What is the quality of the DVD/ISO recordings?

  • The MST3K Episodes: The mastering was done from original 1st generation tapes with all defects in audio and video corrected, with commercials cleanly removed. The source discs are encoded in MPEG2 at 720 pixels, 480 lines, at the highest possible bitrate. With the exception of KTMA, which is not really available anywhere in perfect condition, nearly all recordings are “A+” quality episodes and your discs will be as close to first generation quality as can be had! There are also extra features included with most discs, such as the original movie poster, episode and channel promos, etc. All discs have full menus and chapter breaks (placed conveniently where commercials used to be).
  • The MST3K Rarities: Most rarities are A or B quality, but as a few are 2nd or 3rd generation, there is some variability here. Hey, they’re rare! We try to be as objective as possible and post the overall quality for each. ISO file downloads contain the exact same files, menus, and image/sound quality as their DVD counterparts.
  • The non-MST3K recordings: These movies come to us from many different sources and we do our best to locate the highest quality copies available. However, because most of them originate from a time before digital technology, they may show the snap, crackle, and pops (as well as graininess) of their historical origins. Please consider that part of the “cheesy charm” these treasures offer in order to soften your sophisticated 21st Century expectations.
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