Humanoid Woman, unfortunately, got replaced by another episode somewhere along the line and I’ve contacted customer service about a return. Hopefully that service will be as lovely as the products. I have no compunction about ordering these KTMA episodes, as they are unlikely ever to be officially released, and the copies are great quality. The quality of SST Death Flight is beautiful. If you happen to be reading this I have no need to explain the peculiar regard MST fans have for the show MSTies are rare birds(I’ve encountered only one in the wild, outside my family) and it does the heart good to know the tapes are still circulating.If my replacement dvd comes through I will definitely be ordering more dvds in the future (hold a copy of Viking Women and the Sea Serpent for me, eh?)
Scott Just ordered for the fourth time! Thanks again for keeping the Mst3K dream alive! I can’t wait to see the new batch!
Don M. Have been ordering from Cheepnis/CheesyFlix for years. My wife and I have been going to sleep with MST3K for over 10 years now; every night we pop in a dvd and fall asleep to the soothing sounds of bad movies and clever riffing. We know most of them by heart and even discover new laughs now and then. Thanks to Michael and the CheesyFlix/Cheepnis folks, we get our nightly fix on superlative DVDs. Lately, I’ve been ordering the non-MST3K movies and are loving those, too. Keep it up, guys, there are plenty that I don’t have yet!!!
Lint Hatcher I am so impressed by the quality of your transfers and by your kind and quick customer service. I will be ordering many, many more MST3K episodes in the months to come! Thanks and Happy New Year!
DonPayne Got my order super fast. Tremendous copies. What a great source for MST3K fans. The show is sorely missed and these DVD’s keep the tapes circulating. All I can say is Hai Keeba! Thanks I will be ordering again.
scott swanson love mst3k, cheesy was fast friendly and no broken pieces… thanx for makin’ life a little bit better…
Tracy Bryant I just received my first order from you-This is an MST3K fan’s dream come true!I didn’t expect the extras like bumpers and posters to included on these made-from-tape discs-It really shows this is done by a real fan of the show-And to have the Season 0 stuff available-WOW!What a great way to see eps that may never have an official release!
Penny G. I have been ordering from you all since 2007 and been quite pleased with each and every order. The quality of your DVDs is top notch and as an interesting side note I have bought two DVD players that have not outlasted your disc. It’s been over six years and still pleased with your product. Thanks so much for what you do. This MSTie is a very happy camper.
David Great product, great service and a discount, thanks Cheesyflix, a class act all round
Whip Love doing business with you . I am absolutely thrilled with the movies and especially the service. Thank you.
Prince Everlove THANK YOU for Time of the Apes! You made my Year!
Scott Just ordered more great mst3k episodes. Thanks to cheesyflix I can go back and see the ones that I never had a chance to when they first aired. It’s like watching the series for the first time, only 20 years later. Keep up the good work gang!
Bob Thornburgh Just received the entire DVD set in M4V format. As usual the quality is excellent, or as much as can be for the KTMA episodes. It is great to finally have every episode available. It took about 7 days to get to Afghanistan. This site is simply amazing when it comes to ziping your order out to you!
Cheryl from Vancouver I think Cheesyflix is the best!! What would we msties do without u!!
Cheryl from Vancouver Hi just going through all my so far 16 DVDs cheesyflix sent me. I’ve watched 8 MST3K movies so far and watched 4 of the “extras” about the show how it started, stuff I’ve never seen before likhe them building the satellite of love in Minneaplois, great stuff. also the Starcon 92 one with Joel and the gang. All great, just love it. only have one question, please correct me if I’m wrong, but, wasn’t the scrapbook  (A+) supposed to have 2 discs in it? Just asking  Let me know…..I just love that I found you MST3K site#1!!!!! I havent seen most of these movies since 1993. Thank you, won’t you. Cheryl in Vancouver……..
Cheryl Paxton Can’t wait until my order comes, but I am wondering how most customers get there orders so fast, when they told me mine would come in 1-2 weeks. It’s no problem but would like to know for next order how I can get order quickly likevwithin 3-4 days? Anyone? PS so grateful I found your site, MST3K is the greatest tv show still!!!! In thank you cheesyflix!!!
Dina Just received my first order and I love it!
Nathan Merriman I think cheesyflix rocks!
Dave Honan Just received my fourth order, quick delivery even to the other side of the planet, great service, highly recomended, thanks again Cheesyflix!
Tom Very fast shipping time. Only 10 days to get to my Fob in middle of nowhere Afghanistan! Say ‘hi’ to Sheriff Joe for me.
Whip I’ve got about 10 seperate orders from Michael and I couldn’t be happier. What a great outfit. Keep up the good work, I love it.
David Honan Just received my first order from cheesyflix and couldnt be happier, MST3K season 0, a must for any real fan, quick delivery, thanks Michael
Ty I have finally gotten all of the MST3K episodes in my collection, thanks Michael. Now I am happy to do some looking around here for other old shows and radio broadcasts. Here’s hoping that you are around for a long time yet Cheepnis !
Jaco 21 down, lots to go. Thanks Cheepnis. Quality is excellent, service is fast, MST3K is still one of the funniest shows ever produced. Keep up the good work.
Whip I’ve received several orders from Michael amd couldn’t be happier with the product or the service. I am so happy I found you! Thank you. Whip
Toni L

All the movies have been perfectly clear except for the Mike’s Interviews and I understand why they aren’t so much. No problem. But I will continue to buy from CheesyFlix! They are so worth it! My son and I always enjoyed watching the show together and were sick about the show being cancelled.

The cast and crew had it so together,we laughed until it hurt! Thanks guys for the dvds and the fun!! I also enjoyed the Shout Factory dvds that Mike, Kevin and Bill have done.

Miss the bots. Does anyone remember which episode Mike and the bots did Lord of the Dance and Gypsy was the audience member??? It is driving me crazy!!

Luis C.

Did it again! 5 more MST3KS’ on the way. Think this is becoming a habit.

Erin C Just ordered my third shipment of dvds and can’t wait to get them- luckily, Cheepnis shipping is quick! I’ve been so happy with the service and selection on my two previous orders- awesome quality and service. I’m definately a satisfied customer! My nerdy friends are jealous of my awesome MST3K collection until I tell them how easy it is to get them here. Rowsdower!
Luis C. Received order of 5 MST3K discs today. Well pleased! Fast service and great quality repro and sound. Will be back for more.
