Do the discs come in cases?

Even though we use premium brand discs, you will not find them delivered in fancy, flashy, full-color packaging. This would simply double their price. If you are looking for full retail cases for these discs, we apologize. What we sell is content! Our movies and radio shows are lovingly hand-crafted on DVD-R discs (with or without graphics printed on them) and delivered in plain white wrappers.

In the 1970s, “generic” products and labeling sprang up all over the country, epitomized by the UPC Code. The concept was simple: Don’t use photos or fancy packaging and pass the savings on to the customer. We follow the same principle here, knowing that our customers would rather have both Prehistoric Women AND Robot Monster for the same price that others sell just one title (but in a pretty box).

However, if you do want pretty cases for your MST3K collection, we offer this disc of case cover graphics for your printing pleasure.

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