I haven’t received any updates or confirmation of my order. Are you ignoring me?

Absolutely not! Confirmations and updates are automatically sent to the email address you provide at the following events: When you create an account, when you place an order, when we acknowledge and begin processing your order, when your order ships, and any time an order is changed. However, if you are not receiving these emails, please check your email spam filters to ensure that they weren’t accidentally trapped there. If you add our email address (cheesyflix@cheesyflix.com) to your “always allow” list (or “whitelist”) in your email provider’s spam filter settings, this will prevent that from happening in the future. You may also wish to log in to your account at CheesyFlix and ensure there were no typos or spelling mistakes in your provided email address. For more information regarding spam blockers and specific services for your email host, please visit their site for details on how to “whitelist” our email.

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