Luis C. Have been avid fan of MST3K since it’s inception. Had large collection of the original broadcasts, but lost my tapes because of Katrina. Just ordered 5 episodes and can’t wait to start enjoying all over again. One is the “Wild Rebels” which actually had a former New Orleans boxer, Willie Pastrano,in it as one of the bikers, and who you really can’t understand what he’s saying half the time, which one of the bots comments on when he says…….”You’re messin wit private stuff, stock”,or who knows really what the line was. Anyway, glad I found CheesyFlix and look forward to searching out more of my favorite “bad” movies to order. L.C. in N.O.
mario cordeiro I am a first time buyer.I bought (1) episode from season 1 and (2) more from season’s 4 and 5.I have to say the quality of audio and video on these dvd’s are excellent! I also love the fact that you can pick and choose the episodes that you want,it is very rare to not only pick what epiodes you want but,they are also of excellent quality.You really get your money’s worth.highly recommended!!! Michael:Thank you Mario
Dana Armenta Definitely a much-needed service for everyone who longs for the truly entertaining shows of yesteryear (not to mention hardcore MST3K fans like me)Thank you, Cheepnis!
Curt Diggy209 Just got my first order. Seasons 1 – 7. Too excited to wait, Watchin my first episode at work on lunch! Good quality, decent delivery time. I am a happy camper!
Ty I am awaiting my first order. How awesome to have a place with all these MST3K episodes available. I hope to get them all in time. Three cheers for this site !!
Bill Just received my order of 10 shows. Looking forward to watching them. Whatever happened to the ‘Godzilla’ episode from the Vol 10 commercial release that was removed for the ‘..Gila Monster’ episode? What season was that in? Is it available? Thanks
Ken Just put in my second order for MST episodes I was lacking in my collection. Anyone hemming and hawing about ordering here, be reassured….my first order arrived in less than a week, and the picture quality is great. Excellent service, CheesyFlix, befitting what MAY BE the greatest show of all time.
Mark Just wanted to say cheers for lightning fast shipping my movie.Look forward to more soon.Been a pleasure! Mark
Rob Just rediscovered this show after not seeing it since my childhood. Those commercial releases are so few and far between (and now most are RARE and EXPENSIVE :/). Just ordered ALL the episodes here in one shot (nice chunk of change). I’m going off the great reviews here and a leap of faith. I trust you won’t let me down, right? -Rob
Sean Shortt Great site going on here! It is a find place to find rare episodes of MST3ks that are hard to find and the DVDs are of excellant quality! Pumaman: Vadinho: My name is Vadinho. Crow [as Vadinho]: I’m an onion.
Amber. CreepyGirl Oh, my dearest Michael, your telling me I’ve spent upwards of $800 does NOT make me feel exactly… *responsible* Your telling me I’ve spent upwards of $800 *does* however confirms to me and the world at large just what a FAN I am — of MST3K and of Cheepnis-dot-com. Keep circulating the tapes!
Jason Walden I just found this website. I look forward to ordering something from it in the future. I’ve heard there are 1 or 2 episodes of MST3K where gypsy is actually in the theater with Joel and/or Mike and the bots watching the movie. I heard her riffing isn’t very good and the bots give her a hard time for it. Can anyone tell me which episodes has Gypsy riffing in the theater???
Evelyn Katerba Soooooooooooo kooollll luv this website. . . and of course the creator all the best my dear Mike.
Jamey I just received my first order of 10 MST3K movies. I am stoked! I am going to the beach with 5 friends for a week and was hoping the movies would get here before they left, but not expecting them to. But they did! Can’t wait to make some new MST3K converts. Michael, you rock!
Whip I just received my 5th order from you guys of mst3k and I * * * be happier. Quality is outstanding, the service could not be better. When my library of mst3k is full, I can’t wait to start my own collection of cheesy movies. Thanks again, Whip
tony please help. What was the name of the movie that had the line “You dare defy the Dark One? You and your daughter are doomed. I never got a chance to tape that movie. I can’t remember the title. thanks.
Todd W. Absolutely thrilled to have the missing episodes for my collection(all the ones I missed while on the road drumming in a hardcore band)….the good old days!
Roger Pence CheesyFlix is fantastic! Quality is always very good and sometimes great. And service is top-notch. Gotta go, just got Movie Sign!
Mark Why isn’t ‘Beatnicks’ available on Season 4? Thanks for any info. Mark
Mary Jane Ordered Hamlet to share with a young English teacher at work … may inspire a new generation of MySties in her classes…. and the Crawling Eye as a treat for myself. Awesome service and wonderful quality. Movie art is a nice bonus!
Kyle B. Cheepnis delivered again. This is my second order through cheesyflix.com, and both of my orders were delivered within a week. The quality of the discs vastly exceeded my expectations. I highly recommend Cheenis for all your MST3K needs. Stay mellow – Kyle
Greg T I didn’t know how long it would take to get my first order, and was pleasantly surprised when it was in my mailbox when I got home from work on a Friday when we received our first 20″+ snowstorm. Needless to say, I was so happy because I had plenty of time to watch the episodes and was very pleased with the quality. For my first order, I close to replace some of my favorites which were on very old videotapes. I just ordered twenty more episodes and am very eager to get them.
Daniel M Ordered full season and then some in the morning…..notified that they had been shipped that afternoon. Prompt is an understatement. Quality of the work…..flawless. I will complete my collection of MST3K “works of art” using only this provider…..keep up the great work…..and thanks.
Matt Fontaine The DVD’s were spectacular. The quality of the sound and picture were fantastic. I will definately order again.
Jennifer Fastwolf My favorite source of dvds! Always thrilled with the service, selection and speed. Treated myself to a big batch of MST3Ks and so help me, they’re going to be the reason I can cope with holiday shoppers at me job. Thanks so much and may you have a Patrick Swayze Christmas!
Chris Blatcher I’ve considered myself a MSTie since I started watching back in ’97 but I was limited to rewatching my recorded tapes (that too quickly wore out) and waiting for the painfully slow releases from Rhino and now Shout!…needless to say, this place is heaven! I am finally able to own all the episodes I thought I would never see outside of youtube videos. I will be back many many times! Great quality too! Hi-Keeba!!
Ben Murphy Agent Sam Casey here, Just wanted to let everyone know that Cheepnis is no turkey. And I know turkeys. Cheepnis delivered to Intersect two episodes from his MST3K library: “Riding with Death,” starring the elusive Robert Denby and me, Sam Casey, and “Final Sacrifice,” starring my second favorite action hero (next to Ol’ Buffalo), a denim wearing guy named Zap Rowsdower. The episodes arrived in less than a week and the quality really blew me away (just like Tripolotine). So do yourself a favor: do a little pinch hit, pop in some Deep Purple, and order some MST3K DVDs from Cheepnis. He keeps in touch with you concerning your order, just like Lazy Rider and Ol’ Buffalo. You won’t be disappointed. Stay Mellow – Ben Murphy
D. Can someone help me, pleeeease?! There was a MST3K episode that featured an Ed Wood film; one of the main characters was a rather masculine-looking blonde. She came into the room at one point and Crow riffed “Aaahh, that was a good c***!” I want that episode but I can’t remember the name or season…anyone? Also-is that a real poncho or is that a Sears poncho?
