Can I use adhesive disc labels?

The discs we use have a white printable surface which is not a label. It is actually painted directly to the disc during the manufacturing process. This type of disc is used at the request of many people who use inkjet printers that can print directly to these discs, avoiding the many problems encountered with adhesive labels. We can send you non-white discs, if you wish (let us know during checkout), but we still don’t recommend labels (particularly the printable variety), for the following reasons:

1) They affect the weight balance that is essential when considering the high speed at which DVDs spin compared to CDs. This particular aspect is also effected by any or all of the following:
2) The paper tends to shrink or expand depending on age and relative humidity, which causes it to pull away from the disc or create buckled lumps.
3) The adhesive tends to decay with age, usually by becoming brittle and the paper then no longer sticks to the disc.
4) While the labels may adhere initially to the white printable discs, their surface is somewhat porous in order to accept the printer ink. This means that they will not hold adhesive nearly as well as a glossy surface (think of a decal on normal flat wall paint verses on a window). Also, the thickness of a label added to this surface may cause playback problems in some players, even if they do adhere fairly well.

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