KF Placed an order for the entire set of discs on Saturday morning. The set arrived on Monday!!! EXCELLENT SERVICE. Having viewed a few of the discs, they are wonderful quality — and bring back some great memories.
Reggie thanks a lot! received my order very promptly and am very happy with the dvds once i got them. i’ve already ordered my second batch of discs! again, thanks!
Stephen I love this site. Fast shipping is a big plus. I just wish somewhere, somehow, someone could get a hold of the raw version of “The Starfighters.” Also, gotta suggest for your “Stinkburgers they should’ve done,” the Universal Monsters non-classic, part 3 of the “Creature from the Black Lagoon” series, “The Creature Walks Among Us.”
David Fullam Love the site!! Hope to see more!
lisa Thank you so much for the awesome dvds, now I can watch Rowsdower and Puma Man to my heart’s content!!
neil the quality of these DVDs is amazing!!!!!! this is THE best place for MST3K Dvds, without a doubt. I have purcahsed seasons 7 through 10 from here and will buy more seasons! Love these DVDS!
Larry The DVDs we ordered are of high quality and are a great buy! The arrival time was extremely quick. Look forward to buying more in the future.
gee meyer just recieved my first of many orders,i was unsure what the quility would be like,but iam amazed.i ordered 2 msts w/graphics,and iam very pleased.order and delivery time was only six days.i plane to order until my mst3000 collection is complete.
William J. Bivens Hey! What happend to Spot A Bot? I have another great pic to upload…Oh man……
Brandon Never knew this site existed…all those wasted years! I ordered an episode for my brother’s birthday gift and not only did it get to him in less than three days but the quality described to me exceeded my expectations! I have already begun my 10-disc selection process…at least to start with. Great site, great idea and a great service to mankind.
Sonny Wow, wow, wow, wow, wow. I don’t think I was quite sure what to expect when I ordered DVDs from here, but I do know that my fears about quality, speed of shipping, and if it would be worth my money to buy these were VERY much alleviated when I got my order in this week. Massive kudos to you, and instead of circulting the tapes, I think I’ll circulate this link, and tell my fellow MSTies to check this place out…
Dave I was so happy to find this site after I realized all of my old VHS had deteriorated and were no longer playable. I am looking forward to rebuilding my MST collection! And I love the graphic color labels on the DVDs! “Watch out for snakes!”
Steven Just wanted to say how extremely pleased I am at my purchase. The DVD is in great shape, plays well, and I got it only a few days after ordering! This site rocks! I will be ordering more!
Tim The dvds really exceeded my expectations. The quality is fantastic and I’m really impressed with the setup. I got my dvds in about a week, completely pleased in every regard. I’ll definitely be ordering more.
StevenMcKing I was very pleased with the quality and the speed of delivery! Great site! I was able to make a fan out of my nine year old son.I will be ordering more!
kathy krumm all my orders have come in a VERY timerly manner. as a an old mst3k/bad old movies fan, this place is heaven on earth. you guys rock!
Clay Hello. Nice site, and decent selection. But, you do not have an old(er) “propoganda” movie that I seek. Sharyn Moffett (as Gretchen Anstey) in the1944 “My Pal, Wolf”. A fairly decent family oriented drama. Can’t find it by regular searches. Maybe Ted Turnner, has it . Thank you.
ROBERT A. my orders have all come in a very timely manner, and the quality is as good as the rhino/shout store-bought discs. Surprised me, but in one of those rare good ways. here in tx, there is a severe drought of mst3k, so i’m thankfull to have found a place to get my tom servo fix whenever i need it.
Rachel Shultz Just wanted to update..I have finally watched all 10 of the videos I just ordered..perfect! I ordered them on a Tuesday, had them by the weekend..what more could one ask? I will definitely be ordering more!
Rachel Shultz I decided to give you all a go based on good reviews, and ordered my MST3K fave: Final Sacrifice. The shipment came quickly, there was no delay or problem. The DVD worked beautifully and the picture and sound quality is perfect! So much better than watching it from my old tapes. I will be ordering more today, and I also am sending you another customer: my brother, also a huge fan. Thanks for providing such high-quality DVD’s at a very affordable price. “Quick! Climb a tree! Trucks can’t climb trees!”
Catrina Dunn I recieved my order last week and I can not tell you how happy I am! I’m amazed at the quality of these discs (they’re just as good as anything Rhino put out IMO.)There are even special features like poster art,bumpers and promos. Thank you very much I will definately be ordering from you again!
Charles R. A. Wilton I miss the show. I have seen a couple of The Film Crew shows. Just as funny, but I miss the SOL.
Robert (Dr Batch) I recently ordered seasons 8,9 and 10. The quality far exceeded my expectations. I received my order exactly one week from the day it was placed. This is the only place I will buy from going forward. I plan on ordering another 3 more seasons with the wonderful disc graphics in the next couple of weeks. I finally can complete my collection of the best thing ever to be out on TV. Thank You so much for your wonderful service.
Jesse hello mysties, have been a fan for close to 10 yrs. If I remember correctly, the first episode I saw was Cave Dwellers. I think I saw Overdrawn at The Memory Bank, un-mysted on public Tv before my first MST3K. I also saw The Prince of Space on tv un-mysted. oh man. And Shortly after I saw Cave Dwellers I saw The Final Sacrifice. And so I had to order that one. I own volume 2, 4, 7, 10, and 11 of the rhino sets. I also have Agent For H.A.R.M., Code Named Diamondhead, Secret Agent Super Dragon, Diabolik, and a few others I ordered from Cheesyflix. Thank you Mike . BTW I just ordered 4 more. I have seen some on youtube but “they” (viacom?) keeps tearing the vids down.
Rick For many years I have been watching horribly encoded DVD’s that I got on eBay. Really, really crappy, but I’m a die hard MST3K fan so I put up with it. I stumbled upon this site looking for a few replacements that never did play. I ordered one to “test” your quality, service etc. I’m impressed! Impressed enough that I will now order ALL episodes this week! Good work Mama-Jama.
Shari Well, I received my 50 episodes today, and I am in HEAVEN. I can finally watch my favorite episodes without rewinding, searching, or fast forwarding through endless commercials (especially the Playboy’s Hottest Hideaways one from the Comedy Central years – obnoxious!) Now that I have my favorites safely tucked away on DVD, I can start watching some of my episodes on VHS that I never actually saw yet, and decide if I want to get DVD’s of those titles too. I had for YEARS been dreading the task of possibly copying all of my own VHS to DVD, considering how crappy a lot of my VHS copies were. The price per episode from Cheesyflix.com is WELL worth the time and aggravation I would have invested in trying to make my own DVD’s. A million thanks to everyone who worked on these DVD’s. I can’t believe how fast I received them and how great the quality is. I also appreciate the integrity of Cheesyflix in not offering commercially available episodes. It seems the least we could do for the people who brought us so much joy over the years would be to let them make a little money from it.
Jason Somers I love this website. MST3K is my all time favorite show and the fact that these episodes are available to fill out my collection is awesome! Thank You
scott I can’t tell you how great the service is. FAST delivery, fantastic product. Order here!
Jen Fastwolf Rowsdower! Awesomely fast delivery of orders and fab prices. I’ve shopped here and been delighted each time. Thanks so much!
Brian K This is my seconder order and I must say that the discs arrived in very quickly and packaged well. Kudos. i shall be ordering again. And again.
Danny Thomas Super fast delivery on your DVD’s – I’m so happy! I used to have around 30 episodes on VHS, but trashed my VCR 2 years ago. Thought I had lost Puma Man forever! I’ll be ordering more – I’ll spread the news of your site to my other MST friends. Go Gators to you too! Danny
Canaan Bittel You guys are simply awesome! I have ordered about 35 episodes so far from this site and I have been extremely happy with the quality of the DVDs. Keep it up, you definitely give us MSTies something to be very thankful for!
Casper This is the greatest store/website ever. I was too young to really appreciate MST3K when it was on, but I have so many fond memories. Thanks to you guys, now I understand all those weird things my family says that I never knew where they came from.
The Goyette Family THANK YOU to the infinity power! You guys are the BEST! Excellent quality, fast service, (well I could go on and on). We have purchased every Rhino released episode over the years and then found Cheesy flix by divine intervention. You guys have earned our votes. From one collector to another I say a humble thank you! We will order from you guys again! And often!
Amber I am not worthy. None of us is worthy. Michael “Cheepnis” is my hero, for no other MSTie site has impressed me as much; not even Rhino can make a DVD with the quality (and great price!) and speed of service that Michael can. This last order? I told him it was for my birthday, and he had it copied and shipped THE SAME DAY IT WAS ORDERED. Oh! and he rewards loyalty! When was the last time you saw a *corporate* entity do that? Does Amazon give you a significant discount after spending 100s of dollars with them? I think NOT. But Michael? Does. I can’t say thank you enough. “Thank you” to the googolplex? Maybe. I don’t know *what* I’ll do when I run out of seasons. Sigh and look for the out of print Rhino’s to show up here, I guess…
PSYCO I have been a fan for decades, Even when it was a little show in Minneapolis! I wonder if we can get a podcast of the show going? Maybe something to bounce around.
Vivian I’ve never been disappointed with Mike’s dvds, and his customer service is the best. You can order with confidence!
Jeff Just wanted to let you know that I’ve watched all ten of the MST3K eps you sent me late last month (most of them multiple times) and I love them! The quality of the DVDs is great and consistent throughout all ten eps. I’m ready to buy more!
MMom (WRUW 1972-1990) MSTIE53737 here in Cle, OH. Anyone else in the Cle area? I hope to soon “enjoy” (Josh Weinstein as Dr. Erhart) these DVDs. Anyone else absolutely love Mighty Jack? Notice that it’s the sign of Ishtar (“Mole People&quot?
Clint Your disks came in less than a week! It’s alway tough to fire off a first order given the nightmare stories (and in my case, actual experience with a competitor). The quality was much better than I expected. Thanks, and stick around, I’m sure I’ll need you again soon.
kat a Recieved season 0 quick shipping on our way to complete collection.Will be ordering again. THKX
Bec Hello – what is your rate for shipping to the UK?
Spencer Well my friend I think I found heaven and it is right here. I have been a fan of mst3k since I was 7. Back then my house only got 3 channels on the TV so our show watching was limited. But my grandma whom lives in Iowa taped the shows for us off comedy central and the Sci-fi channel and would send it to us. I had never seen a show like this before and have never laughed my a** off as much as this show. I admit that I lost track of mst3k during high school but rediscovred them via the official box sets. But then I saw this site and was so happy. I ordered season 7 to try it out and I am glad I did. The quality is great, reminding me of the good old tape from tv days. I am on a quest now to own seasons 1-10 though you and the box sets. Thank you so much for this fine site and please keep up the good work
Nikita You are doing important work my friend. Good job.
Kimberly I ordered the seasons 1 through 4 and was back in MST3K heaven. The quality is great and the price can’t be beat. I’ve been looking for years and finally found a way to watch my old favorites again. I just ordered the seasons 5 through 10 – can’t wait for them to get here.
JP Vielleux The disc’s are awesome! Thanks so much! The shipping was really fast as well!!!!! Hats off!! I’ll be baaaaaack!
Clark You know, I was very very pleased. The one MST3K episode (The She Creature) which I ordered, to see how the quality was to begin with is EXCELLENT. When I viewed it, my socks rolled up and down! I will be back. Thank You!
Hammy I watched MST3K years ago and found a VHS recording I made. I watched it with my 7yr son. He laughed the whole time. Since he is a HUGE Godzilla fan, I ordered the two Godzilla shows. Great quality. Received them in two days. Had a problem with one, I emailed and a replacement was sent, which worked fine! THANK YOU.
Michael Littau I want to add to the chorus of supportive voices for Cheapins and Mr. Cheepnis. Although not all episodes video quality are equal, all that I have ordered are very watchable with some (especially later eps) being on par with Rhino’s. I just completed my third order and I am looking forward to receiving it. The previous two orders were shipped very promptly and Mr. Cheepnis knows how to take care of business if there’s ever an issue. I recommend this site for MSTies!
pat Cheepnis is the best …..great quality , the service is super fast . I ordered my first dvd’s last year and haven’t been able to stop ! I’m glad I don’t have to pine away for MST to come back to television anymore , I have my own private collection ! Michael has really set up a first rate operation . I will continue to tell everyone I know about this website !
Mary We got our any-10 order on Monday…extremely well packaged and we’ve watched three of them already (they’re perfect for after American Idol, just keep the wretchedness going!). I cannot believe that the one-sheets are on these, and often in other languages! The “Day the Earth Froze” one (which extols dangers and excitement that is 100% the opposite of the actual film’s content) so inspired us that we found it on line and bought it immediately! First-generation tape quality just like if watching my tapes, and the chapter breaks are perfect (and titles wonderful…”why so gloomy?” on Magic Voyage of Sinbad cracked us up…). Service is first rate. The only thing I’d wish for is CD labels, but then we just made our own titles, rude drawings and pithy comments with a Sharpie marker, so I guess that’s more in the spirit! Thanks again, you will definitely hear from us in the future! Anyone who is questioning these, GET THEM, THEY’RE GREAT!
kelly tamperedingod’sdomain whenever I deal with Cheepnis, I am always extremely satisfied with the superb service. you always know where you are in the ordering process, and Mr. Michael Cheepnis responds to inquiries promptly and thoroughly. the dvds of my favorite thing on this planet- Mystery Science Theater 3000- are delivered quickly. they are also of superior quality. I’ve seen some ‘non Cheepnis’ fan dvds lately, and I wanted to tear out my own eyeballs to save them from the fuzziness, and I needed a Miracle Ear to hear the audio! I only wish I could afford all of the MST3K dvds from Cheepnis… at least I know I can order my favorites, and they will be quality copies. thank you for all of your hard work in the name of MST3K!
Brian I am hooked! Superb quality and I received my order in 5 days!! I will be back again and again. Thank you for my past AND future orders.
James You guys are awesome! I can’t explain in words how happy I am to have an almost complete collection of MST3K episodes! I didn’t start taping/watching the show until season 8, so needless to say I was missing quite a few episodes. I bought vhs copies from different people sight unseen and was extremely dissapointed. The picture was horrible, commercials were included and the sound level was very low. I had almost given up on finding good copies until I found cheesyflix. I went out on a limb and made a huge order to nearly complete my collection. I ordered seasons K-5 and a couple other random episodes. The next day I ordered Mst3k the movie and the Mad Movies collection. The shipping was super quick and I received both my orders together! Awesome! I quickly started watching random dvd’s and to my relief saw that the video and audio quality were excellent! Also, the extra’s on each dvd are very cool. They even included 2 free dvds! If you are hesitant about ordering, like I was, don’t be! You will not be disapointed. Thank you cheesyflix! I’ve died and gone to MST3K heaven!
Tim Just found this site and it is EXCALIBUR! I don’t know if my DVD player can play DVD-R but will find out and, if so, will reduce your inventory.
Brian I recently received my order, which came as promised and quickly. The transfers were good quality and I won’t hesitate to order again. I should have done this months ago!
Kimberly Just received my 3rd set of ten MST3K DVD’s. Shipping was super fast, and I still can’t believe the DVD quality and the price of these discs. Thank you so much for offering this service — I’ll be buying another 10 as soon as I can!
Melanie Just received my third order. Excellent service as always. Thank you so much.
Kell Hey alright! Apart from that little blemish on the shipping (my fault, sorry), this is pretty dang awesome! As soon as I made the appropriate corrections, they arrived literally in a matter of days, lickity-split, in pristine condition no less! Kinda surprising considering the distance, actually! Even better is that the DVDs are delivered together in tiny individual envelopes instead of big bulky DVD cases to save space, but now I gotta be careful not to loose ’em. Thanks dude, and sorry again for the mix-up! A+ would shop again.
Mike This was my second order from CheepStore (10 MST DVDs). In both cases the DVDs arrived very quickly (in under a week actually) just as promised, I got regular email updates as the order was processed, and the discs are good quality. So order from these guys, you won’t be disappointed!
juxtaposdbologna Awesome!
MimiB I’ve always been a firm believer in the statement “If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is.” However, all that has changed… I’d been looking for specific episodes of MST3K to become available on DVD for years. I was staggered by the cost and disappointed with the episode combinations available on the official collections. I thought I might never see some of these episodes again. When I stumbled upon Cheesyflix, it truly did sound too good to be true. But it WAS true!!!! The DVDs are of exceptional quality. The customer service was flawless. The site (and emails) are informative, entertaining, and friendly. I am one happy camper. Thanks for restoring my faith in Internet shopping.
Tracey Amazing service! I had a problem with the initial DVD and was sent a replacement immediately. The quality is great, and I couldn’t be happier with my purchase! I will definitely recommend this site to others!
Dicky B The service was good. Got the discs rather quickly. Thank you. However, I was kinda surprised the way it came. I thought it would be labelled and titled. Have not checked the quality yet. But will come afterwards.
john martofel great copies
Nicholas D’Amico Excellent copies of these great shows! They’re even edited with chapter stops at the commercial breaks! I plan on ordering a good number of discs from you guys!
Justin I was so pleased with my first order I now have the complete series! It’s so wonderful to have these discs. Good quality – good prices – and GREAT customer service. What more could one ask for?
B. Pope I’m so glad a friend told me about this site. I’d been waiting for MST3K’s treatment of “Horror of Party Beach” to be released for several years, and now the wait is over. I couldn’t be more pleased with my purchase.
Rita The attention you give to customer service and the DVDs themselves is wonderful. I appreciated your shipping updates (and the speed of shipping: my order crossed almost the entire country in four days!). It’s great to see the episodes in such good condition, but even better is to hear riffs that have disappeared from my old tapes. I’m glad to know that MST is being preserved and shared. Thank you, and around Christmas you will definitely be getting another order from me!
Nicole Fraley I have ordered several episodes now, and love the quality and quick shipping; and I would like the complete set; but you are missing some episode numbers towards the final seasons, what is the reason for this please?
Danny Rayphole Amazing!! Great audio and video quality at a great price! You have taken the MST 3K credo to heart: ‘keep circulating the tapes’ and I applaude you! Fast service and updates in my email and a quick response to my email questions! I’ll be back!
Tom and Mona Carver Just recieved our order…Words cannot express our pleasure. Kudos! After watching each of our recorded episodes on VHS (that were getting rather thin) these are a welcomed relief. We went ahead and ordered 2 more seasons. Keep up the great work!
Dirk Diggler I was sent an extra copy for my buddies I am going to visit, all of whom I served with in the Marines and during Operation Iraqi Freedom ’03. Thanks for looking out, I greatly appreciate it!!
Beth House I love the dvds you’ve sent me! So far I’ve watched 13 of them – I just ordered 10 more. Great quality – thoroughly enjoyable. Thank you so much!
Vince I placed my order Tuesday night and received the DVDs on Saturday! I’ve watched one so far, and I’m happy with the quality. Not as sharp as a current commercial DVD, but pretty darned good considering that they came from tapes that go back 15+ years! I am very happy with what I’ve seen so far and will definitely be ordering more! Thanks for making these available!
mystery2u2 I am so happy. I travel the net trying to find GOOD MST sites. Most are awful. This is awesome. I have all episodes on DVD except the much sought after first ones. I’ve been watching these DVDs for over 5 years and still laugh out loud. Congress should make law that every household in America owns at least 1 MST episodes (girl in gold boots,devil doll or final sacrifice). I can’t wait to start buying…altho’ after I screamed my joy at finding this site,my husband began to cry.
Matt C. I bought season one to check out the quality,then ordered the complete series plus the invention exchange dvd. I havent got through them all yet but I am very happy with the quality – the fast service. This is a great deal. Cheepnis is a blessing for mst3k lovers. Thanks, Matt
PsylentLarry Nearly got whiplash from the speed at which my order was filled! I’m not certain, but I think shipping acknowledgment was sent milliseconds before I placed the order. Some sort of time portal is being used for order processing, I’m sure of it. Anyway, staggeringly fast response to order and no foolin’.
Ralph S. This is the fourth order I’ve made to date and absolutely thrilled each time. Your quality and service is unsurpassed!!!!!
Melanie Fletcher THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU! You guys are great. I’m telling every MST3K nrrd I know about you.
Rick S. Awesome service and awesome product. My first 25 discs arrived yesterday and I’ll definitely be back for more.
John G MST3K discs are excellent. Service was fast and easy. I am a very satisfied customer. And it’s funny, I never buy stuff off the internet but I took a chance and I was very pleasantly surprised.Now I need to buy some more…
Vincent I just recieved Episode #814, Riding with Death, and I absolutely love it! The quality is more than fine, the sound is perfect, and the chapter placement is great. Best eight dollars I ever spent! Thank you so much for providing this valuable service! -Vincent.
Gary Bowden Have been ordering from you a long time and have never been disappointed.Keep up the great work!!! You give Rhino a run for their money!! Gb
Pauline I’m back a third time! This is by far the best discovery I’ve ever made in my life. I never have to be without my MST3K. Thank you times a billion. You fricken ROCK.
Julie Snodgrass Thank you, once again, Michael, for the excellent service and flawless dvds. Since I began ordering MST episodes from you over a year ago, I have managed to turn my husband and other family members into MSTies, too. We’re definitely hooked!!
Erik White I am happy as heck tou have found this site! i ordered 10 MST3K episodes on a saturday night and recieved them on the following wednesday! I also recieved a total of 5 e-mails notifying me of the status of my order. Great job Cheepins! Now my all time favorite episodes (Final sacrifice, Riding with Death and Jungle Goddess) are no longer slaves to the degeneration of VHS! ROWSDOWER!
Amy Strickland I have been a fan of MST3k for 12 years. I recently found out that at one time my friend Rob applied for a job with you in the past-I’m going to marry that man!
Rick Henderson Thanks, Michael! I’m in the process of tranferring my deteriorating collection of episodes from VHS to DVD and found that some of the tapes were in awful shape. So I bought 25 episodes at once (see my post) and cannot be happier! I appreciate the extras on so many of the disks, too. What a find! Look forward to placing another order sometime soon.
Kirk Thank you very much running this site. I have purchased numerous items and have been very impressed with the quality of all of them. I look forward to finishing my collection. Thanks again.
Ms.Coconut THANK YOU SO MUCH for sending me my DVD so quickly. I bought episode 810 (giant spider invasion) for my bf because that is his absolute favorite episode! I ordered it less then 2 weeks before I needed it, and you notified me you sent it two days later you had shipped it. So I was worried I weould not recieve it it time for his birthday day. But it did, and early in fact! Thanx again!
Penny G I know I’ve already posted but I just had say a great big Thank You for making your labor of love for MST3K available to fellow msties. I recieved my order yesterday and started viewing “The Beast of Yucca Flats”, one of the two episodes I missed duringf season 6. I am extremely pleased with the quality and will be ordering from you again very soon. Also I now know what to tell my family to give me at birthdays holidays ect. So now I’m off to spread the word
enigmarus OMG……I am so jazzzed!!!! I found somewhere to get MST stuff!! I started watching mst3k while going thru a divorce back in 91′ and while i am now dogpound poor i will be buying me some laughs and giggles to share with my grandaughter cuz i’m thinking she is just odd enuff to share the insanity. Thanks for making the prices so reasonable. I will be ordering soon. I woke my kid up at 12:30 a.m. to tell her about you….she’s real happy for me… hehe.
Judson Crabb I am a 100% satisfied customer. The customer service, the speed of the delivery, the wonderful communication, and the incredible quality of the DVD’s, everything went above and beyond what I was expecting. I will be back and I am bringing all my MST3K friends with me! Thank you, Michael, and well done!
Penny G. Long time fan ( since 1991). Back in the day it was a weekend ritual for my daughter and I catch every episode of MST3K we could. Now, thanks to you, we can relive the glory days of sitting back with our comfort food and trippin’ off of Joel/Mike and the ‘bots I found this site by accident and I felt like I hit the lotto. I haven’t ordered yet but I will very soon.
Peter Groody Thanks Cheepnis. I’ve ordered 3 movies so far and I’m very happy with the quick service and the good quality. Recently received “Beast of Yucca Flats” and “Time of the Apes”. I highly recommend your service. “Push the button, Frank!”
Daniel Komers This IS the site for any true MST3K fan! THANK YOU,THANK YOU,THANK YOU! Most of my fav’s are from the last 4 seasons. I own all the box sets, and yet my true fav’s still eluded me. NOT anymore! I recently bought the ten disk special, and it was beyond what I hoped for. It arrived before I expected it, great picture and sound quality. And I thought the extras were really nice as well. He really is doing this for the fans and you can tell. So, take it from this mystie and buy something already, you’ll be glad you did!!
Jill Schwocho I love Mad Movies and am so glad to have found this site. Look forward to getting involved and hear some opinions on favorite episodes. I had 2 VHS full of mad movies and thought were lost forever….but one just recently made its way home to me and can’t wait to see which movies are on it…..
Ethan C. For those of you who have your doubts, this Cheepnis guy is 100% on the level. Great quality DVD’s get to you freakishly fast (many have gotten to me within two day’s time) and contain charming bonus materials (original movie posters, lobby cards, promos.) I’ve never gotten such good service on anything I’ve ever ordered online that wasn’t porn. To be honest with you, I have my suspicions this “Cheepnis” is, in fact, just a head in a pan hooked to a computer monitor. (Either that or he is comprised of a series of ones and zeroes.)
Jesica 😀
Kyle Vaughan Just bought my 4th season from you guys, great product once again. Gonna do some serious geekin tonight. Thanks.
Mark Giaimo This site is the best thing I have come across since my first viewing of MST3K. My wife and I werevery excited to receive our first order and have watched all of them the first night they arrived. We soon placed another order and cannot wait to see these. Keep up the great work. Thanks for all you have done with this show. “I love you , man!”
Mike Imboden I have every episode (sans KTMA) on VHS, so why would I go and get a bunch of DVDs from Michael? Simply put, I am a lazy b****** and don’t want to take the time dubbing my tapes onto DVD.However, after getting my first batch I quickly realized that even were I NOT a lazy b******, nothing I could do with my tapes would compare to the quality of the DVDs I received.The transfer is great – the picture quality is superb and the edits to remove commercials are seemless. Are they perfect? No, but on a 100% scale I’d easily rate them right around a 98.37%!Plus, Michael is fair when it comes to trading. I offered up some Classics Illustrated comics that he already had, but on the off chance mine were upgrades, we worked a trade out. That honesty and fairness coupled with the fantastic quality of the shows has me firmly set as a loyal cheesyflix.com customer.Thanks, Michael. $%#@ G.I. Joe – YOU are a real American Hero!
Winston Smith After being extremely pleased with my purchase of Seasons 2-5 last year, I thought I would order seans 0-1, and 6-7 last Thursday. I couldn’t wait to get them, and was I surprised when they arrived on Saturday morning. I have been watching MST3K pretty much non-stop and can’t wait to get the rest of the set in the near future.
Dej Thank you SOOO much! My shipment was incredibly fast, the DVDs are in perfect working condition. I am so impressed by the service you offer. Thank you, thank you, thank you for being my ever-reliable MST3K dealer. I don’t know what I’d do without you.Watch out for snakes!
shan i got my two dvd’s, “the teeenage strangler,” and “santa claus,” MUCH quicker than i anticipated – and they were GREAT! perfect quality and i will most definitely tell all three of my friends and purchase more movies ASAP! thanks!
JB Just wanted to say thanks for the fantastic service! I was enjoying my movies less than a week after ordering – and they looked and sounded terrific, too! I’ll be ordering from this site again and again!
Thomas My wife I have been MST3K aficionados from the days of “Comedy Central” and “Sci Fi Channel.” We only taped episodes from Season 7 and later, so the “early years” were missing, and thanks to cheesyflix.com, we are enjoying them now. The quality of these DVDs is great, with some minor glitches as expected from the very early seasons. But for the most part, it’s like watching broadcast quality, as you’re not aware of it being a tape transfer. We will enjoy these for years to come. Great job, Michael, and a great vendor to deal with. They always arrive quickly and you are kept up to date through emails.
J. D. This is my first time ordering from cheesyflix.com and all I can say is it is the best “first order” I have ever had! I bought a couple of MST3K. The dvds are beautiful quality and even the very rare episode I bought is better then I thought it would be. The service is really top notch and the speed of shipping -yikes! They got my order to me a day after it was shipped! I was very immpressed! I already ordered something else. Thank you so much!
Seth Wonderful service! Thanks for the email updates. Further, the DVD transfers are excellent. I am overjoyed to have found the site, having given up on owning my favorite MST3K episodes. Please, please, please keep up the great work. I will definately recommend to other MSTie’s jonesing for a long overdue fix. Thank you.
Patrick J English I’ve slowly been filling up my collection from this site for 2 years now and i’m so damn happy with cheesyflix.com i could cry. Thanks for putting all this cool stuff in 1 place for the true fans.
Carla The picture quality is fabulous, and the episodes I ordered made totally awesome Christmas gifts! They were amazed I found these episodes to own on DVD! Great customer service and fast delivery. Thank you so much!
Mel I ordered Season 8 for Christmas for me and my boys and absolutely love it. They are the best ever. Thank you so much for providing joy to my family over this holiday season. You guys rock!
Clare Words can’t say how fantastic this site is!! Service is fast, pleasant and the quality of the DVDs are out-of-this-world! I have now gotten six FULL seasons and I’m working on the other four! To have such wonderful quality available is too much to have ever hoped for. Keep up the good work!
Jennifer (Weedwacker) Just got my first 11 episodes from Cheepnis…words cannot describe! Thank you so much for providing such a fantastic service! I cannot wait to watch them! “Apparently he killed a cross-dressing beekeeper as well.” – Mike Nelson riff, The Screaming Skull
Daniel Ten episodes coming my way (yeay!) and I can’t wait. This place has always delivered though so I’m not worried. I just can’t wait to pop them in my DVD and start LAUGHING!!!
Andrew Coe I’m all kinds of happy with my order. It arrived so quickly and the quality was so impressive that I started laughing. I laughed so hard that I pee’ed my pants and had to punch myself in the face before I could stop. Jump Onboard!
Melanie Black I purchased the Mike episodes and the DVDs are fantastic. Excellent customer service as well.
Ralph S I just wanted to add my voice with your other customers. Your product and service is outstanding. I couldn’t believe the quality of your recordings. In the past, I had purchased MST3K shows from Ebay sellers. These proved to be disappointing at best, and unviewable at worst. On the other hand, your recordings are very close to first generation. I am extremely pleased and intend to purchase many more discs from you. Thanks so much!
Christine Thank Goodness! You’ve saved my Christmas! Its been 3 years since I last saw my personal copy of MST3K’s Santa Claus to share with the family after Christmas Dinner. Lets face it, A Christmas Story just doesn’t cut it. I had all but given up on viewing it again. Thank you so much!
Brian You guys are lifesavers! I have been like a junkie stuck with Rhino as a bad dealer! Waiting months for 4 episodes and fearing that episodes that I love – like Final Justice – would never be released. You guys delivered big time. All the episodes I wanted, fast delivery, good quality. Thanks so very much! MST3k rules!
Chris M E Got my first order last year! Perfect stuff!The Geeks will always rule! You guys do nice work! Keep it up!
Janelle I ordered ten discs on a Wednesday and there they were in my mailbox the following Monday. Very impressive! And they look great!
Chris R-H An MST3K fan since ’89, mostly of the Joel years. Pleased to find an inexpensive to supplement my collection. I was highly impressed with your quality and speed of service. Kudos all around.
Andrea Just got my second order–I’m very happy with the discs! Thanks for great customer service!
Debbie I have placed multiple orders and have been very pleased with the quality of the DVDs and the service. I didn’t find out about MST3K until the 4th season and its great to be able to get high quality DVDs of the episodes I missed!
Kid Cthulhu Thank you for this website. Outstanding work.
Gemma I’ve just received my order of seasons 6, 8, 9 and 10 and I’m just blown away by the quality. Here in the UK they only ever aired one season and that was about 7 years ago, so I had been seriously starved for MST3K until I found this site. I am going to be in heaven for months catching up on all these episodes I’ve never seen!!
Ben Moore Just wanted to say I’m a first time customer, and I’m very satisfied. Ordered my videos on Friday afternoon and got them in Monday. Hightly recommend your site. Thanks a lot.
Julie Snodgrass Just wanted to say that, once again, you have done an excellent job with the DVDs!!! As usual, the quality is superb!! My order was processed and shipped at lighting speed again–very impressive! Finding this website was like hitting the jackpot–being able to buy beloved MST episodes and discovering many other gems that I missed during the years it aired. Most of all, thanks for providing MSTies with the opportunity to keep on laughing! Keep up the great work! Thanks!Julie Snodgrass
Dave Smith As most of the Guest Book comments echo- Wow! What a site. My collection had a few gaps in it, but thanks to this great site (- all the work that must have gone into its creation) I have every episode that is availble… Thank you so much, even the Nanites could not have done this good a job (of course not without a Work Order!!)
Dave Thanks for making MST3K episodes available! I can’t wait to see Zap Rowsdower in The Final Sacrifice again. I wonder if there’s beer on the sun?
Andy Ross All I can say is that Mike is a great guy. Very nice, and thanks to him, I am able to see MST3K episodes that I may not have otherwised had the chance to see. The quality is great, and it keeps us diehard MSTies happy. Thank you Mike, for making us laugh about love, again. Andy Ross
Donna Jones OMG…I have been looking for MST episodes for years, I could only find a very few, then I found this site. Now I am in MST HEAVEN !!!!! I cannot believe I can get all these episodes so cheap. I am waiting on my first shipment of episodes now, and I cant wait to get them !! I am totally hooked on this site <img src=”images/icon_biggrin.gif” border=”0″ alt=””> Keep up the great work
DarkpenUnbound This site is by far the most user friendly and complete mst3k site i’ve seen. I searched the show on a whim while reminiscing and wasn’t impressed, (actually, i’d say downright dissapointed), by most of what i saw. After viewing your work on this page i have to say that reminiscing has turned into longing, and that will soon become action. Thank you for your work, you have rekindled my love of what was one of the most entertaining show on tv.
tim thanks for an update, I’ll be ordering soon.
rich I’m a huge fan of the show and all things cheesy. I love this site! Anyone want to talk MST3k or trade eps, email me. “we’ve got movie sign!”
Collin Ward All I have to say is DANG! This is the best website ever created.It’s the best place for any mst fans to go to finish off there collection. Before I knew about this site, mst was such a small part of my life. One day I had a craving for a fresh new episode. I was so bumbed. The ones in stores were 20 stinkin’ dollars. There was no way I was gonna pay that kinda cash. So I began a search on the internet, and when I came across this website, it was like I struck gold. ONLY 6 dollars for one episode in just as good condition as the Rhino released ones. Thanks to this website my mst collection continues to grow and and my wallet still stays fat. THANK YOU SO MUCH!
Shawn B Just ordered another batch of movies.Your delivery time is unbeatable. I Will be ordering again and often. Thanks again
Brooke You are my hero! I’d marry you and not just to be able to paw through your collection!
Diane When my brother receives his “Mad Movies” disc set for his birthday, he will be my slave for life. Thank you for making this possible!
Jesse Buonopane The best dvd ordering service, for the best dvds! Still am infected with hockeyhair. Rowsdower saves all the worllllld!
Mark J Scoular ROWSDOWER!!ROWSDOWER!!ROWSDOWER!!!!Thank you so much!! My wife and I love the quality and the bonuses on the discs. Man, we got them really quick, too!! I know where to go to get my mst fix!!! Thank you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Kirsten B Hello,I wanted to thank you for the speedy fulfillment of my order- the 10 MST3K DVDs were a wedding present for my friend! The quality is fabulous; I will definitely be a repeat customer.Keep up the good work!Kirsten
john hi. just wanted to say thanks. i recieved the complete set of mst3k dvd’s – the quality is great, like 99% of them are a+ rinho level quality – and the remander of them get between a c+ or b depending on the episode. but even then, it’s the best looking quality i have ever seen on the older episodes, ever. the extra’s are great too, orginal movie posters – advertisements, show bumpers – commericals with the mst3k cast, and the frank zappa rotine was great too. i had nevr even heard of him – now i’m like a huge fan – must get the cd’s. so thanks for that, i love finding new things to like. well, take care – thenk you for the great service that you provde to miste fans everywhere, we appreate the love and care that you put into everything you do. john.
danette miller My husband found this site for me. I am a confirmed misti…I admit it. I recently order your 10 dvd package, and frankly, I wasn’t sure how I was going to continue watching my wore-out tapes. By the way, thank-you to Rhino for the dvd’s I CAN buy. I cannot tell you how impressed I was when I rec’d exactly what I hoped for. They were perfect!!!!!THANK-YOU Michael
Matt Wow. I never sign these things but I had to when I ordered my 10 dvds on Friday and they came in the mail the following Monday. I wasn’t even aware the Post Office could work that fast! Great Job Cheepnis. I’ll definitely be back.
Andrew Great new look for the site! Almost as great as any given one of your discs! LIVE LONG AND PROSPER
Julie Snodgrass I’m so happy to have found this website! I’ve been a MSTie for years and to find some of the more obscure, yet memorable, episodes is truly fantastic. May the riffing on bad movies never end!!
Karmyn Crabb I just want to say how much I have enjoyed ordering MST3K eps from you. My last order arrived within days and was packed with wonderful extras. Out of ten dvds, only one had no extras. I was amazed at the range of extras available. I have just placed another order and I am confident I will be just as happy with it as I have been with past orders. Keep up the great work!
Annie Awesome site!! I can’t believe how great the dvdr’s were.Incredible!! And “cheep,” too!!!
Marry Excellent site! Keep up the good work!
Thomas Finally, a source for those rare MST3K episodes, to fill out my collection. I own about 30 VHS titles from Rhino, but looking forward to the DVD’s available here.”I’d eat my own head with drawn butter!” — Crow
Nathan Awsome site! Nathan
Laura Leilani Morgan I am so grateful that someone out there sells these great shows on DVD at areasonable price. Please don’t ever stop. Your new site is nice, but it’syour products that totally rule.
MisterB The new site rocks!!! Thanks for offering such great products for usMisties!
Don Joy Very nice improvement to the site. Since I have all the MST3K’s, I’ve beenlooking for the uncut versions. I now have a place I can get some at morereasonable prices.
radioman970 (James) Hazzah! Quicker shipping times sound great. That wait was like viewing Manoswithout our puppet show!Your changes look nice. From the MST3K section I was unable to get back tothe What’s New section though…Money’s been tight for a year or so, but I plan to start ordering some morefrom you later this year or early next. I’m trying to get all theofficials first, but I can’t wait to start. Anyway, nice job! See ya later!
Ginger Hey,a fantastic makeover! This show is fantastic, unfortunately I findmyself MST3King everything I watch now! 😀 Keep up the good work! :ylsuper:
Geoff “you didn’t….CALL me?…or MAIL anything?”Actually, you did (via bulk email), and I thank you for it. Your new siteis great. My one and only purchase experience with you was easy and theDVD quality did not disappoint in the least. I’m very happy to hear that the wait time is cut down so low.Thanks again for all of your hard work!
gginalski I love how the guys remain in the lower right portion of the screen. ForFun! Hey, Michael! Thanks for your dedication and hard work. We arecurrently enjoying Season 3 and just finished Gamara vs. Zigra. Congrats onyour new digs. I tell all my little pals about your service.
Gary Bowden Gives RHINO a run for their money!!!! Great new look,too…..Have beensatisfied with every order and disc…KEEP UP THE EXCELLENT WORK!!!! gb